April Golden Tote Review

My April Golden Tote came in last week! With May’s tote day coming up on Monday, it was now or never to get the review out.

This was another all-keeper tote, thanks to my stylist KB and the awesome expanded style profile on GT’s site! Take a look at the goods:

Chosen: Draped Jersey Tank.
This was huge on me, and I actually sized down. It was unwearable on its own, but I like it with a belt.

drape neck black jersey top golden tote draped jersey tank golden tote black draped jersey top

Chosen: Blue Batik Dress.
I really liked the fit of this dress and was excited to find that it was long enough to cover my tall frame. This will be an excellent patio brunch dress now that the weather is finally warming up here in Chiberia!
blue and pink batik dress

Closeup of the print and the add-on Inner Circle necklace:
golden tote batik print dress and inner circle necklace

Surprise: Miss Love Sheer Panel Tank.
I thought this would be a disaster, but it was surprisingly flattering! The fabric is super interesting and the sheer hem has a frayed end that gives it some edge. I like the way GT pays attention to details.
miss love black tank with sheer panel
Not bad!
sheer miss love black tank with circle print fabric
Fabric closeup:
fabric closeup black miss love golden tote tank

Surprise: Lumiere Ethnic Print Tunic.
I love this! It almost works as a dress on me, but I prefer it as a tunic. It’s kind of billowy, but I like it with a belt. It has a cross stitch style embroidery and buttoned placket that keeps it from being another generic black top in my very dark wardrobe. I can’t wait to wear this to a cookout! It would also work well unbuttoned and unbelted as a swimsuit coverup if I were the sort of person who went out in the sun.
black lumiere ethnic trim tunic lumiere embroidered trim tunic golden tote
Embroidery detail:
embroidery closeup lumiere tunic dress golden tote april 2015

Lumiere Geo Print Sleelevess Top.
I really love this, It’s the kind of thing I wear pretty often to work. It fits well and the fabric is of good quality.

lumiere triangle print tank lumiere navy  geometric print sleeveless top

Honey Punch Damask Print Blouse.
Into it. The fabric is nice and heavy on this blouse and it is a nice transition piece for this fake spring I’m dealing with. I’ve already worn this one.
honey punch damask print blouse in ivory
And I have a few more add-on accessories.
Mother of pearl Delicate Drop Necklace.
delicate drop necklace
It’s reversible!
reversible mother of pearl delicate drop necklace

Birds of a Feather Wallet.
black and white bird print clutch wallet golden tote april 2015

Turquoise Step Into Spring Shades.
blue step into spring shades

Tan Rimmed Sunglasses.
tan rimmed sunglasses

Tortoiseshell Favorite Wayfarers.
golden tote favorite mirrored sunglasses in tortoise

And that’s my tote! I am soooo excited about how well curated these last two totes have been. There’s a lot of cute stuff coming up in the May sale, although I will probably skip this month because I’m trying to clear out my overstuffed closet. More on that soon.


March Golden Tote

Due to a website makeover, GT launched a little late this month. I just got my March tote today, but it was completely worth it. I mean, I was really blown away, every single item was a keeper! I credit this to Golden Tote’s new profile that is so much more customizable (much closer to the stitch fix profile). There are fields for your measurements, body shape, proportions, etc. There are also 5 options to select the types of clothing you typically wear:
Golden Tote style profile selection
As you can see, I went with Edgy and Trendy, which are a much better fit for me than the broader style options under the old website. You also choose what types of occasions you typically dress for (work, lounging, night out, casual weekend, etc).

There’s even a dedicated space for comments that will automatically attach to every tote rather than re-typing them each time (where you risk forgetting to add them while in a frenzy to checkout). For my comments, I wrote “I prefer darker colors and am kind of gothy. I’m tall so I need longer hemlines on shirts and dresses. I also love prints, especially in black or dark blue!” I tried to keep it simple, but to the point. I guess it worked, because as you’ll see in the review below, my stylist KB took my recommendations very seriously! Thanks, KB, I owe you one.

Enough about the site, I know you want pictures. Here they are. For reference, everything shown is a size medium.

Embroidered Trim Top (chosen item)
golden tote navy embroidered trim notch neckline sleeveless topgolden tote navy embroidered trim top side view golden tote navy embroidered trim top stitching detail

So flattering and the embroidery makes it look much higher end than it is. I could wear this in so many ways, and I’m glad that I went with  the navy option since I already have a ton of black.

