Grunge Revival

I wanted to go low maintenance, but still bring a little drama, so I layered brown and black shadows from my  120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 2nd Edition ($16.95-$29.95) (I know, I’m using it too much and need to mix it up a little). I blended them up from the lashline toward the crease to create a one-dimensional, matte smoky eye that reminds me of the 90’s (AKA my favorite fashion decade ever). I also smudged a warmer brown along the lower lashline to keep the eyes defined but bright.

90s grunge makeupblack brown matte smoky eyedark brown matte smoky eye

I skipped the eyeliner again, since I’m trying to avoid product overload in this warmer weather and went straight to the Diorshow Mascara ($25) to finish my lashes. Then I contoured my cheeks with Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed palette ($30) and slicked Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey ($15) on lips.

matte dark brown and charcoal smoky eye bh cosmetics 120 color palette 2 pink lipstick clinique black honey

dark charcoal warm chestnut brown eyeshadow natural matee smoky eye makeup

If you really want to amp up the 90’s feel, add a flannel shirt, plain banana clip and a dark berry lipstick. Here I mixed  NYX Round Case Lipstick $3.99) in Rapture and Chic Red. I feel like the girl with the most cake.
90s grunge makeup matte smoky eye dark berry lipstick 90s grunge makeup dark matte smoky eye deep berry red lipstick


90’s Matte Wine Red Lips

I’ve been really obsessing over all things 90’s this year (remember my ultra matte skin and goth eyes from February?).  The nostalgia has been overwhelming and I’m thinking it may have to do with the 10 year high school reunion I recently attended and reflections on my fading youth.  Whatever the cause, I was delighted to find that I’m not alone in this, if my favorite fashion blog is any indication (SEE?).  Lately too many No Doubt music videos (I didn’t really like them when they were popular!  Why do I love them so much now?) has set me on the path to finding the perfect mid-90’s shade of dark red lipstick.  I’ve been into red lipstick a lot in the past few months that I haven’t been posting, but I’m surprised by how difficult this shade is to come by.  I have a few colors that are close, but today I decided to make my own.

matte dark red lipstick 1990s grunge makeup matte deep red 90s lipstick makeup


I used the bright red Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo ($6.00) as a base and layered a light coat of dark burgundy Nyx Round Lipstick in Pluto ($4.00) to get a shade that’s somewhere in between.  The matte Lip Cream is awesome, it’s sort of like a whipped mousse gloss, although it feels kind of dry once it sets.  It’s super long lasting, though, and layering a more moisturizing product over it made it feel a lot more comfortable without affecting the wearability.  Since the 90’s were all about stark contrasts and matte finishes, I swiped on a greyish-plum shade and a ever-so-slightly shimmery cream shade from my BH Cosmetics 28  Neutral Color Palette  ($14-$18.95 depending on the frequent sales) and a coat of Smasbox Hyperlash Mascara ($22).  I skipped the eyeliner for an authentic 90’s look and used a rose shade from the BH palette as a blush.  I skipped the heavy powder this time, although that would definitely fit the era.

So simple and surprisingly wearable.  I hope this retro thing  stays hip for a little while because I’m really having fun doing my makeup this way.  All I need is a Delia’s catalog and it’s like being in middle/high school all over again!