Deck of Scarlet Palette 02 and 03 Review

I recently subscribed to Deck of Scarlet, a company that creates a palette for its members every other month which is supposed to be a full look in a package. Each palette has three eyeshadows, two cheek colors and two lip colors all in one mirrored palette. They typically include one or two liners as well. I love the concept, but how does it perform? Is it worth $30?

My first palette was the Edition 02, which was available for May-June 2017. I was a late subscriber, so my palette came in late June as part of a second batch. It looked pretty, but the quality wasn’t there. I know they had a large increase in subscribers, so I’m not sure if it was a rushed second batch or what, but there were serious texture problems.

Deck of Scarlet Palette 02

Deck of Scarlet Palette 02 Swatches

The lip crayon was kind of greasy and smudgy, and the lipsticks were very thick and sticky textured. The blush wasn’t bad, but the highlighter was AWFUL. It felt gritty and chunky and there was surprisingly little pigment when applied.

Then there were the eyeshadows. The vibrant purple pigment was actually really good, but the peach color was dusty and under pigmented and the mauve was pretty hard to blend and work with. I did create the following look with it, but it took a lot of effort and priming and reapplication.

Deck of Scarlet Palette 02 Review

I’ll admit, the purple shadow was great. Everything else was pretty weak, though. Just try to find the mauve shadow in my crease. You won’t, because I worked it into oblivion when I tried to blend out its harshness. ūüė¶

Even so, I was willing to give them a second chance. My Edition 03 palette arrived yesterday for July/August 2017 any fortunately it’s a big improvement. This time the package included a liquid liner pen with a brush tip, along with the standard palette.


The liner was excellent. Very precise, didn’t dry out during application and extremely dark and long lasting. I also love brush tip applicators, so that’s a bonus. The blush is good and the highlighter is very, VERY good. It’s soooo creamy and finely milled, the exact opposite of last month’s highlighter.

One of the lipsticks was the same kind of thick, tacky mess as last month, but the pink shade is an incredible matte stain, similar to the ColourPop blotted lips, or Glossier Generation G. It’s really great and I absolutely love it. Finally, two of the eyeshadows are good- the peach shade is dusty but pigmented and the matte greenish brown color was smooth and unique – ¬†but the sparkly pink is a little garish and has a sheer, crumbly texture.

I did another look using the latest palette, although I did go a little crazy with the liner because I was FEELING IT.


All in all, there were a few misses this month, but overall a worthwhile kit. I’m excited to see how this company continues to grow and improve!

90s-Inspired Rusty Plum Venus Palette Dupe Look

You guys already know that 90s beauty is EVERYTHING to me. It’s probably because I was coming of age in that era, so that was my first exposure to caring at all about makeup and it’s always going to have a special place in my heart. As a result¬†I’ve been kind of obsessed with the colors in Lime Crime’s Venus palette¬†($48). The palette was like something I would have put together myself, but¬†I was a little concerned about the widespread allegations of unprofessional behavior and quality control from the company, plus I only really cared about half the shades since I already have several of them. Instead, I ended up just getting dupes of the shades I didn’t have and making my own version of the palette. That’s what my Makeup Geek order from a while back was all about. ūüôā

The warm peach and brown tones in the palette were nice, but the berry shades are the real standouts for me (hello Makeup Geek Bitten!). It’s a shame it’s so hard to find good berry shades; a lot of people worry they’ll look sickly in them but (at least in my opinion) they look gorgeously dramatically and flatter every eye color so beautifully. They make brown eyes look complex and mysterious, green eyes super vibrant and intense and blue eyes pale and ethereal. Whay aren’t more people wearing these colors?

