Stitch Fix Review #3!!!!!

I have some student loan money that’s burning a hole in my bank account, so I’ve been doing some Summer shopping. That means it’s Stitch Fix time! For those of you who are new to the blog and want a detailed description of what Stitch Fix is and how it works, please read my first Stitch Fix post here.

So it looks like the rumors are true and the fixes really do get better with time. This was my best one yet! I’m keeping 3 items this time. I kept one from my first fix and two from my second, so there’s definitely a good trend here. I had a new stylist this time (each one has been different) so I’m not sure if it’s the stylist or just my feedback to them that’s been better, but I hope this keeps up. The price vs. quality issues were much improved in this fix, and I had more issues with fit than with style this time around. I’m hoping for a fix with all 5 pieces being great next time so I can get the 25% discount!

First up, is the Banks Sheer Dot Peter Pan Collar Top by DownEast ($28.00).

 blue polka dot peter pan collar blouse stitch fix
I really liked the style on this one, the details were cute (especially the extra layer of contrast fabric under the flouncy sleeves) and the price was right. Unfortunately, the cut was just a little too boxy for my frame. It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but it really billowed around my waist in real life and made me look weirdly proportioned. Too bad, because I really wanted to love this! Sadly sending it back.
Banks Sheer Dot Peter Pan Collar Top by DownEast
Then we have the Kody 3/4 Sleeve Cowl Neck by Bobi ($48.00).
kody pintucked teal elbow sleeve turquoise top by bobi stitch fix
I like the color and appreciate that the pintucked neckline makes it different, but it just didn’t come together for me. It’s a smidge too tight, and the way it gathers on one side made it look a little nipply. The fabric also felt a little too cheap to justify the price. Oh well.
Kody 3 quarter Sleeve Cowl Neck by Bobi
This is the Adina Short Sleeve Zigzag Blouse by Everly ($38.00).
Adina Short Sleeve Zigzag Blouse by Everly
I kept this one! I actually kept this entire outfit. I really like the chevron trend right now and this was really comfortable, plus it’s a modest cut which is great since I have way too many v-necks. The gold and pearl button detail on the sleeve is what really sold me on it. I was sort of on the fence until I saw that, but I’m a sucker for details. Stitch Fix was really good about sending me things that I can wear both in and out of work, which is what I really need in my wardrobe right now.
adina black and white chevron short sleeved topeverly  stitch fix
I couldn’t say no to this!

I’m wearing the chevron top with the Layered Gold Leaf Necklace by What’s in Store ($40.00). It’s delicate, but not too delicate. I’m into it.
Layered Gold Leaf Necklace by What's in Store stitch fix jewelry
Not fully pictured: Rizzo Skinny Ponte Pants by Sanctuary ($88.00). Ugh, yes. These are a godsend. I’ve bought (and continue to buy) enough cheap pants to know that there’s something to be said for spending a little more. These were so comfortable and really flattering. I’ve actually been on the hunt for a really nice pair of black pants for 6 months or so, and this is the first pair I’ve really loved. I have big hips and a big butt, but thin legs, so it’s tough to get pants that cover everything properly. It’s especially hard for me to find pants that fit well without either bunching at the crotch or worse. I wasn’t able to get a very good shot of myself wearing them, but I have them on in all of the pictures above.
Rizzo Skinny Ponte Pants by Sanctuary stitch fix

Stitch Fix Review #2!!!

Ok, second Stitch Fix. I didn’t learn from last time, so the pictures still aren’t great. Sorry about that.

This time I was REALLY excited about all but one piece when I pulled it out of the box, but it wasn’t as exciting once I got everything on. Even so, I kept two things from this box, so that’s an improvement on last time. I also got a different stylist this time. The first box was styled by Jennifer and the second was by Ishara. I wonder if they work on a rotation, or if every stylist is supposed to style you at least once? I think they have five stylists, so we’ll see who I get next.

So let’s start with the WTF item. This is a sheer, sleeveless, colorblocked hi-lo blouse. First, the fit was HUGE and billowy. Second, I am really over colorblocking and I have never been a fan of the mullet shirt/dress/skirt trend. Too gimmicky for me, plus the tail on this thing is ridiculously long. Third, The quality was very poor and the black panel at the bottom would NOT lie straight no matter how I tried to adjust it. At least the color is pretty. This was an easy no for me. $48, Halseyan.
stitch fix review ayden high-low sheer blue sleeveless button up halseyan
stitch fix review ayden hi-lo mullet shirt sheer blue sleeveless button up halseyan
Pictures censored to protect me from blackmail.

Then there’s the sheer button-up blouse with contrast trim. It was nice in theory, but when I put it on it made me think of some kind of uniform (albeit a flattering one). The pockets seemed really cheap, too. I might have kept it if not for those pockets. Like, we’re talking Charlotte Russe quality. :/ $48, Ellison.
stitch fix review Ellison shipman sheer white blouse contrast trim
stitch fix review Ellison shipman sheer white blouse black trim
stitch fix review shipman white blouse contrast trim Ellison

I did keep that necklace, though! It’s a long silver chain with little beads that hang off it. You can loop it at different lengths for different looks and I know I’d wear it a lot, so that was an easy yes. $45, Marlyn Schiff.

This dress. Ugh. I loved it in the box. The fabric was so soft and it felt great against my skin, but it just looked… weird. It’s a half size too small, but I think it looks strange on me regardless. I’m not even posting a full picture because it was so unflattering, here it is under the sheer, white top. Two no’s don’t make a yes.
stitch fix review striped maxi dress white contrast trim blouse
I mean, I’m not a small girl, but this added at least 10 pounds to my frame. I guess I just like this look better on models than on myself. Go figure. $68 by Mystree.

Finally, here’s something I really loved! I’m into prints in a big way and I couldn’t get enough of this houndstooth print long sleeve top. The fabric is nice, the colors are different and it’s perfect for work without having to resort to a boring button-up. Just like last time, Stitch Fix redeems themselves with one item that just NAILS IT. $48, Sweet Rain.
stitch fix review rye houndstooth print sweet rain
stitch fix review houndstooth print sweet rain
Dat print.

So once again, the box wasn’t everything I wanted it to be, but if they can include at least one thing I like each time, then it’s still worth it. I suppose out of 5 items, it would be pretty hard not to include at least one awesome thing, right? And like many reviewers, I’m finding some cost v. quality issues. I’m still surprised that they can’t find a nice shirt for $30 (it is NOT that hard), but the prices are at least better than last time. To compare the boxes, check out my first Stitch Fix review here. Stay tuned for box #3 sometime this summer!