I also got the Tiny Cube Necklace which I’m wearing in all photos. I think it’s adorable and I will undoubtedly be wearing it a lot.
delicate tiny cube blue gold necklace golden tote

Pineapple Top (chosen item)
pineapple print sweatshirt in black golden tote pineapple print sweater offset crewneck neckline

Oooooo, yes. I think this is so fun and cute. It’s nicely heavy, the offset neckline detail is fun and the bottom hem curves just slightly downward, which is very flattering.

Potter’s Pot High-Low Tie Waist Dress (surprise).
potters pot high low v neck black white geometric diamond print dress potters pot high low tie waist black op art print dress
This print is kind of like an optical illusion, but I think it’s cool. It’s full lined and has a nice weight to it. I also liked the lower back because I always need a little extra coverage in the back. No flashing, thanks!

Love Stitch Tassel Tank (surprise).
Love Stitch Tassel Tank Golden Tote Love Stitch Tassel Tank Black And White Mandala Print

I. Loved. This. It’s very much something I would buy for myself, and the twisted front detail is very flattering (although it doesn’t look it from the pictures). Trust me, it works IRL and the drape looks amazing. The crepe fabric is opaque so I don’t need a cami underneath (big plus in the summertime) and I adore the mandala-esque print.

Lime & Chili Diamond Hacci Top (Surprise).
lime and chili diamond hacci top with tassel

I was NOT SURE about this one. The dolman cut scared me and I didn’t know what to make of the pom poms. Once it was on I found it very flattering and different!

lime and chili diamond hacci top details
This has so many details and I’m terrified of cleaning it for the first time, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

lime and chili diamond hacci top tucked
It also looks cute tucked into a skirt.

Speaking of which…

Kerisma Black Skirt (surprise).
kerisma skirt too small
Cant. Breathe.
kerisma skirt texture kerisma skirt texture closeup

This was at least a size too tight, which is a shame because it’s made out of really nice, thick sweater material. I’m going to hang onto it for another month to see if my latest diet will help me squeeze into it, but if not it will get traded or given to a friend. A classic black skirt is too useful to let go to waste!

Cool and Casual Tank (chosen item).
orange naked zebra split neck twist front tank orange cool and casual tank naked zebra

I know I told them I love dark colors, but every now and then I pick a bright color and I actually love orange as an accent. This foldover detail is very flattering, although it doesn’t look it in these photos, much like the black and white printed tassel top. What is it with twist front tanks that doesn’t translate to two dimensions? I also love that it’s a little longer in the back to give me the extra coverage my awkward torso needs.

Promesa Jersey Dress (surprise).
promesa jersey cap sleeve t shirt dress in navy promesa jersey dress in navy side slitpromesa jersey dress keyhole slit back promesa jersey dress in navy

This is a cool twist on a classic jersey t-shirt dress. The cap sleeves have a slight structure to them, there’s a sneaky thigh slit on one side and a cute keyhole back. This is a surprisingly grownup version of the classic tee dresses I used to love and I can see myself wearing this for many different occasions.

So yay! The March tote was everything I wanted and then some! My December and January totes were sort of hit-and-miss (I never did review those thanks to megaschoolcrunchtime, but you didn’t miss much), so I’m really excited to get so many things that I loved this time around. The new site is great and the style profile system has made it easier to get a true personal styling experience if you customize your profile the right way. I can’t wait for the April Tote to launch, it’s dropping on April 13, 2015. Hopefully I’ll have a review on that one, too!

June Golden Tote Review

It’s here, it’s here!!! At long last, my June Golden Tote has arrived! One of my chosen items didn’t make it to the warehouse in time, so my tote took an extra long time to get here.

This month I opted for the $149 tote and I kind of rolled the dice on the sizing.

See, Golden Tote offers S,M,L sizing and according to their size chart, I am at the upper cutoff for size Small. I wear a size 6 pretty consistently across brands (rather than the wild variance I found at a larger size which is due to several factors that I’ll save for another post), and according to their site, Small = size 4 to 6. The chart also includes the exact bust, waist and hips and per those numbers I juuuust make it. That doesn’t leave much room for error, and it also doesn’t take my slightly above average height into account (even when a small fits, it may be too short). I hate having to choose between length and fit, never mind that many Golden Tote items run a bit small. Either way, I usually default to medium, just in case.