If you’d like to see my take, here’s my Venus palette-esque look using Cosmopolitan ($5.99), Bitten ($5.99) and Starry Eyed ($9.99) from Makeup Geek.

rosy brown 90s grunge inspired makeupmakeup geek bitten and cosmo berry look  makeup geek bitten and cosmo with LA splash latte confession

I also ordered LA Splash’s Lip Couture liquid lipstick in Latte Confession ($14), which is supposed to be a dupe for LC’s Riot Velvetine Lipstick, but for $6 less. Matte liquid lipsticks are everywhere these days, and this is a good option. It does have a tendency to show every crack in your lips, so pre-moisturizing with a nice balm is a good idea (this can be said for all liquid lipsticks). This formula is¬†really opaque, applies well, doesn’t separate into lines and lasts forever and ever. Seriously, my makeup remover wipes won’t take this stuff off at all, the only way I could¬†get it off was¬†to apply petroleum jelly over it and wipe off after 30 seconds. Beyond the formulation, I am just obsessed with this color. It’s an amazing dusty brown-red shade that looks unbelievable. Loooove.

la splash latte confession swatch lime crime riot dupe makeup geek venus palette dupe

Basically I’m wearing all of my favorite makeup colors in this look, so I kind of had to post too many pictures. Hope you like my budget conscious 90s homage!

lime crime venus look

CoverGirl intensify me eyeliner and super sizer mascara review

CoverGirl sent me their latest mascara and liquid eyeliner to review, and of course I was into it given my love of cat eye looks. I live and die by eyeliner and mascara.

covergirl intensify me eyeliner and super sizer mascara

It might be hard to tell from these pictures, but that mascara tube is massive.

Both of these products have unique applicators, so they’re more than meets the eye. The eyeliner is a felt tip with a flat paddle shape, almost like a duck bill, and it’s supposed to transition easily from thin to thick lines. and the Mascara has a number of very short bristle that sort of flare out at the edges.

Let’s discuss the Intensify Me! Eyeliner ($8.99) first.

The paddle shape did work for me, but I had a bit of trouble getting really sharp, precise lines with the rounded tip. I would have much preferred a pointed tip. The formula was good, though. It felt just like using a sharpie marker and it had a nice, intense black color that went on very smoothly. I found that I had to work quickly because when I took too long on one area a lot of product came out and the line ended up a bit thicker (and more uneven) than I was expecting. I worked more quickly on the second eye and had no problems. It had an ergodynamic indented rubber finger grippy part on the barrel that I got oddly excited about and it also lasted all day without smudging.

covergirl intensify me eyeliner swatchescovergirl intensify me liner paddle tip covergirl intensify me eyeliner  covergirl intensify me liquid eyeliner and super sizer mascara review

Next we have CoverGirl’s¬†Super Sizer Mascara ($7.49).

The idea here is that you swipe this into the roots of your lashes, then twirl the wand up the length of the lashes to distribute the product. I like the idea, although I did have a tough time getting it to distribute evenly and had some clumps to deal with, especially at the roots. At least clumps at the roots aren’t as bad as clumps at the ends. I did manage to get them mostly clear and ended up with nicely defined lashes.

covergirl super sizer mascara covergirl super sizer mascara wand

Before on the right, after on the left:
covergirl super sizer mascara before and after

I don’t know if it’s a 400% volume increase like the package says, but I think my lashes look sufficiently dramatic. What really impressed me was the way this did not smudge on me at all for the whole day. That’s all I really care about in a mascara at this point since most formulas give me raccoon eyes. Yay, CoverGirl! Smudge free for under $8.

I also have a pretty major beauty crush on their campaign star, Katy Perry, so I decided to base my look on the one she wears in the ad.
katy perry covergirl ad (2)
covergirl intensify me liner look
I felt really silly holding my face in this slack jawed pose, but whatever. Authenticity.

I see now that I went way too light on the crease color for my eyes, but who cares. That dual-toned teal and black eyeliner is the star of the show and we all know it.

green liquid eyeliner emerald green eyeliner teal and black liquid liner black and green eyeliner
Yes? Yes. I love it. Next I need to get my hair that color and we’ll be in business.

Extended Wing Eyeliner

I haven’t been making many “look of the day” posts because my makeup has been way too consistent lately. You could call it a rut since¬†I’ve been doing the same sorts of things over and over, except that I’m happy with it and “rut” has kind of a negative connotation.

