Extended Wing Eyeliner

I haven’t been making many “look of the day” posts because my makeup has been way too consistent lately. You could call it a rut since I’ve been doing the same sorts of things over and over, except that I’m happy with it and “rut” has kind of a negative connotation.

So yesterday after prepping with Meow Cosmetics and Hourglass products, I started with the typical neutral cut-crease that I often do, then I switched it up by flicking the liner out a little further for a bit more drama. That little change made it feel post-worthy.

retro neutral cut crease eyes with winged eyeliner vintage makeup cut crease eyes with cat eye liner vintage style pinup makeup

Products used:

Meow Cosmetics Indelible Gel Eyeliner in blackout ($14.25).
Essence Stays No Matter What 24 Hour Volume Mascara ($4.95).
MicaBeauty Tinted Lip Balm ($30) in Natural.
It Cosmetics Luxe Anti-Aging High Performance Eye Shadow Palette w/Dual Brush ($38).


Shimmering Nude Eye Tutorial with Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette

I don’t do a lot of tutorials, but I thought I’d try something different and see if you guys like. So first up,  is a simple look that I’ve been really into lately. This is a high shimmer “wet look” lid that looks fresh, but a little sultry.

too faced boudior eye palette nude shimmer cat eyeboudior eye palette shimmery nude look

I’m using the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection ($36), which I really like. The shimmer finishes are absolutely perfect for this kind of look (which is why I got it), but this tutorial would work with whatever shimmery shadow you like best. The key is to get a base shade that will look bright against your skintone.

too faced boudoir eyes palette shades too faced boudoir eyes palette

1. Prime those lids!


2. Apply a bright, shimmer shadow (preferably on with a gold highlight to it) like “Satin Sheets” over the lid.

boudior eye palette tutorial 1nude shimmer eye tutorial

3. Softly blend a grey shimmer shade (“Sugar Walls” or “Lap Dance”) into the crease a fluffy brush is best to get the diffused texture you want in the crease.

boudior eye palette tutorial 2too faced natural shimmer eye tutorial

Blur out the crease so it’s nice and blended.

4. Take a matte grey (“Garter Belt”) and blend over the shimmer in your crease to build definition.

boudior eye palette tutorial 3soft shimmer natural eye tutorial

Be sure to smudge a little along the outer half of the lower lashline to softly define.

sparkling natural eye tutorial

*Tip* if the crease color ends up getting too far into your lid, add a bit more of your shimmery base color to brighten it back up! No need to start over!

Make sure to also apply some of the shimmer shadow into the inner corner of your eye.

too faced boudior eye set tutorial

5. Take a light, matte shadow in a nude or white color (here it’s “In the Buff”) and concentrate it under the browbone.
boudior eye palette tutorial 4

Pull it down from the browbone and blend, which will diffuse the shadow from your crease and smooth any harsh lines.

too faced boudior eye palette tutorial

6. Take a dark shadow like a brown or black (here I used “French Tickler,” a black with gold sparkle) and trace along the lashline, starting at the outer corner, and pulling in. Because of my eye shape, I taper the line down around the middle of my eye, but you can also draw the line the whole way to your inner corner if that’s more flattering for you.

boudior eye palette tutorial 5too faced shimmer eye tutorial

The reason I use eyeshadow instead of regular liner here is twofold.

First, it’s a lot easier to change, especially if you aren’t comfortable with getting that perfect cat eye shape. If you aren’t happy with your results, just blur it out by running a brush over it (if it’s too thick) or add more and more as needed (if it’s too thin).

Second, the line will be a little more diffused, which makes it extra smoky and sultry.

Important almost final step!

7. If you have some shadow fallout under your eyes, don’t wipe it off! that will just smudge it more. First use a fluffy powder brush to flick away excess,

too faced boudoir eyes palette tutorial
then brush the face powder of your choice over the area and blend.

shimmering neutral eye tutorial

8. Add mascara (and brow powder/pencil) and you’re done!

neutral shimmer eye tutrorial

DONE! Now you have softly smoldering eyes worthy of an old Holywood star.

boudior eye palette shimmery neutral looktoo faced boudior eye palette sparkly neutral eyeshadow


P.S. I’m wearing Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm ($8.99) in Ingenue on lips!

