Korean Highlighter Stick and Tinted Sheer Lipstick Review

Hi guys, I’m back again!

So a very long time ago Memebox kindly sent me two more of their awesome K-Beauty products for me to review and I went out of town and lost track of things. I feel really bad about it, but here is the long overdue review!

First we have the VirginKiss Tinted Lip by Clio. This is essentially like the texture of one of those lipstain pencils if you’re familiar with them, but in lipstick form (which is kind of more convenient, IMO since the pencils seem overly large).

clio virgin kiss tinted lipstick coral clio virginkiss tinted lip orange lipstain

This shade is an extremely bold orange-coral and it’s a nice balance between bold color and sheer coverage. The color is somehow vibrant and sheer at the same time. It goes on very bright right away, and no amount of layering seems to change the look. What I mean is you can layer and layer it on and it never cakes up, it just keeps the exact same consistency and shade. It feels like it’s just integrating into your lips somehow. It’s not creamy like a lipstick, it’s more of a solid stain product. It almost feels like nothing is transfering to your lips, yet it leaves a bright, long lasting stain behind. I think it’s pretty cool!

clio virginkiss tinted lip orange lipstain swatch

Next is the PeriPera Heart Glow Stick which is a golden cream highlighter in stick form.

peripera heart glow gold cream highlighter

I’m not sure if this shade will work on all complexions, but for warm to neutral complexions it blends in really well. I was scared about how intense it looks in the stick, but it sheers out nicely! I was impressed with the construction of the product because the stick itself seems really sturdy and has a second cap that you have to pull off after you take off the outer cap, which keeps it extra airtight so it won’t dry out on you. That seems very thoughtfully designed, right? I’ve been getting a lot of use out of this lately when I need to perk up my complexion on the way out the door! Sometimes a quick fix makes a big difference.

Here’s a swatch of it before blending, next to the VirginKiss swatch:

memebox heart glow stick virgin kiss swatches

I would have posted a picture of it sheered out the way you’d actually wear it, but it’s subtle enough that it wasn’t picking up for my camera. Which is how I like my makeup to act.

And check out this packaging. Outrageously cute, right?

peripera heart glow stick gold highlighter peripera heart glow stick gold cream highlighter

If you’re interested in checking either of these out, Membox has a code right now for 15% off your first purchase! Enter “WELCOME” at checkout.

So hopefully I’ll get back into blogging more regularly soon! I need hobbies outside of doing law related stuff or I will go crazy. I also have a few more old backlogged reviews that will hopefully be coming up this week. Talk soon! 🙂


Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball and Jean Queen Swatches

If you’ve been with me for a while, you may remember that I’m a pretty big fan of Lipstick Queen’s products. They’re so creamy and lovely and the packaging feels luxe and high quality. They feel more like lip balms than lipstick. I’ve only ever worn the sheer products from the line, so I can’t comment on the more opaque lipsticks, but I strongly advocate these translucent versions. I just got two new lippies from them in the Ulta exclusive “Sheer Days and Shimmer Nights” set ($30), and I’d like to share them with you.

First is Lipstick Queen Jean Queen Lipstick ($20). This is supposed to pair well with denim, which is odd since denim is supposed to go with everything as it is. Maybe they were going for a laid back, “I put effort into how I look, but didn’t overdo it” type of casual polish that you get from wearing a great pair of jeans.

lipstick queen jean queen sheer lipstick queen jean queen

So like all Lipstick Queen products, this feels amazing on. I have four of their lipsticks and all of them feel more “buttery” than even the nicest lip butter. It’s a balm and lipstick in one, which is great. This is a coral-pink sort of shade that should flatter everyone. It looks neutral in the tube but I think it leans slightly cool on me. It has sheer to medium opacity, and has a higher gloss finish than the other lipsticks in this post. In fact, Lipstick Queen also makes a matching Jean Queen gloss, but I don’t know why you’d need that when this is so shiny like a gloss, yet feels lightweight and non-sticky. The wear time isn’t great, but it does wear off evenly so you don’t end up with an unfortunate ombre mouth. I would definitely recommend this lipstick, especially if you can get it in a set, since I love bundling products and saving money.

lipstick queen jean queen sheer lipstick lipstick queen jean queen swatch

Next is Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball Shimmer Treatment Lipstick in Moment ($24). This was not what I expected. I have another Butterfly Ball lipstick (more on that in a sec), and they’re kind of magical in that they’re covered in turquoise micro glitter that blends in almost imperceptibly when applied. The greenish tinge is slightly noticeable when it catches the light, but regardless of how weird that sounds, it gives more of an ethereal effect in real life. This isn’t for everyone, but it makes me feel like a fairy every time I apply it.

lipstick queen butterfly ball lipstick moment lipstick queen butterfly ball shimmer treatment lipstick in moment

This shade looks like a very dark berry in the tube, but is so sheer that it turns into more of a vibrant cherry red when applied. I was kind of taken aback by the difference, but it’s still pretty. It feels rather chic to me, like the sort of product that wears well on its own and somehow makes you look really pulled-together without any other makeup. It isn’t buildable, so the color stays the same and any layering just adds to the glossiness and the teal shift. The jury’s still out on this one. I think I like it? I like the idea of it, it feels great and I do think it looks good, it just wasn’t what I expected, so cognitive dissonance is making this hard to accept for me. This isn’t about me, though. This is about you and what you would like to put on your face. So check out the swatches and decide for yourself!