So yesterday after prepping with Meow Cosmetics and Hourglass products, I started with the typical neutral cut-crease that I often do, then I switched it up by flicking the liner out a little further for a bit more drama. That little change made it feel post-worthy.

retro neutral cut crease eyes with winged eyeliner vintage makeup cut crease eyes with cat eye liner vintage style pinup makeup

Products used:

Meow Cosmetics Indelible Gel Eyeliner in blackout ($14.25).
Essence Stays No Matter What 24 Hour Volume Mascara ($4.95).
MicaBeauty Tinted Lip Balm ($30) in Natural.
It Cosmetics Luxe Anti-Aging High Performance Eye Shadow Palette w/Dual Brush ($38).


Shimmering Nude Eye Tutorial with Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette

I don’t do a lot of tutorials, but I thought I’d try something different and see if you guys like. So first up, ¬†is a simple look that I’ve been really into lately. This is a high shimmer “wet look” lid that looks fresh, but a little sultry.

too faced boudior eye palette nude shimmer cat eyeboudior eye palette shimmery nude look

I’m using the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection ($36), which I really like. The shimmer finishes are absolutely perfect for this kind of look (which is why I got it), but this tutorial would work with whatever shimmery shadow you like best. The key is to get a base shade that will look bright against your skintone.

too faced boudoir eyes palette shades too faced boudoir eyes palette

1. Prime those lids!


2. Apply a bright, shimmer shadow (preferably on with a gold highlight to it) like “Satin Sheets” over the lid.

boudior eye palette tutorial 1nude shimmer eye tutorial

3. Softly blend a grey shimmer shade (“Sugar Walls” or “Lap Dance”) into the crease a fluffy brush is best to get the diffused texture you want in the crease.

boudior eye palette tutorial 2too faced natural shimmer eye tutorial

Blur out the crease so it’s nice and blended.

4. Take a matte grey (“Garter Belt”) and blend over the shimmer in your crease to build definition.

boudior eye palette tutorial 3soft shimmer natural eye tutorial

Be sure to smudge a little along the outer half of the lower lashline to softly define.

sparkling natural eye tutorial

*Tip* if the crease color ends up getting too far into your lid, add a bit more of your shimmery base color to brighten it back up! No need to start over!

Make sure to also apply some of the shimmer shadow into the inner corner of your eye.

too faced boudior eye set tutorial

5. Take a light, matte shadow in a nude or white color (here it’s “In the Buff”) and concentrate it under the browbone.
boudior eye palette tutorial 4

Pull it down from the browbone and blend, which will diffuse the shadow from your crease and smooth any harsh lines.

too faced boudior eye palette tutorial

6. Take a dark shadow like a brown or black (here I used “French Tickler,” a black with gold sparkle) and trace along the lashline, starting at the outer corner, and pulling in. Because of my eye shape, I taper the line down around the middle of my eye, but you can also draw the line the whole way to your inner corner if that’s more flattering for you.

boudior eye palette tutorial 5too faced shimmer eye tutorial

The reason I use eyeshadow instead of regular liner here is twofold.

First, it’s a lot easier to change, especially if you aren’t comfortable with getting that perfect cat eye shape. If you aren’t happy with your results, just blur it out by running a brush over it (if it’s too thick) or add more and more as needed (if it’s too thin).

Second, the line will be a little more diffused, which makes it extra smoky and sultry.

Important almost final step!

7. If you have some shadow fallout under your eyes, don’t wipe it off! that will just smudge it more. First use a fluffy powder brush to flick away excess,

too faced boudoir eyes palette tutorial
then brush the face powder of your choice over the area and blend.

shimmering neutral eye tutorial

8. Add mascara (and brow powder/pencil) and you’re done!

neutral shimmer eye tutrorial

DONE! Now you have softly smoldering eyes worthy of an old Holywood star.

boudior eye palette shimmery neutral looktoo faced boudior eye palette sparkly neutral eyeshadow


P.S. I’m wearing¬†Revlon¬†ColorBurst Lacquer Balm¬†($8.99) in Ingenue on lips!