So this time I decided to carefully examine how the pieces fit the model. The model is on the low end of the small spectrum, so I ordered the etched top in medium because it looked like the small fit her well and the striped dress in small because it looked like her dress was a little baggy. I also included the following note with my order:

“I’m in between a size S and M, so please send size M for surprise items unless the item has a looser fit. Thank you!”

I was really nervous ordering anything in a small a) because of the fit issues I mentioned above and b) because I wore a size 12-14 last year and still can’t quite imagine fitting into anything labeled small just yet. Medium sounds way more realistic, but sometimes it really is too big and that’s difficult for my brain to accept.

So did my selective size choice strategy pay off, or should I always stick with mediums (which would mean the size charts are a lie, incidentally)?

It was great! Every single thing was the right size, although some of the pieces didn’t work on my body just because of the cut. Here it is:

june 2014 golden tote items

Chosen item- Grey and cream striped summer dress by comme toi ($50? I can’t remember GT’s MSRP).

comme toi striped summer dress golden tote june 2014 comme toi striped summer dress golden tote lace closeup comme toi grey striped summer dress golden tote keyhole back

I got this in a small because it looked a little baggy on the model. I was right, and the small fit great! It was even long enough, which I was really grateful for. It has a cute keyhole back that I had a hard time photographing and POCKETS! Pockets on dresses rule.

Renee C. Ivory etched print top ($40).

renee c etched print v neck top golden tote june 2014 renee c abstract print v neck top golden tote june 14 I’m trying to remember to SMILE in my clothing pictures!
renee c etched top ivory golden tote june 2014(at least some of the time)

Oooo, this is maybe my favorite yet. I love this top and how the cuffed sleeves flare out slightly. It also looks nice under a blazer for work.

And now the surprises! Everything’s a size medium except for the Miss Love top, which is small.

Miss Love textured lace trim tank top ($??? Couldn’t find this anywhere online) and Priddy by Puella slouchy pants (Again, who knows what price).

white crochet lace trim miss love tank june golden tote
priddy by buella black slouchy pants june golden tote  lace trim miss love textured tank top june golden totepriddy by buella black slouchy pants closeup

So I like the tank top, the lace and crinkly fabric both feel high quality and I think it’ll be a great layering option. The pants, however, are just not right for me. They do my hips no favors and shorten my legs. Super comfy, though. They’re jersey and are pleated on top with slash pockets.

Fantastic Fawn emerald green chevron t-shirt dress ($44).

fantastic fawn ikat emerald t shirt dress golden tote june
So into it!
fantastic fawn green tie die ikat print tee shirt dress golden tote june

I LOVE this dress. The elastic waist is flattering, the color is great, it’s comfy, it’s flattering, it’s long enough and it has pockets!!! I like it so much I’m going to try to trade my slouchy pants for another one in a different print.

And finally we have the Navy Porridge scoop neck pleated top in the nautical rope print ($50? That’s about what Porridge goes for, I guess).

porridge scoop neck rope print shirt june golden tote porridge scoop neck nautical navy blue top june golden tote porridge pleated nautical rope top june golden tote porridge drapey nautical rope print shirt june golden tote

I dig the print and the puffy sleeves, but the way this billows out makes me look kind of hunchbacked and a belt only helped so much. Into the trade pile it goes!

So that’s June’s tote! I feel like even though there were a few pieces that were off, I didn’t hate anything and actually got a few pieces that I really love. I got my money’s worth (and some good trading stock!). They also launched a surprise-item-only tote for $99 starting today, so I ordered that as well. Why, why??? They’re in the regular boutique if you’re interested.

June Golden Tote Spoiler *UPDATED*

Aaaargh, Golden Tote released a spoiler today. These Puella slouchy pants are going to be one of the surprise items in both the $49 and $149 totes and I loooove them. I’ve been planning to get a pair like these this summer, so I’m really freaking out right now. I think this is going to be a good tote!


There are still many cute items left for June totes if you want to get a pair of these thrown in with your order. Do it and we will be twins!


More spoilers have been revealed via the Golden Tote Trading Group! One of Golden Totes founders frequents the group and shares updates from time to time.

golden tote spoiler nautical porridge shirt june 2014
golden tote spoiler miss love lace yoke top june 2014golden tote spoiler geometric print jersey dress june 2014golden tote spoiler ikat print dress june 2014

I would be happy with any of these items. The surprise items are so good that I am actually considering a second tote. What is wrong with me?