One layer:
lipstick queen butterfly ball lipstick moment swatch

Layered as much as it can go:lipstick queen butterfly ball lipstick swatch in moment sheer red lips

Just for comparison’s sake, I thought I’d also show you my other Butterfly Ball Lipstick in Smitten, from the Lipstick Queen Look of Love set ($48). I wear this a lot, although it may look much paler on many people than the vibrant pink-nude you see below. Word to the wise.

lipstick queen butterfly ball lipstick smitten lipstick queen butterfly ball lipstick smitten swatch

And here are all three swatched on my arm. These are so emollient that it was actually hard to get any of them to swatch well. These are clearly formulated for lips, not arms. It’s also surprising how similar these all look here considering how different they are in the tube! You can definitely see here how glossy and creamy Jean Queen is.

lipstick queen butterfly ball jean queen swatches

L-R: Moment, Smitten, Jean Queen.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter Swatches

I bought a few more Revlon lip butters, so I thought I’d compare them side-by-side. I like these a lot, all of them feel comfortable and smooth and have a glossy finish. I wouldn’t call them “buttery,” but they’re more moisturizing than a typical lipstick. Some are slightly glossier, some are easier to build up from sheer to opaque. Let’s take a look.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter ($7.00) in Lollipop.
This is the most opaque of the three, and it’s a really fun, blue-leaning hot pink. It has a nice, glossy finish.

revlon color burst lip butter lollipop  revlon color burst lip butter lollipop hot pink sheer lipstickrevlon color burst lip butter lollipop swatch

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter ($7.00) in Red Velvet. You’ve seen this one on my blog before, but it’s nice to see all three of these together. This is a cool-toned dark red that is a little less glossy than the other two. In some lights it’s red and in others it leans more berry. It’s definitely got kind of a moody vibe to it that I love. It’s sheer, but builds to a semi-opaque consistency. It’s similar to a thin layer of OCC Strumpet Lip Tar ($18).

revlon color burst lip butter red velvet Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in Red Velvet sheer red lipstick lip balmrevlon color burst lip butter red velvet swatch

Last up is Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter ($7.00) in Peach Parfait.
This is labeled peach, but to me it’s more of a warm pink with golden sparkle. A subtle distinction, sure, but I think of peach as being a little more orange. Maybe I’m being picky. Anyway, this is the sheerest and most glosslike of the three, but also very pretty. It’s great for days when I don’t want to look like I’m wearing much makeup (particularly relevant now that Spring is approaching).

revlon color burst lip butter peach parfait revlon color burst lip butter peach parfait sheer rose lipstickrevlon color burst lip butter peach parfait swatch

And here are swatches of all three side by side: 

revlon color burst lip butter red velvet peach parfait red velvet swatches


I can’t wait to get more of these!

Bombshell Lite

You guys, pincurling my hair is my new obsession. Still perfecting my technique, but I still really love the results. Since my hair had me feeling kind of like a vixen but in a sweet sort of way, I decided to do a pared-down version of the shimmery, lightly smoked eye look from a standard pinup face.

light fresh pinup makeup look dark hair blue eyes green necklacelight green neutral smoky eyepink lipgloss

I used “Jet Setting Jennifer,” a sheer chartreuse  shadow all over the lid and blended olive green “All About Alex” into the crease. Both shades are from TheBalm’s Shady Lady Vol. 1 Palette ($39.50). I lined with  Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper ($18) but I actually managed to stop at the lashline before extending into a wing (progress!) and finished off with a coat of Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula Black Onyx ($16) which I am actually pretty obsessed with. As a result of my bone structure, I have a really bad problem with raccoon eyes. It’s only gotten worse with age and I always end up with ugly mascara smudges under my eyes about 30 minutes after applying, no matter how waterproof the formula is, and no matter how much concealer and setting powder I use. This is the first mascara that actually stays on my lashes!!! This may not be an issue for everyone, but if you have the same problem I did, this mascara is for you. The absolute best mascara that will not smudge. It lengthens nicely, too!

the balm shady lady palette vol 1 jet setting jennifer all about alex

I wanted just a touch of color on lips, so I stained with a little bit of Nyx Round Case Lipstick in Hero ($3.99), followed by Stila Lip Glaze  in Grapefruit ($22)

jet setting jennifer all aboux alex kat von d tattoo liner trooper sheer berry lips olive green smoky eyethebalm shady lady eyeshadow palette vol 1 green eyeshadow ket von d liquid eyeliner clinique longwear mascara

Later on I decided I needed more color, so I applied Nyx Matte Lipstick in Alabama ($5.99) over the gloss. This is quickly becoming on of my favorite red lipsticks! By applying this beautiful, vampy matte red over a gloss, I got an equally pretty sheer red glaze. Love it.

nyx matte lipstick alabama with glossgreen pinup look light

My son also stopped by at one point to see what I was doing. Normally he’s all smiles, but tonight he was unimpressed. It was close to bedtime, go figure.