Gwen Stefani Nail Polish Collection for OPI – 4 in the Morning Swatch

I’ve posted a few times about how I love, love, love the 90’s, so I was definitely excited about a collaboration between Gwen Stefani and OPI!

The full Gwen Stefani x OPI nail collection is pretty, but I was a little disappointed by how generic and dupeable some of the shades were. Fortunately, there were still a few unique shades in the collection. I was especially excited about the two matte satin shades. I was planning to buy both, plus the holo glitter topcoat, but I’m still on a LOW BUY (obviously the NO BUY didn’t fully take). I ended up only getting the black shade, OPI Gwen Stefani Nail Lacquer Collection ($9) in 4 in the Morning. Hey, that shows some restraint, right?

I just love the unique finish on this one. Now that black nail polish has gone mainstream, this unusual smooth, satiny matte texture gives black its edge back. It reminds me of black leather.

opi x gwen stefani nail laquer 4 in the morning

I was even inspired to do some Gwen-esque makeup for the occasion! Of course I look nothing like her (wouldn’t that be nice?), but her classic look is always fun to do.

gwen stefani inspired makeup

Grunge Revival

I wanted to go low maintenance, but still bring a little drama, so I layered brown and black shadows from my  120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 2nd Edition ($16.95-$29.95) (I know, I’m using it too much and need to mix it up a little). I blended them up from the lashline toward the crease to create a one-dimensional, matte smoky eye that reminds me of the 90’s (AKA my favorite fashion decade ever). I also smudged a warmer brown along the lower lashline to keep the eyes defined but bright.

90s grunge makeupblack brown matte smoky eyedark brown matte smoky eye

I skipped the eyeliner again, since I’m trying to avoid product overload in this warmer weather and went straight to the Diorshow Mascara ($25) to finish my lashes. Then I contoured my cheeks with Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed palette ($30) and slicked Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey ($15) on lips.

matte dark brown and charcoal smoky eye bh cosmetics 120 color palette 2 pink lipstick clinique black honey

dark charcoal warm chestnut brown eyeshadow natural matee smoky eye makeup

If you really want to amp up the 90’s feel, add a flannel shirt, plain banana clip and a dark berry lipstick. Here I mixed  NYX Round Case Lipstick $3.99) in Rapture and Chic Red. I feel like the girl with the most cake.
90s grunge makeup matte smoky eye dark berry lipstick 90s grunge makeup dark matte smoky eye deep berry red lipstick

Morbid Monday Morticia Makeup

Today I did a hooded eye, with a gradient of dark brown, charcoal and black from my  120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 2nd Edition ($16.95-$29.95) in the crease, a shimmery taupe on the rest of the lid and white on the browbone and inner corners. I feel like it has a spooky sunset look to it! Then I lined the upper lashline with a heavy, winged line using NYX Collection Noir Black Liquid Liner ($5.99), plus a short, slightly angled line along the lower lashes. I finished with two coats of Diorshow Mascara ($25)

dark neutral smoky eye winged eyeliner nude lipstick lips goth makeup dark neutral smoky eye winged eyeliner

I highlighted and contoured with my Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed palette ($30) and I’m wearing  e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color in Natural ($3) on lips.
dark neutral smoky eye winged eyeliner natural matte lipstick lips goth makeup

Bombshell Lite

You guys, pincurling my hair is my new obsession. Still perfecting my technique, but I still really love the results. Since my hair had me feeling kind of like a vixen but in a sweet sort of way, I decided to do a pared-down version of the shimmery, lightly smoked eye look from a standard pinup face.

light fresh pinup makeup look dark hair blue eyes green necklacelight green neutral smoky eyepink lipgloss

