Morphe Brushes Eyeshadow Review

I’m really excited about today’s review! This post has been in the draft stage for far too long, but I want to finally put in my two cents about Morphe Cosmetics. I had been stalking Morphe Brushes’ site for a while a couple months ago since they get rave reviews from beauty bloggers, but I kept stalling because I don’t need any more eyeshadow. While that is still true, I eventually caved because the eyeshadow palettes are only $20, so I somehow justified it to myself.

So first of all, these palettes look suspiciously similar to the kind of palettes you can get from sites like bh cosmetics, crown brush and coastal scents, among others. While all of those companies have branched out into creating more of their own unique products, their original focus used to be importing those Chinese 120 color palettes that were once only available through eBay. I’ve reviewed the 120 palettes before and I really like them, but they’re generally best for extremely bright looks. The reason being that while those eyeshadows are typically pretty vibrant, they also have a somewhat dusty, chalky texture. I love them because they have a great range of pigmented brights and they’re very affordable which is good since I don’t use colors like that often, but they don’t feel as good to work with. For neutral colors that I use a lot, I prefer to go with higher end shadows that are nicer to work with and easier to blend.

These palettes are NOT the same as the eBay palettes. They are made in America and the eyeshadows are (mostly) smoother and better quality. This is also a female-owned small business, so I feel good supporting them. I ended up with the 35W palette for $19.99. Weirdly, it has the exact same shades as the 35N palette, except that pallette is all matte while this had some shimmers mixed in. I actually wish I had waited to buy this because they just released some new 35 pan palettes that look amazing (the 35P plum palette, 35K smoky neutral palette and 35O orange-toned palette), but whatever. For $20 I can always buy another. Let’s talk about the one I have for now.

Let’s start with pictures of the palette itself!

In bright daylight (quarter shown for scale):
MORPHE BRUSHES 35W eyeshadow palette

Artificial light.
MORPHE BRUSHES 35 color warm palette

The second image in artificial light looks closer to what the shades look like in real life, but I thought it was helpful to show both pictures to give a better idea of which shades have shimmer and which don’t.

I also swatched every single shade, so here they are, shown in the same order they appear in the palette. Each swatch is done over a strip of primer, so you can see how each one performs with and without it.

MORPHE BRUSHES 35W palette swatches row 1

MORPHE BRUSHES 35W palette swatches row 2

MORPHE BRUSHES 35W palette swatches row 3

MORPHE BRUSHES 35W palette swatches row 4

MORPHE BRUSHES 35W palette swatches row 5

Based on my swatches, I made this chart indicating the best and worst performers. The shadows with the stars are really nice, smooth, buttery, and high-end feeling. The ones without any marks are decent, like higher quality drugstore shadows (think NYX or L’Oreal) and the X’s are for weak shadows that work like low quality cheap shadows.

MORPHE BRUSHES 35W palette eyeshadow quality

Only 4 real duds here. That’s not bad for the money I spent, right? I have had had a little trouble blending some of the shades, but overall I found the palette versatile and good to work with. The only problem I had was keeping track of which shadows I preferred working with over others. The really good ones are so smooth to work with, but sometimes I’d accidentally grab a muddier one and end up having to start my eye look over.

Here are a couple of looks to give you an idea of how they work in practice.

MORPHE BRUSHES 35W palette warm look MORPHE BRUSHES 35W palette warm eyeshadow look MORPHE BRUSHES 35W palette reviews MORPHE BRUSHES 35W palette silver look MORPHE BRUSHES 35W palette look MORPHE BRUSHES 35W palette eye look MORPHE BRUSHES 35W palette cool look MORPHE BRUSHES 35W look


Getting the most out of your bright eyeshadow.

It’s been a while.  Sorry about that!  Today I want to pass along a few words about primer and my quick tips for getting insanely bright eyeshadow.  Here’s what I’ve got going on today:

bright teal nyx eyeshadow jumbo eye pencil electric blue

Pretty bright, yeah?  Here’s my secret: double primer.  First I use my typical primer, but that still doesn’t give me the brightest possible results when my inner Nikki Minaj feels like strutting around.  The super secret next step is creme shadow.

The issue I have with creme shadow is that most formulas inevitably crease.  However, when I use them as a base, then set them with my typical powder shadow, they last and last.  Problem solved!

