Memebox Superbox #49: Lip Box Review

Memebox has provided me with another box to review!!! This time it’s Superbox #49: all about lips. If you’re unfamilair with Memebox, here’s a link to my first review. There are different types of boxes offered, and the one I’m reviewing today is a Superbox, which they describe as such: “Superbox was inspired by our Memebox lovers, looking for full-sized products catered to specific needs. Each Superbox series comes with its own theme, designed to target particular concerns, or collaboration with our favorite brands!”

I’m sorry in advance for the picture quality, I’ve been out of town for a while and can’t download photo editing software to the computer I’m using. 😦

Regardless, it’s worth checking out the products in the box, even if the color balance is off. So here is everything I received!

memebox superbox all about lips

With external packaging above (I wanted to include the boxes because I think they’re cute), and without packaging below:

memebox superbox 49 all about lips review

A few of these are similar to products we have in America, but there were also products included that were very new to me. Here’s what was involved:

Very Six 6 Seconds Kissing Lip Gloss ($17).

Very Six 6 Seconds Kissing Lip GlossVery Six 6 Seconds Kissing Lip Gloss swatch

This goes on clear, but reacts within six seconds to create a perfect “my lips but better” flush. It’s sort of like a mood gloss, and the effect is very subtle, but very pretty. My very pale lips looked slightly flushed, like when you just wake up and your lips are at their fullest. I really like it and think it’s a great option for days when you need to look effortlessly polished.

Shara Shara Petit Friend Tint Balm in Crown Orange ($8).

Shara Shara Petit Friend Tint Balm
Shara Shara Petit Friend Tint Balm swatch

This lipcolor-balm hybrid was so cute, and like nothing I’ve seen in the states. I loved the color it provided, too. It was glossy but non-sticky and had the perfect peach tint. It definitely reminded me of the smooth peachy lips you see in many Korean advertisements. And the packaging is adorable! I loved the tin, as well as the effect of the cute lipcolor “crown” that was set into the sheer gloss. I love this. I love it so much.

RiRe Tick Tock Lip Gloss in Peach Orange ($18).

RiRe Tick Tock Lip Gloss in Peach Orange

This surprised me! I thought it was a typical lipgloss, but it actually included a spring-loaded lip brush in the handle. Crazy! I accidentally hit the button when I uncapped it and the brush went flying across the room.

RiRe Tick Tock Lip Gloss in Peach Orange spring loaded brush applicator RiRe Tick Tock Lip Gloss in Peach Orange lip brush application RiRe Tick Tock Lip Gloss in Peach Orange swatch

I’m not sure if there’s a need for a detachable spring-loaded brush vs. a brush that’s attached to the cap, but the brush itself was very long and offered great control. The lipcolor was also more opaque an I expected and ended up as more of a paint/liquid lipstick. It stayed very well and the pigmentation was amazing! Very comfortable to wear, too. Brush problems aside, I give this product a major thumbs-up.

Cheek Room Color Lips in Red ($12).

Cheek Room Color Lips lipstick in RedCheek Room Color Lips in Red

Next we have what looked like a standard red lipstick, except that this one was a little sheer and packed with glitter! It’s difficult to tell from these pictures, but the color and glitter makes it similar to OCC’s Electric Grandma lip tar, but a little darker and in lipstick form. It’s actually a little more wearable than Electric Grandma because as you can see in the swatch, the glitter looks a little less glittery and more like a metallic lipstick. I found this color very flattering on me, but the tube is a bit deceptive since it is definitely more peach or orange than red. I thought it was really fun and would be great for a night out, although in real life it’s more glittery than you can tell from these pictures, so I couldn’t pull this off for everyday use.

Royal Nature Paint Mousse Lip Lacquer in True Blood ($24).

Royal Nature Paint Mousse Lip Lacquer in True BloodRoyal Nature Paint Mousse Lip Lacquer in True Blood swatch

This raspberry-colored liquid lipstick had a mousse texture unlike any lipstick I’ve ever used. It was like a whipped lipstick, which felt great to apply, although it smudged a bit before it dried, so I had to be careful. It did set after about 30 seconds, and it dried into a pretty, matte finish.

Cheek Room Lip Tint in Red ($12).

Cheek Room Lip Tint in Red Cheek Room Lip Tint in Red swatch

This stain didn’t seem to have much product in the tube (compared to other reviews I’ve seen, I think this was a mistake, because other tubes have been full). That’s a shame because I really liked it! It’s got a similar liquid-y feel to most lip stains of this type (think The Balm’s Staniac or a slightly thicker version of Benetint), but the color itself was a bit more natural on me and not quite as red. Sometimes lip tints seem really intense on my fair skin, but this was more sheer and I looked like I’d just bitten my lips. The one downside was that it left sort of a bitter taste on my lips.