I used “Jet Setting Jennifer,” a sheer chartreuse  shadow all over the lid and blended olive green “All About Alex” into the crease. Both shades are from TheBalm’s Shady Lady Vol. 1 Palette ($39.50). I lined with  Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper ($18) but I actually managed to stop at the lashline before extending into a wing (progress!) and finished off with a coat of Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula Black Onyx ($16) which I am actually pretty obsessed with. As a result of my bone structure, I have a really bad problem with raccoon eyes. It’s only gotten worse with age and I always end up with ugly mascara smudges under my eyes about 30 minutes after applying, no matter how waterproof the formula is, and no matter how much concealer and setting powder I use. This is the first mascara that actually stays on my lashes!!! This may not be an issue for everyone, but if you have the same problem I did, this mascara is for you. The absolute best mascara that will not smudge. It lengthens nicely, too!

the balm shady lady palette vol 1 jet setting jennifer all about alex

I wanted just a touch of color on lips, so I stained with a little bit of Nyx Round Case Lipstick in Hero ($3.99), followed by Stila Lip Glaze  in Grapefruit ($22)

jet setting jennifer all aboux alex kat von d tattoo liner trooper sheer berry lips olive green smoky eyethebalm shady lady eyeshadow palette vol 1 green eyeshadow ket von d liquid eyeliner clinique longwear mascara

Later on I decided I needed more color, so I applied Nyx Matte Lipstick in Alabama ($5.99) over the gloss. This is quickly becoming on of my favorite red lipsticks! By applying this beautiful, vampy matte red over a gloss, I got an equally pretty sheer red glaze. Love it.

nyx matte lipstick alabama with glossgreen pinup look light

My son also stopped by at one point to see what I was doing. Normally he’s all smiles, but tonight he was unimpressed. It was close to bedtime, go figure.


Bardot-Meets-Rockabilly-Pinup Hair and Makeup

Today I started with my hair and let the rest fall into place. For the last year I’ve been slowly  trying new things with my hair. My hair is thick, wavy and extremely frizzy, so my few attempts to style have historically been frustrating disasters that end up with me giving up and falling back into a ponytail. I’ve decided that this can’t continue and I’ve been experimenting a lot with mixed results. Branching out is good, though, so I’d rather take a few risks than end up stuck in a ponytail rut forever.

Last night I slept with my hair in pincurls and while not perfect, the results were fun and looked good enough for a first try, but it was still frizzy. I decided why fight nature? I piled my hair into a messy, curly, crazy Brigitte Bardot-inspired updo with a fun red ribbon bow headband. I’m still obviously figuring things out, but I really enjoy learning more about hair.brigitte bardot bow headband messy updo

brigitte bardot style messy bouffant updo dark brown black hair pale skin cat eyes neutral lips makeupmessy updo retro red hairbow nautical pinup outfitAs messy as I wanna be.

So enough about hair, here’s the makeup. I mixed OCC Lip Tars in Electric Grandma and Kava Kava ($18 each)  for a peachy-pink neutral lip, then paired it with an 60’s style cut-crease smoky eye and extra big eyeliner. Brigitte tended to line around her entire eye, but that is often unflattering on my close-set eyes, so I made up my own version by smudging a warm brown eyeshadow along the outer lower eyelid in place of harsh liner. The shadow is all from  TheBalm Nude ‘Tude Palette ($36). I used several shadows to create a multi-dimensional look, including Sassy, Stubborn, Sultry, Sophisticated and Sexy. You probably noticed that the cut crease is a little smudgy and imperfect, but that’s more authentic to how makeup used to apply back in the day.

occ lip tar electric grandma kava kava pink orange peach neutral lipstickblack liquid liner cut crease cat eye 60s thick black liquid eyeliner 60s cut crease cat eyes

The liner is  NYX Collection Noir Black Liquid Liner ($5.99) and I added a coat of Diorshow Mascara ($25). I’m also wearing the pink blush from Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed ($30). I think the whole thing has kind of a rockabilly feel when all is said and done. I’m into it.

occ lip tar nyx collection noir black liquid eyeliner dior diorshow mascara urban decay naked flushed blushretro messy curled updo red bow headband 60s cat eye eyeliner dark hair pale skin