Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette First Impressions

Guys!!! It’s been over a year, but I decided to come back and do a quick review for those who still read this page. Love you, missed you. On a personal note, since my last post I passed the Illinois bar exam, took a new job in my home state of Georgia, got a divorce, moved twice, bought a car, worked on paying off a ton of debt and met a very nice new boy. It’s been a crazy year with a lot of ups and downs (but mostly ups). I also bought a LOTTTT of makeup and I need to start telling y’all about it again. ūüôā

So on to the review! I’ll keep it quick because I haven’t had much time to play with the palette, but I want to get some thoughts out there before the next restock for those still on the fence.


Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette


The Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe Brushes

The shades in these pictures are pretty true to life (I’ve gotten way better at pictures since I took a break from posting, you guys).

So let’s do a quick breakdown.

This palette is more expensive than any other Morphe palette, but I am here for it. Here’s why- the shadows are so much more consistent. While there are some shadows here that are better than others, they were all good, workable shadows. Sometimes the classic Morphe palettes were like a minefield, because you’d dip your brush into a bad shade by mistake and muddy your whole look. See my previous Morphe palette review HERE to see what I’m talking about. Morphe palletes are always a good value, so the old palettes are good for the price (which was lower), and this one is also a very good quality for what you’re paying. The price is higher, but so is the quality. It’s still barely more than $1 per shadow, so I’m all in.

The biggest con I’ve found is one glaringly obvious omission. There is no matte browbone shade for fair skinned ladies like myself.¬†This is a shock to me considering how inclusive this palette is otherwise. It works for all kinds of looks and all kinds of skintones, but there couldn’t be a single matte off-white or cream shade? There are number of matte transition shades for a variety of skintones, plus foiled shades that are very pigmented and would work great on any tone and dark shades for smoking out or for lining the eye. It’s an all-in-one palette except for the browbone. I don’t like a lot of shimmer in that area because (at least for me) it has more texture and I think too much shimmer there makes the shadow look more caked on, and also because I like to keep the shimmer on my lids only because it helps it to really pop more.

Other than that, I’m extremely happy with the palette. I played with several shades in different finishes and found them all to be pigmented and blendable. They felt good to apply and they lasted a long time. There’s also a very versatile mix of shades (other than my matte cream shade which I’m still sad about). The black was not the darkest black I’ve ever seen, but was still surprisingly good for a palette in this price point and looked great as a liner. It might need a dark base for an all over lid shade, but it was quite intense when I lined my eyes with it. I’ve heard mixed reviews about two of the “pop of color” shades (the sparkly blue and the matte turquoise), but I thought they were still very vibrant, usable shades. So far I haven’t come across a single shade that I couldn’t use.

Bottom line: this is an extremely versatile palette that is great for all skin tones and a huge variety of looks. The price is higher than typical Morphe, but so is the quality and $38 for this palette is a very good value. If you’re at all interested in this one, I would recommend it.

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Memebox¬†has provided another Memebox for me to review! I love these boxes, so I’m pretty excited to tell you about it. This was provided to me at no cost, but the opinions are my own. Even so, I think you can tell just by looking at how much was in this box that it was a good value, no matter what I have to say about it.

This superbox retails for $39, but the products inside are full sized and have an MSRP of $200.


This box included a 3-step regimen and thankfully Memebox included a product information card with instructions since the packages were all written in Korean. They also helpfully explain which order to use the products in, which is great since I wouldn’t have known otherwise (or known which products to pick that would go well together).

I noticed a difference right away after using these products, but then I spent a week and a half using the skincare regimen day and night before writing this to make sure and give a more accurate impression. I’m really pleased with the results!


REBOM Calming Skin ($30).

REBOM Calming Skin mist

Step 1: This was an enriched facial mist that refreshed my skin before adding the heavier moisturizers. I especially liked spritzing it on in the morning to help wake me (and my skin) up.

KANG SKIN Aqua Essence ($72).

KANG SKIN Aqua Essence KANG SKIN Aqua Essence texture

Step 2: This had a liquid-gel consistency, it’s more of what we’d consider a serum in America. This was the second step in the regimen.