Of all the products in this box, I’d say my favorites were the Petite Friend balm and the Tick Tock Liquid Lip. I’ve also noticed that a lot of Korean products tend to flatter my skintone as they are often a bit peachy. As a pale, mildly olive girl with neutral undertones, that’s a great fit.

Memeboxes always contain a lot of product for the price, so these are always a good deal. This particular box had a retail value of $91, but the box itself cost $23. Unfortunately, this one is currently sold out (they sell out SUPER QUICKLY), but every box I’ve received so far has been a really great value, so you can’t go wrong (check out some of my other reviews to see the types of products offered!).  Happy Memeboxing!


Memebox Review

I was provided a complimentary Memebox to review this month. Memebox is a Korean beauty subscription service, and I was very excited to try the service because I’ve heard really good things about Korean beauty products (especially their skincare), but didn’t know where to begin. Memebox also sells many of the boxed products directly from their site if you want a specific item, but I didn’t know any of the brands and prefered getting the curated selection regardless.

memebox korean makeup subscription box
The box itself is very cute!
memebox packaging

In case you were wondering, the company’s name is pronounced mi-mi after a traditional doll that many Korean children play with (and not meme like the viral pictures you see on reddit!).

There are four different types of Memeboxes, and prices vary depending on which you choose. The options on the website are a little daunting, but based on their description, I believe this is how the boxes break down:

4 – 8 full-size products and deluxe samples of hair, body, skin-care and makeup products (but each box is uniform and everyone receives the same box).

Memebox Special Edition:
4-8 full-size products and deluxe samples that follow a theme (trend, season, etc).

Superbox is more targeted and focuses on a specific need or is a collaboration with a specific brand.

4 – 8 full sized products and deluxe samples that are randomly selected, but curated with a focus on variety.

So this must have been a special edition box, it’s the Colorbox #2 and it focuses on ORANGE. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may know that I absolutely love orange makeup, so I was happy about this!

orange makeup pale skin


memebox colorbox 2 orange edition july 2014

The box contained 4 full sized products, here are the swatches, with more detail to follow:

memebox swatches dearberry flirt lipstick tosowoong eyeliner locean eyeshadow

Dearberry Flirt Lipstick in Million Dollar Orange ($12).
dearberry flirt lip stick in million dollar orange   korean cosmetics dearberry flirt lipstickdearberry flirt lipstick in million dollar orange dearberry flirt lipstick million dollar orangedearberry flirt korean lipstick million dollar orange

Don’t be afraid of this bold color, I think it’s actually very easy to wear! This is a color that just makes me happy when I wear it. This lipstick is fabulous, it’s very rich and moisturizing, and the color is smooth and opaque. The case is very cute, too! I can’t find a link to buy this anywhere, which makes me sad because I really like it and would love to buy this in more shades! Hopefully it will be added to the Memebox shop soon.  UPDATE! There’s a new Dearberry lipstick on the site for $8. I would highly reccomend this for a cheap, high quality lipstick that none of your friends will have.

Dearberry Today Nail Laquer ($3).
korean makeup pale tangerine orange dearberry today nail polish

This was a nice color, but the formula was a little streaky. I needed three coats for full coverage, and I still thought it could have been more even. For $3 it’s not bad, but it wasn’t my favorite product in the box.

L’OCEAN Eye Shadow L-29 Pastel Orange ($10).

locean pastel orange korean eyeshadow memebox l'ocean pastel orange korean eyeshadow single

This is a very nice eyeshadow. The texture wasn’t hard or buttery, somewhere in the middle, but it applied well and blended nicely and you can see that the color is very vivid, even though I did not apply a primer! This is a very wearable matte orange shade.

Tosowoong Bronze Sectrum Waterproof Gel Pencil Liner #11 Sunshine ($10).

makeon sunshine orange waterproof eyeliner

This eyeliner is SO GOOD. It’s extremely vibrant, it’s smooth and glides right on and it lasts. Look at the swatch on my arm after rubbing it very thoroughly with water and a tissue. It’s still there!

makeon sunshine waterproof eyeliner memebox swatch

In fact, as I am typing this (hours later), I still see it just as bright as it was in the picture. In some places this is referered to as Tosowoong brand, but the pencil says Makeon, so look for either name. This liner is fantastic, I would strongly recommend it.