This technique also works for more neutral look and not just brights.  Just get a cream shadow in the neutral color you want and use it to keep colors vibrant all day.  You can also try layering different shades of cream and powder shadow for a cool multi-dimensional look.  They’re easy to blend together and you can create very precise or very soft lines depending on how much you blend.

Here are swatches of today’s teal eyeshadow layered over bare skin, basic primer and cream shadow over primer.  See the difference?

primer swatches

When applying powder shadow over cream, be sure not to drag your brush across the eye.  Just load up your brush with color and pat it over the cream, making sure to really pack the color into the cream and bond it together.  If you pull across the cream too much you can end up with a smudgy mess!

Today’s cream shadow comes courtesy of one of my favorite brands, NYX cosmetics (no, I am not paid to endorse them, I just love them).  I used the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil ($4.50) in Electric Blue over NYX Eyeshadow Base ($7.00) in Skin Tone.  I couldn’t figure out what to do with the jumbo eye pencils as shadows since they crease like crazy, but once I figured out the colored primer trick I bought them in every color.

My eyeshadow is BH Cosmetics Pro Palette  Color in CM15 ($1.95 for a single shadow or ~$1.17 each when combined into a 15 color palette).  I’m also wearing Buxom Lash mascara ($19) on my lashes and Milani LIQUIF’EYE Longwear Eyeliner ($5.99) in black which is just as smooth and dark as my beloved UD 24/7 liners, but for a third of the price.  I haven’t tried the other colors, but the black is unbelievably good for a six-dollar eye pencil.  I’ve used $20 pencils that don’t even come close.

aqua teal cream eyeshadow
milani liquifeye black eyeliner pencil bh cosmetics 88 color cool matte eyeshadow pencil

Dark Nude Smoky Eye

neutral smoky eye bh cosmeticsdark neutral makeupToday I played with my 88 Color Cool Matte Palette ($11 – $19.95 depending on promotion) again.  I did a light smoky eye using two of the brown shades plus a burgundy shade blended into the outer corner for depth.  I swiped a little Benefit BADgal Brown Mascara ($19) on lashes, buffed CARGO BeachBlush in Sunset Beach ($30) onto cheekbones and up to temples and slicked some Korres Cherry Full Color Lipgloss in Fuschia 54 ($17) on lips.  Simple, but effective.dark nude smoky eye bh cosmetics closeup

Over the Top Dramatic Liner and Purple Eyeshadow!

extreme blue cat eye eyeliner purple eyeshadowdramatic blue eyeliner My latest order came in from BH Cosmetics, so I had to celebrate.  BH Cosmetics is one of many companies who sell the infamously crazy, bright, impractical “120 pro palettes” that are so frequently celebrated on youtube.  I think the 120 palettes are pretty much the same no matter where you buy them, but BH also offers a few unique combinations that I haven’t seen elsewhere and they have the most polished website, so I like them the best.  I already had the 120 palette, but today I just got the 88 Color Cool Matte Palette ($19.95) which I think is exclusive to them.  Not all of the colors in this palette are cool and not all of them are matte, but they are all fantastic, so who cares?  These palettes all come with a huge assortment of teeny, tiny colors that are slightly chalky in consistency, but offer unparalleled brightness and pigmentation.  If you love bold, intense, opaque colors for your lids and can’t find anything to satisfy your appetite for unusual shades, BUY THESE PALETTES!  They’re so cheap that it’s worth it even if you only pull them out for Halloween.

winged blue cream eyeliner 88 color paletteI used a nice bright pink and dark purple for a standard smoky eye, then I used a very light, shimmery robin’s egg blue shade for my browbones and inner corners, all from the 88 color palette.  I finished the eye with a thick, dramatic cat’s eye using the blue shade from Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Gel CreamLiner ($10.99) in the “Blue Eyes” Combination.  I coated the lashes in Maybelline Colossal Mascara ($6.99) in Glam Black and applied Revlon Colorstay Just bitten Lip stain + Balm ($8.99) in Beloved with a dab of Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss ($19) in Pulse on the center of the lips.  To go with the dramatic eye I needed sculpted cheeks, so I used a touch of NYX Cream Blush ($6.50) in Glow on the apples of cheeks and Benefit High Beam ($26) on the tops of my cheekbones for added definition.