KANG SKIN  Rejuvenating Cream ($72).

KANG SKIN  Rejuvenating Cream KANG SKIN  Rejuvenating Cream texture

Step 3: This was a thick cream with intensive moisturizing properties and it worked very well. This felt more like the moisturizers I’m familiar with rather than the deceptively watery steam cream from last month’s box.

COTTERANG Acne Killer Kit ($20).

I didn’t get to use this since I wasn’t broken out, but I know this will be excellent when it inevitably happens. This is a good thing to have on hand.

COTTERANG Bubble Peeling Pad ($7).

COTTERANG Bubble Peeling Pad COTTERANG Bubble Peeling Pad review memebox memebox COTTERANG Bubble Peeling Pad reviewThis was an unusual product, but it was very effective. It was like a cosmetic powder puff that was spongey on one side and soaked in a foaming, exfoliating cleanser. It felt gentle but¬†worked very well. I’m not sure how often it needs to be used, but the results were immediate and have lasted a few days at this point, plus it added to the smoothness effect I got from the other products.


So my previous Korean skincare experience with the Milk Box¬†made my skin feel thick and strong, while this box made my skin feel extremely smooth and had more of a retexturizing effect. Both results were really good, but it was interesting to see how different products can change the skin texture. I was happy with either and you really can’t argue with the price. I liked how all of the products were curated to work well together for a specific result.

Memebox Special Edition Milk Box Review

Wow, Memebox sent me a second box for review, and this one was even better than the first! I mentioned in my last review that Koreans are famous for their advanced skincare, and this box (available through¬†was all about skin. The theme of this special edition box was “milk,” and every product either contained milk or had a creamy consistency. It is available for $23 and is definitely worth far more than that.

I tried out every single product from the milk box and definitely feel a difference in my skin. It feels smoother, but also a bit stronger, somehow? It feels like it has been nourished and fortified instead of thin and frail.

The box had a LOT inside…
memebox special edition 7 milk box

Hello Everybody Steam Milk Bubble Bath ($4).

Hello Everybody Steam Milk Bubble Bath

There’s something so relaxing about soaking in the bath. This was soothing and nicely aromatic. I love baths and it’s nice to use a bubble bath that isn’t made for kids!

Hello Everybody Nature Holic Body Lotion Milk ($25).

Hello Everybody Nature Holic Body Lotion Milk

This is a light moisturizer that feels very nourishing but not greasy. I kept using it and it seemed like I couldn’t over-apply it because it didn’t leave any greasy residue.

Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub in Peach Milk ($9).

Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub in Peach Milk
Pure Smile Choosy Lip Scrub

This was a nice sugar scrub with a fresh creamsicle scent. It was a generously sized tub, so my lips will be exfoliated for a long time to come.

Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack Milk Tea ($1).

This was so strange! I liked how my lips felt after, but while I was wearing it I felt like a mannequin or something. The Pack is actually a gummy-textured sticker mask and it gives your mouth a scary plastic look. I thought it was neat.Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack Milk Tea gummy lips Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack gummy mannequin mouthPure Smile Choosy Lip Pack

Enasti Rice & Milk Foaming Cleanser ($15).

I love this cleanser, I’ve been using it every day! The foam is more of a dense lather, and my skin feels a bit thicker and stronger after I use it.
Enasti Rice and Milk Foaming Cleanser

See how the foam is more lathery than most American face wash?Enasti Rice and Milk Foaming Face Cleansing Lather

Skin Ceramic Donkey Milk & Argan Oil Multi Steam Cream ($34).

Skin Ceramic Donkey Milk and Argan Oil Multi Steam Cream

This was very rich and deeply moisturizing, but a little goes a long way. It’s very thick, but a little “wetter” feeling than a lot of American moisturizers. It’s been working really well so far and this tub should last a long time!

Pure Smile Milk Mask Pack ($1).

This was freaky looking! Very effective, though. It was thicker than other paper masks I’ve tried, so it stayed on better, and I could feel the effects of the serum 24 hours later.

Pure Smile Milk Mask Pack(This was the least scary picture I could get.)

