Bright Plum and Orange Eyes

Quick post because I am sleepy. Today I wore a super fun plum and orange look using a few of the more vibrant shades from my BH Cosmetics 88 Color Cool Matte Eyeshadow Palette ($19.95), lined with Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper ($18) and finished with a coat of L’Oreal Waterproof Voluminous Volume Building Mascara ($7.99).

plum purple magenta fuschia tropical mango orange eyeshadow black liquid liner cat eye

I’m also wearing  Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed ($30) on cheeks and Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball Lipstick in Smitten ($22)lipstick queen butterfly ball smitter bh cosmetics 88 color cool matte palette kat von d tattoo linerSo… sleepy…purple orange warm summer eyeshadow black eyeliner makeup

I also got my hair done today! I’m really excited about it. Itook my hair as dark as my complexion allows (jet black looks funny on me) and have sneaky rose gold peekaboo highlights. Oh my god, these highlights, you have no idea how badly I’ve wanted rose gold highlights. And they’re so subtle! One second they’re hidden under my hair and then BAM! Love it. If you live in the Chicago area, Salon Tress is the place to be.

black dark brown brunette hair rose gold highlightsdeer skull necklace dark hair bright eyeshadow

Tropical Citrus Pinup

Sometimes I chose the look and sometimes the look chooses itself. Tonight I was going for something really simple using my Nyx Glam Aqua Luxe Liner in Lagoon ($5.49), and the color was so playful that I had no choice but to make the rest of my face just as cheerful.

I paired the liner with some warm citrus and bronze shades from my BH Cosmetics 88 Color Cool Matte Eyeshadow Palette ($19.95) and finished with a coat of L’Oreal Waterproof Voluminous Volume Building Mascara ($7.99).

retro citrus orange eyeshadow lagoon emerald green sparkly liquid liner cat eye
orange eyeshadow coral lipgloss lip tar emerald green liquid eyeliner makeup

In addition, I’m wearing all three shades of my Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed ($30) on cheeks and Electric Grandma OCC Lip Tar mixed with Authentic Lip Tar ($18 separately, or $49 in a set of 5 colors) on lips. Oh, and we can’t forget my crazy red, gold and black Stanley Cup nails.


Oh, and how awesome is that necklace??? Rockin’ that Miss Cleo swag.

Lipstick Queen Look of Love and Sephora’s Disney Princess Jasmine Collection

I’ve been overhauling my makeup wardrobe lately, and a ton of makeup went in the trash. It’s important to toss expired products because they can dry out, the chemicals can break down or they can just get unhygienic from bacteria. Yuck.

There’s a silver lining, though! To soften the blow of losing some favorite products, I’ve bought some shiny new box sets for myself!

I got the Lipstick Queen Look of Love lipstick Vol 2 ($45) with 3 different lipstick formulas, which was exciting because I’ve heard great things about the brand and this let me try a few different varieties. It came with the sheer “Saint” lipstick, shimmery “Butterfly Ball” lipstick and the “Oxymoron Matte Gloss.” I thought the colors would be a lot darker than they are, but they’re still so pretty and definitely worth the money.

lipstick queen look of love set

As a packaging nerd, I liked the “book” the lipsticks were packaged in, but I was even more impressed with the Sephora x Disney Princesses collab. I bought the  Jasmine edition Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Vol. 2 ($55). It has 15 super bright, awesomely fun eyeshadows, a blush and a bronzer in a super-cool box with die-cut latticework and gold foil accents. The box even has a hidden compartment to go with the theme of secrecy. I go crazy for this stuff.

jasmine eye shadow collection box set (3) jasmine eye shadow collection box set (2)

The Sephora eyeshadow formula has improved a lot over the years; they used to be hit or miss, but now they blend really nicely and have good pigmentation. The shimmery shadows were a little powdery and had some fallout issues, but they looked SO PRETTY in person and it didn’t matter much when they were applied

I did two looks with these products, here’s what happened:

The first look was a desert sunset inspired red and creamy orange look. I used all of the warm tones from the pallete, then lined with Urdan Decay 24/7 Pencil in zero ($19) and used my Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara ($20). I also lined the inner rim of my eyes with the flesh-toned NYX wonder pencil ($4.49). It’s meant as a concealer pencil, but I think it makes a great waterline color to brighten eyes a little more subtly than a typical white pencil. I used the bronzer and blush from the Jasmine kit, but had to blend them waaaay down because they’re too dark for someone as pale as me. Good news for darker skinned girls, though!

disney princess jasmine book of shadows (15)
disney princess jasmine book of shadows (9)
I also used the Saint Pinky Nude lipstick from the Look of Love set, with a little bit of the Butterfly Ball in Smitten layered over for shimmer. These lipsticks are so pretty and so smooth BUT they’re really light. I was disappointed because I was hoping for a darker berry color based on the picture online, but what I got was still really pretty. They feel like creamy lip balm rather than lipstick and look really natural. Like my natural lips, just better. I don’t know if I would have bought the set if Ihad  known what it was, but I still don’t regret it since I know I’ll use them. It’s sort of like a little black dress that sounds kind of boring until you realize how useful it is. The matte gloss in the kit is awesome, but more on that in a minute.

lipstick queen pinky nude saint (7)
The Saint Pinky Nude on its own. The perfect nude color for me, which is actually something I’ve had a tough time finding (they can look so chalky)!

disney princess jasmine book of shadows (11)

Next, I tried a blue and champagne oasis-inspired look. I used all three blue shades, plus three creamy colors. I really, really love the “Cosmic” color, it kind of reminds me of MAC Gleam. It’s a great rose gold color that would look good on anyone. I used the same mascara, but went for a layered eyeliner look. I used NYX Liquid Crystal liner in Crystal Onyx ($4.49) on the upper lashline, extending into a thin wing and mirrored the look on the bottom with NYX Glam Liner Aqua Luxe in Lagoon ($5.49).
disney princesses jasmine eyeshadow collection (51)

I used the Oxymoron Matte Gloss on my cheeks and lips, and it’s super weird and awesome. It’s really solid, I pressed pretty hard with my finger and felt like I was barely picking up any product. To my surprise, the color showed up nicely. It’s like a solid version of your standard, creamy lip and cheek stain, but I think the hardness is what makes it actually work on lips. Most products like that are great as a blush, but have kind of a funky, irregular finish on lips. I’ve found this with liquid lipstains, too. This seems to get it right. I only got the product today, but I might be obsessed. Lipstick Queen is living up to the hype, I would definitely recommend them.

lipstick queen oxymoron matte gloss honest politician
Check out those nicely stained cheeks and lips!

disney princesses jasmine eyeshadow collection (31)disney princesses jasmine eyeshadow collection (46)
And here we are with the Butterfly Ball Smitten Lipstick on top.
disney princesses jasmine eyeshadow collection (50)disney princesses jasmine eyeshadow collection (60)
Ta da! I should throw out all of my makeup more often.

Oxblood Lips Two Ways

Today I was playing around with dark red lipstick (you may remember my quest to find it last year) and did a couple of eye looks to match my now-trendy oxblood lipstick.

The lips and cheeks are the same in both looks, the lipstick is a mix of NYX Round Lipstick ($2.99) in Decadent and Raisin and I’m wearing NYX Powder Blush in Desert Rose ($5.99) along the outer cheek and temple and TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer ($24) both as a facial highlighter and as an eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eye.

The first look is more day-appropriate and accessible.  I patted Bare Escentuals Eyeshadow ($14) in Mai Tai (discontinued, but The 70’s is a close match) all over and lined the outer half of the upper and lower lashline with the plummy shade of NYX’s Trio Eyeshadow in Lake Moss ($7) and added a coat of Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara ($20).

The second version is much gothier.  I patted Bare Escentuals Eyeshadow ($14) in cupcake and did a swoopy double-winged liner with Bare Escentuals Liner Shadow ($14) in Minx (Humor is a dupe).

Look how angsty I am!

I drew a short line of  Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil in Gunmetal ($19) between the upper and lower line to smoke out the two-line look, although you could add any color for contrast (or leave the space empty).