Commodity Fragrance Review

I have been on the search for a “grown up” fragrance for a few years now. I never do fragrance reviews, though, because scent is SO personal. What you like could be very different from what I like, and the same scent might even smell different on each of us. HOWEVER, I would like to review my shopping experience with Commodity Goods, because I found it really game-changing for online shopping addicts like myself.

It works like this: You pay in advance for a perfume by ordering a sampling kit, then you receive 10 scent samples to try at home. Pick the fragrance you like best and redeem online for your full sized perfume. You do have to commit to buying at least one rollerball (the minimum sample kit) in order to participate in the home sampling, but these are high quality perfumes and there’s bound to be at least one that you like. It’s a good way to try scents in advance without setting foot in a store, like Warby Parker but for scents.

The kit:
commodity try at home sample kit mens cologne and womens perfumecommodity uno try at home kit

I got the Uno kit which redeems for one 10ml rollerball ($24). You can also get the Trio with 3 rollerballs ($48), or the 100 which redeems for a full 100ml scent ($99), but they all come with the same 10 scents samples, so there’s no advantage to choosing one over the other other than the quantity you redeem for.

PRO-TIP!!! I recommend ordering the minimum order kit (Uno) because when you redeem it, you’ll get the option to buy anything else you want for half price. I don’t know how long that offer will last, but I used it to my full advantage and redeemed the single rollerball in my second-favorite scent, then snapped up the larger (more expensive) full size of my fave for half price. $73 total investment for a $123 value!

These were all very high quality and nuanced, and I had a tough time choosing between my favorites. Playing with the kit felt a bit like science class, which was fun for me.

I really did love the scents. They are eau de parfum rather than eau de toilette, which basically means they are higher quality and longer lasting. EDTs are more watered down. The scents are broken into a black and white collections, which the Commodity site describes thusly:
“The White Collection include scents that are light, airy, and easy, while the Black Collection is more complex, intense, and moody.”
What they’re getting at is the black scents are more masculine and the white scents are more feminine (something I didn’t understand until halfway through my kit), but they’re semi-unisex and are meant to be mixed and matched. I love the idea of wearing a masculine scent from time to time, so I got the (ladylike) Tea as my large 100ml scent and the (manly, but unisexy) Wool as my small 10 ml scent.

commodity perfume outer packaging commodity perfume 100ml and 10ml packagingcommodity cologne bottle design

The packaging is goregeous and I’m excited to have these on my vanity. I’m a mega packaging geek and I’m not even ashamed to admit it. The website also has adorable illustrations to explain the notes of each scent and I really loved that. Here are the descriptions and illustrations for the fragrances I chose.

“Not your average store-bought tea. A soft brew of citrus and aquatic notes infused with cooling Watermint Leaf.”

  • TOP NOTES: Citrus Accord, Sicilian Lemon, Bergamot
  • MID NOTES: Freesia, Muguet, Jasmine Sambac
  • BASE NOTES: Sandalwood, White Musk
  • GREAT FOR:   Day   Special Occasion

commodity perfume tea illustration
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“Effortless warmth. Touches of Bourbon Vanilla and Haitian Vetiver craft this perfectly cozy outerwear.”

  • TOP NOTES: Mandarin, Grapefruit, Apple
  • MID NOTES: Basil, Fresh Ozone, Cedarwood, Lavandin, Armoise
  • BASE NOTES: Amber, Haitian Vetiver, Gray Musk, Bourbon Vanilla
  • GREAT FOR:   Day   Night

commodity Men_Collage_Wool
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What do you think, would you ever buy a perfume online this way, or do you still prefer to try it in store?