Overall, I was extremely impressed with this box. Korean beauty products have a more water-based feel than many American products I’ve used (I’m not sure how the ingredients differ, but they definitely feel lighter) and I think my skin looked and felt healthy, smooth, and thick like porcelain. I would absolutely try Korean skincare products again when my current supply runs out! This box is also a great value with a suggested retail value of $89 worth for only $23.

Memebox Review

I was provided a complimentary Memebox¬†to review¬†this month. Memebox is a Korean beauty subscription service, and I was very excited to try the service because I’ve heard really good things about Korean beauty products (especially their skincare), but didn’t know where to begin. Memebox also sells many of the boxed products directly from their site if you want a specific item, but I didn’t know any of the brands and prefered getting the curated selection regardless.

memebox korean makeup subscription box
The box itself is very cute!
memebox packaging

In case you were wondering, the company’s name is pronounced mi-mi after a traditional doll that many Korean children play with (and not meme like the viral pictures you see on reddit!).

There are four different types of Memeboxes, and prices vary depending on which you choose. The options on the website are a little daunting, but based on their description, I believe this is how the boxes break down:

4 – 8 full-size products and deluxe samples of hair, body, skin-care and makeup products (but each box is uniform and everyone receives the same box).

Memebox Special Edition:
4-8 full-size products and deluxe samples that follow a theme (trend, season, etc).

Superbox is more targeted and focuses on a specific need or is a collaboration with a specific brand.

4 – 8 full sized products and deluxe samples that are randomly selected, but curated with a focus on variety.

So this must have been a special edition box, it’s the Colorbox #2 and it focuses on ORANGE. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may know that I absolutely love orange makeup, so I was happy about this!

orange makeup pale skin


memebox colorbox 2 orange edition july 2014

The box contained 4 full sized products, here are the swatches, with more detail to follow:

memebox swatches dearberry flirt lipstick tosowoong eyeliner locean eyeshadow

Dearberry Flirt Lipstick in Million Dollar Orange ($12).
dearberry flirt lip stick in million dollar orange   korean cosmetics dearberry flirt lipstickdearberry flirt lipstick in million dollar orange dearberry flirt lipstick million dollar orangedearberry flirt korean lipstick million dollar orange

Don’t be afraid of this bold color, I think it’s actually very easy to wear! This is a color that just makes me happy when I wear it. This lipstick is fabulous, it’s very rich and moisturizing, and the color is smooth and opaque. The case is very cute, too!¬†I can’t find a link to buy this anywhere, which makes me sad because I really like it and would love to buy this in more shades! Hopefully it will be added to the Memebox shop soon. ¬†UPDATE! There’s a new Dearberry lipstick on the site for $8. I would highly reccomend this for a cheap, high quality lipstick that none of your friends will have.

Dearberry Today Nail Laquer ($3).
korean makeup pale tangerine orange dearberry today nail polish

This was a nice color, but the formula was a little streaky. I needed three coats for full coverage, and I still thought it could have been more even. For $3 it’s not bad, but it wasn’t my favorite product in the box.

L’OCEAN Eye Shadow L-29 Pastel Orange ($10).

locean pastel orange korean eyeshadow memebox l'ocean pastel orange korean eyeshadow single

This is a very nice eyeshadow. The texture wasn’t hard or buttery, somewhere in the middle, but it applied well and blended nicely and you can see that the color is very vivid, even though I did not apply a primer! This is a very wearable matte orange shade.

Tosowoong Bronze Sectrum Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner #11 Sunshine ($10).

makeon sunshine orange waterproof eyeliner

This eyeliner is SO GOOD. It’s extremely vibrant, it’s smooth and glides right on and it lasts. Look at the swatch on my arm after rubbing it very thoroughly with water and a tissue. It’s still there!

makeon sunshine waterproof eyeliner memebox swatch

In fact, as I am typing this (hours later), I still see it just as bright as it was in the picture. In some places this is referered to as Tosowoong brand, but the pencil says Makeon, so look for either name. This liner is fantastic, I would strongly recommend it.