And here are a couple views of everything together:

memebox colorbox number 2 orange makeup summer 2014 memebox color box 2 orange edition july 2014

I also like the lip stain the Dearberry lipstick leaves behind. Look at how flattering that pretty warm pink tint is:

dearberry flirt lipstick stain

One thing I noticed was that my Memebox shipped EXTREMELY quickly. On Tuesday they told me they would be shipping it this week and it came directly from Korea by Friday! Amazing!

I really enjoyed this box, and I think my favorite product was definitely the lipstick.

If you’re interested in trying Memebox, you can receive $5 off on any order at with code AFFILIATE-0362-83QK6-AWLP through August 30, 2014. Let me know if you try it!

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick Review

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon ($28).
This is a classic blue-based red that was very flattering. It goes on well, and you only need a little bit of product (no need to re-dip the wand to get more product, once is enough). It’s super opaque and has no smell. The texture is smooth and slightly dry and it looks painted on. It’s pretty matte, but not TOO matte, and it feels slightly dry, like most other liquid lipsticks. It stayed on very well through a coffee with no transfer, but the top lip started to fade after I ate some almonds. So it’s better longevity than a typical lipstick, but it doesn’t really hold up to food.




I have it in a little mini trial size, but the full sized packaging is similar. I don’t like how the product is separating inside, but I guess it’s still fine.


And for another liquid lipstick option, here’s a little on NYX soft matte lip creams.

Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball and Jean Queen Swatches

If you’ve been with me for a while, you may remember that I’m a pretty big fan of Lipstick Queen’s products. They’re so creamy and lovely and the packaging feels luxe and high quality. They feel more like lip balms than lipstick. I’ve only ever worn the sheer products from the line, so I can’t comment on the more opaque lipsticks, but I strongly advocate these translucent versions. I just got two new lippies from them in the Ulta exclusive “Sheer Days and Shimmer Nights” set ($30), and I’d like to share them with you.

First is Lipstick Queen Jean Queen Lipstick ($20). This is supposed to pair well with denim, which is odd since denim is supposed to go with everything as it is. Maybe they were going for a laid back, “I put effort into how I look, but didn’t overdo it” type of casual polish that you get from wearing a great pair of jeans.

lipstick queen jean queen sheer lipstick queen jean queen

So like all Lipstick Queen products, this feels amazing on. I have four of their lipsticks and all of them feel more “buttery” than even the nicest lip butter. It’s a balm and lipstick in one, which is great. This is a coral-pink sort of shade that should flatter everyone. It looks neutral in the tube but I think it leans slightly cool on me. It has sheer to medium opacity, and has a higher gloss finish than the other lipsticks in this post. In fact, Lipstick Queen also makes a matching Jean Queen gloss, but I don’t know why you’d need that when this is so shiny like a gloss, yet feels lightweight and non-sticky. The wear time isn’t great, but it does wear off evenly so you don’t end up with an unfortunate ombre mouth. I would definitely recommend this lipstick, especially if you can get it in a set, since I love bundling products and saving money.

lipstick queen jean queen sheer lipstick lipstick queen jean queen swatch

Next is Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball Shimmer Treatment Lipstick in Moment ($24). This was not what I expected. I have another Butterfly Ball lipstick (more on that in a sec), and they’re kind of magical in that they’re covered in turquoise micro glitter that blends in almost imperceptibly when applied. The greenish tinge is slightly noticeable when it catches the light, but regardless of how weird that sounds, it gives more of an ethereal effect in real life. This isn’t for everyone, but it makes me feel like a fairy every time I apply it.

lipstick queen butterfly ball lipstick moment lipstick queen butterfly ball shimmer treatment lipstick in moment

This shade looks like a very dark berry in the tube, but is so sheer that it turns into more of a vibrant cherry red when applied. I was kind of taken aback by the difference, but it’s still pretty. It feels rather chic to me, like the sort of product that wears well on its own and somehow makes you look really pulled-together without any other makeup. It isn’t buildable, so the color stays the same and any layering just adds to the glossiness and the teal shift. The jury’s still out on this one. I think I like it? I like the idea of it, it feels great and I do think it looks good, it just wasn’t what I expected, so cognitive dissonance is making this hard to accept for me. This isn’t about me, though. This is about you and what you would like to put on your face. So check out the swatches and decide for yourself!