May Golden Tote Review

It’s been a busy month of finals, roadtrips and work, but I am determined to get my May Golden Tote review out before May ends! It’s the last day of May, but who’s counting? If you need an overview of Golden Tote in general, check my first review here.

So this time around I opted for a $49 tote. The shipping was actually very quick, the general consensus online is that the $49 totes ship right away but the $149 totes take forever to ship. I picked the Under Skies navy eyelet trim button down as my main item, and I really love it!
under skies navy eyelet button down shirt

The picture on GT’s site didn’t do all of the detail justice. It has mother of pearl type buttons, an eyelet detail along the top part of the shirt, a jersey fabric as the main body, and is finished with a textured cotton detail stitched on the placket, pocket and a few other places.
under skies navy eyelet button down close up detailunder skies navy eyelet button down back
I really loved the mixed materials here, and it’s also one of the few GT tops that’s fitted instead of loose. Golden Tote does tend to cater toward a non-curvy build, and even though my curves are smaller than they used to be, I still think I look better in a nipped waist rather than the loose, drapey styles that tend to look best on really willowy girls.


I only got one surprise item, and it’s this lovely cobalt collarless crepe shirtdress by Naked Zebra. It’s high quality, lined, comfortable and super flattering BUT it’s also super short. I have this problem a lot with Golden Tote’s dresses. They’re great, but they are SO short on me.
naked zebra cobalt blue crepe cinched waist shirt dress naked zebra bright blue shirt dress back golden tote naked zebra cobalt blue shirt dress side

I love this dress so much, and I would love it even more if it were 2-3 inches longer. As is, it still works over leggings (with bare legs or tights I feel exposed, but leggings make it seem less scandalous. I wore it to Memorial Day brunch last weekend with leggings (not pictured) and felt awesome:
naked zebra royal blue crepe cinched waist shirt dress

Ok, so that’s all for the tote, but I have more to review.

I got Naked Zebra’s multi-strap detail tank in lavender as an add-on item. It’s a little bit sheer (what up, black bra!), but I really like the strap detail, especially in the back. I think Golden Tote’s signature drapey, boxy style works well with this top.
naked zebra strappy tank top lavendar naked zebra strappy tank top lavender and navynaked zebra strappy tank top lavender and navy straps

I also like that the straps are made from a crepe material rather than jersey, so they won’t stretch out.golden tote naked zebra strappy tank top lavender navy straps

I also have a few follow up items. After last month’s craziness with my missing April item, GT sent me this to make up for the missing piece. It’s the embroidered white top by In Clover. It’s sort of a weird length on me and I’m still tring to decide how to style it, but I’m thinking it’ll look great over a maxi skirt. I haven’t worn it yet other than to try on, so I’m keeping it in the bag for a while. I’m either going to trade it or wear it, we’ll see which happens first.

in clover white embroidered top  in clover white embroidered peasant top side in clover white embroidered peasant topin clover white embroidered peasant top shoulder crochet detail

I also have a couple of items that I traded through the Golden Tote Trading Group on facebook. These are from past bags, but it still gives you an idea of the types of styles Golden Tote has carried.

Collective Concepts mixed material peplum top. I love the prints on this! I don’t wear a lot of peplums, so I’m still trying to figure out how to style it.
collective conepts mixed media tribal print peplum top  collective conepts mixed media print peplum top side view collective conepts mixed media peplum top blue and green print
There’s a zipper that goes the full length of the back.
collective conepts mixed media print peplum top zipped back

Puella striped long sleeve fit and flare dress. The fit on this one is a little off for me and makes me look a little thicker than I am, but somehow it doesn’t bother me. In my mind it has a sort of modern-meets-vintage appeal and it has a ton of styling options. I wore it to a dinner party a few weeks ago and was complimented on it right away.
puella long sleeve striped fit and flare dresspuella navy gray long sleeve striped fit and flare dress  puella long sleeve striped fit and flare dress navy heather grey fabric

And that’s it for all of my Golden Tote pieces. The June tote boutique opens this Monday, June 2, at 9:00 PST. The new items are already in the regular boutique for you to check out in advance, but the tote won’t switch over until Monday. Are you going to get a tote this month?