And here are a couple views of everything together:

memebox colorbox number 2 orange makeup summer 2014 memebox color box 2 orange edition july 2014

I also like the lip stain the Dearberry lipstick leaves behind. Look at how flattering that pretty warm pink tint is:

dearberry flirt lipstick stain

One thing I noticed was that my Memebox shipped EXTREMELY quickly. On Tuesday they told me they would be shipping it this week and it came directly from Korea by Friday! Amazing!

I really enjoyed this box, and I think my favorite product was definitely the lipstick.

If you’re interested in trying Memebox, you can receive $5 off on any order at with code AFFILIATE-0362-83QK6-AWLP¬†through August¬†30, 2014. Let me know if you try it!

Where it all began: Kevyn Aucoin

I’m so excited to have found this! ¬†When I was in middle school, Kevyn Aucoin played a major transformative role in my life. ¬†I found his book, The Art of Makeup¬†at the library and my minor interest in makeup turned into a full fledged love affair. ¬†I had been a grungy tomboy up to that point, but I’d always loved art and I hadn’t realized the full potential of using your face as a canvas. ¬†After reading this book, I suddenly cared about being a girl and developing my personal style and I wanted to play with as much makeup as possible. ¬†I checked the book out time and time again and by the time Making Faces came out, Kevyn was one of my idols.

I attended his book signing for Making Faces in the Buckhead Barnes and Noble and was the only kid there, among a crowd of makeup artists. ¬†I was nervous and wish I’d gotten to talk to him more, but it still stands out as one of my favorite adolescent memories. ¬†I took my copy of the book home and over time recreated every. single. look. ¬†While¬†The Art of Makeup had gorgeous pictures, this one had actual instructions and tips, so I could mimic the looks properly and figure out the secrets I’d been missing in the past. ¬†That book was the foundation to my understanding of how makeup transforms your features rather than just serving as a flat mask. ¬†Now I’ve stumbled across it again online. ¬†The link below highlights of some of the greatest makeovers from The Art of Makeup that have been lovingly scanned for makeup nerds like me. ¬†I don’t know the person who put this online, but seeing this again has really made my night.

Scans are here:

Rest in peace, Kevyn!  I miss you.

Iridescent Purple Smoky Eye

iridescent purple smoky eye

Today’s mission was to take a purple smoky eye with glitter and try to make it not completely ridiculous for work.¬† Granted, I have an office where I can get away with a lot, but it’s still a purple smoky eye with glitter.¬† So far the boss hasn’t said anything, so I think I’m safe.

I used the pale gold, light glittery purple, iridescent purpley-white and matte black shades from Kat Von D‚Äôs True Romance palette in True Love¬†($34) to create the smoky eye.¬† I skipped the eyeliner, and just pushed a little black eyeshadow into the lashline in an effort to make this a little more office-appropriate.¬† I topped it off with L‚ÄôOreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara in Blackest Black¬†($8.99)¬†and snuck Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy ($18) in the inner corners of the eye for extra POW.

I skipped the blush and just shaded under my cheekbones with Stila’s Countour Trio (discontinued), then lightly dotted Benefit High Beam ($26) on my forehead, upper lip and the apples of my cheeks.

Lastly I dabbed on a little Rosebud Perfume Co. Minted Rose Lip Balm ($5.59) on lips and voilà!

iridescent purple smoky eye

Warm Eyeshadow with Purple Liner

warm eyeshadow

Today’s look is simple AND cheap (just like the author, ZING!).¬† I used a wash of NYX Single Eyeshadow in Tropical ($4.49) and topped it off with the eggplant shade from Sonia Kashuk’s Lay It On The Line Eyeliner palette ($12.99) and my standard L‚ÄôOreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara in Blackest Black¬†($8.99).¬† Sweep NYX HD Grinding Blush in Terracotta ($15) across cheeks, the bridge of your nose and along hairline, add a swipe of ¬†Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in 03 Reflex She Sparkles¬†($14)¬†on lips and you’re done!

If you can find the eyeliner palette (it’s out of stock from time to time), I’d definitely recommend it.¬† I’m a big fan of cake eyeliner and it’s so hard to find these days.¬† 5 shades in a portable palette for only $13 is quite a find!