One layer:
lipstick queen butterfly ball lipstick moment swatch

Layered as much as it can go:lipstick queen butterfly ball lipstick swatch in moment sheer red lips

Just for comparison’s sake, I thought I’d also show you my other Butterfly Ball Lipstick in Smitten, from the Lipstick Queen Look of Love set ($48). I wear this a lot, although it may look much paler on many people than the vibrant pink-nude you see below. Word to the wise.

lipstick queen butterfly ball lipstick smitten lipstick queen butterfly ball lipstick smitten swatch

And here are all three swatched on my arm. These are so emollient that it was actually hard to get any of them to swatch well. These are clearly formulated for lips, not arms. It’s also surprising how similar these all look here considering how different they are in the tube! You can definitely see here how glossy and creamy Jean Queen is.

lipstick queen butterfly ball jean queen swatches

L-R: Moment, Smitten, Jean Queen.

Gwen Stefani Nail Polish Collection for OPI – 4 in the Morning Swatch

I’ve posted a few times about how I love, love, love the 90’s, so I was definitely excited about a collaboration between Gwen Stefani and OPI!

The full Gwen Stefani x OPI nail collection is pretty, but I was a little disappointed by how generic and dupeable some of the shades were. Fortunately, there were still a few unique shades in the collection. I was especially excited about the two matte satin shades. I was planning to buy both, plus the holo glitter topcoat, but I’m still on a LOW BUY (obviously the NO BUY didn’t fully take). I ended up only getting the black shade, OPI Gwen Stefani Nail Lacquer Collection ($9) in 4 in the Morning. Hey, that shows some restraint, right?

I just love the unique finish on this one. Now that black nail polish has gone mainstream, this unusual smooth, satiny matte texture gives black its edge back. It reminds me of black leather.

opi x gwen stefani nail laquer 4 in the morning

I was even inspired to do some Gwen-esque makeup for the occasion! Of course I look nothing like her (wouldn’t that be nice?), but her classic look is always fun to do.

gwen stefani inspired makeup

November 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag vs Birchbox Review

Review time! Let’s start with Ipsy this month.

november 2013 ipsy glam bag review

I love the gold snakeskin bag with the wristlet strap! It’s obviously not high end, but it would be cute to take out for a night of drinks. This is the first wristlet I’ve gotten from Ipsy and I like how they’ve been experimenting with bag types (I have soooo many at this point).

Em Cosmetics lash gallery lengthening mascara in brown ($20)
I’ve been waiting and waiting for Michelle Phan to break down and finally include an Em product in an ipsy bag. This month she came through… and I got stuck with the only one that I didn’t want, mascara. However, it’s a very nice formula, and I actually really needed a brown mascara since I’ve been doing more natural looks. There are also 6 samples in this month’s bag instead of 5, so who am I to complain?
Em cosmetics: 30% off with code ipsy30 through 11/30/13.

Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Hot Damn ($14).
Nice, bright matte red that leans a little pink. I really like these solid stain products, they’re so easy to work with. The color is great and wears well, although it isn’t quite as opaque as a traditional lipstick. I still really like it and think it’s cool how the color almost integrates into your lips instead of just sitting on top of them.

Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Hot DamnBe a Bombshell Lip Crayon Hot Damn swatch pinkish red

Be a Bombshell: 40% off any purchase AND a free lip gloss with code ipsy40 through 12/15/13.

Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer in Caviar Cocktail ($13).
Yaaaaay, more Nailtini nail polish! I love them so much. This one is a really pretty metallic gunmetal, although it is basically identical to the the nail polish I got from Birchbox this month. See?

color club Cocktail Hour Collection dark and stormy Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Laquer Caviar Cocktail
Tini Beauty: 50% off a $25 purchase AND a free eyeliner with code ipsy4glam through 12/31/13. This is a super good deal!

Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched ($18).
A nice, subtle, matte bronzer. Very blendable, not overpowering, although I’m guessing this shade would only show up on really pale girls like me. This is great for contouring, and even better when paired with the highlighting crayon from this month’s Birchbox!
Pixi Beauty: 25% off with code bronzepixi through 12/15/13.

Starlooks Gem Eye Pencils ($14).
So far I’ve gotten a Starlooks lip pencil that was good, then a Starlooks black eyeliner that wasn’t so great, and today I got this lavender glitter liner and didn’t know what to expect. It ended up being great! Very smooth, very glittery but no fallout. It’s a very light purple color, so it doesn’t completely stand alone, but it’s an excellent accent color.

starlooks gem eye pencil amethyst purple glitter eyeliner

Starlooks: 40% off with code ipsy through 12/15/13.

HSI Professional Argan Oil ($29.99).
I can always use more Argan oil, although I have quite a lot at this point. If you don’t, then this discount code might be a good time to try it out.
HSI Professional: 50% off with code ipsy50ss through 12/20/13.

Additional codes from this month’s bag:
Cailyn Cosmetics: 30% off any purchase with code ipsy30 through 12/15/13.
BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow Palette 20% off with code ipsy20 through 12/31/13.

And here’s November’s Birchbox:

november 2013 birchbox review

Color Club® Cocktail Hour Collection in Dark n’ Stormy ($8).
Yeah, so I love the color and I love Color Club’s formula, but how funny is it that it’s so close to my ipsy polish? Here they are swatched side by side. Nailtini Caviar Cocktail is on my thumb and Color Club Dark n’ Stormy is on my index finger. Dark n’ Stormy leans slightly bluer while Caviar Cocktail is a truer grey.

color club Cocktail Hour Collection dark and stormy swatch Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Laquer Caviar Cocktail

Chella Highlighter Pencil in Ivory Lace ($18).
More full sized stuff (and a frequent ipsy brand). This is super great, I’ve gotten more into highlighting, so this is nice for when I’m on the run and don’t want to pack a highlighting powder and brush. It’s matte, so it’s sort of like a concealer pencil. As such, I used it to line the outside of my lips to prevent feathering. Multi-tasker! This also comes in different colors to match different skintones, which I love.

It’s a 10® Miracle Leave-In Product ($11.69).
Miracle? I dunno about miraculous, but it does leave my hair smooth and soft. I do like it, and was happy to get a full size product from Birchbox.

Tiossan Body Cream ($38).
It’s a whipped lotion, although it has a pleasant, light scent. It definitely moisturizes and absorbs well, I just wouldn’t pay 40 bucks. I’m also super cheap.

Chuao Chocolatier Chocolate Bars in Pop Corn Pop ($6).
Ooooo, I’m on a super strict low carb diet (keto forever!) so I was going to give it to someone. Then again, I also feel like I deserve to break the diet from time to time. The last few days have been stressful and I really needed a special treat, so this was a good way to be bad, but not too bad. The chocolate was so tasty and it had pop rocks in it! Totally worth the sugar.

And now we have swatches. L-R we have blended Chella pencil, Unblended Chella, Starlooks Gem Liner, Be a Bomshell Hot Damn Chubby Lip Pencil and the Pixi pronzer, which you basically can’t see (it is subtle, but in person it works).

november 2013 ipsy glam bag birchbox swatches

My arm is actually even paler than my face, so these swatches are slightly skewed. Below you can see all of my November products in action:
ispy november 2013 review Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon Hot Damn

Nyx Lipstick Swatch Fest

I have WAY too many Nyx lipsticks and I haven’t touched most of them in a while. Since many of them are pretty old and likely unhygienic, I decided to swatch all of them before tossing anything. I wish I had done this in previous purges, but hindsight is 20/20. So here we go! All swatches are of Nyx Round Case Lipstick ($3.99) unless otherwise indicated.

Stone, Hera, Expresso, Hot Fudge, Hot Cocoa, Decadent

nyx round case lipstick swatches Stone Hera Expresso Hot Fudge Hot Cocoa Decadent

Brown Sugar, Walnut, Gaea, Calisto, Pecan, Raisin

nyx round case lipstick swatches Brown Sugar Walnut Gaea Calisto Pecan Raisin

Taupe, Rapture, Bruised, Almost Black, Poseidon, Pinto Bean

nyx round case lipstick swatches Taupe Rapture Bruised Almost Black Poseidon Pinto Bean

Darling, Chambord, Creon, Cinnamon Sugar, Peony, Kona Coffee

nyx round case lipstick swatches Darling Chambord Creon Cinnamon Sugar Peony Kona Coffee

Champagne, Castle, Mute, Opal, Violet Ray

nyx round case lipstick swatches Champagne Castle Mute Opal Violet Ray

Alabama (Nyx Matte Lipstick $5.99), Chic Red, Hero

nyx round case lipstick swatches Alabama Matte Lipstick Chic Red Hero

Spell Bound, Celebrate, Pink Lyric, Audrey (Nyx Matte Lipstick $5.99), Candy Land (Nyx Xtreme Lip Cream $5.99)

nyx round case lipstick swatches Spell Bound Miracle Pink Lyric Audrey Matte Lipstick Candy Land Xtreme Lip Cream