Dark rose eyeshadow from the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

It’s Naked time again! Today I used my Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette¬†($52) for¬†a deeper rose look by sweeping the shimmery, dark pink-mauve Buzz all over the lid, then diffusing the edges with Limit, which is essentially the same shade in a matte finish. Strange is on the browbone, Dust is in the inner corners and blended into the lid and I’m wearing Darkside as a liner.

urban decay naked 3 palette deep dark rose gold eyes pink eye shadow  cat eye urban decay naked 3 palette buzz trick darksideurban decay naked 3 palette buzz trick darksideurban decay naked 3 palette deep dark rose gold eyeshadow

I’m also wearing¬†Stila MAJOR Major Lash Mascara¬†($22), which I really like (lots of thickness and no smudging), plus¬†¬†Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey¬†($15) with¬†POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer¬†in Flowering Fuchsia ($14) layered over.

Stay tuned for more Naked (3) looks!

Holiday Haul Part III: Meow Cosmetics Review

Final hauliday post – Meow Cosmetics.

I’m easing my way into wearing foundation, so I recently started using Bare Minerals again (or Bare Escentuals, whatever they’re called). I used to really like it, but now that I’m using it again… I hate it. It cakes on and it settles in my pores and fine lines, making them look much worse than they are, plus the finish gets kind of waxy and shiny if I apply too much.¬†Primer and finishing powder only does so much to help the problem.¬†I don’t know if the formula has changed or if it’s just my skin, but I really don’t like it anymore. So I’ve been shopping around for a Holy Grail foundation. I tried the Silk Naturals HD Cream Foundation¬†in my last post and it was ok, but no HG. I’ve also heard great things about Silk Naturals’ mix-your-own powder foundation, but that seemed like a hassle. Then I found Meow Cosmetics.

Meow’s foundation line is overwhelming, to say the least. They have *86* shades across 14 different undertone groups. The website could really use a re-design and the names are kind of confusing since there’s a cat theme to the line, but stay with me. This is a good product and shade-wise, there should be something for everyone here. ¬†The shades range from almost pure white to very dark, although not all undertones are available in the deepest tones. There are also three formulas- a regular, a sensitive skin regular and a full coverage depending on what skin type you have.¬†I’m cool-toned pale olive with some peach (I think), so I snapped up samples in everything that looked even kind of close.¬†Samples are $1 each, but full sized prices vary. See note below the swatch for full pricing info.

When I got them I was surprised by how light they are. I usually wear the lightest or second lightest foundation in any range (the palest ones are usually too pink for me), but even the next-to-lightest depth of my favorite shade looked almost white in the bag. I guess I’m not as pale as I thought, and they really aren’t kidding that some of these undertones run light. The “breed” that I liked the most was¬†Purrrfect Puss Mineral Powder Foundation¬†in¬†Chartreux, which has both peach and yellow undertones. While the depth I chose was slightly too pale, I made it work and WOW, I’m glad I did.

The finish is so smooth. It seems impossible to over apply, it feels great and it diffuses the same imperfections that the Bare Minerals foundation amplified. I tried wearing both foundations, one on each side of my face and the difference is obvious. Look at the comparisons below:

meow cosmetics purrfect puss mineral powder foundation sleek chartreux meow cosmetics purrfect puss mineral powder foundation sleek chartreux review vs bare minerals
I think the difference is staggering. Meow is a much better value, to boot! Depending on the formula you choose, the large Meow jars cost $23.45-$28.95 and contains¬†22-30g net weight of product. The smaller size is $12.75-$16.75 and contains 6-8g. The standard size bare Minerals foundation jar contains 8.5 g of product for $27. So you can get the “small” size of Meow Cosmetics standard coverage foundation and get almost as much product as in a regular Bare jar for less than half the price.

But really, look at how smooth it is when not in an extreme closeup! I was really astonished at some of the pictures I took, the skin looked so airbrushed. LOVE.
meow cosmetics purrfect puss mineral powder foundation sleek chartreux review tarte glamazon lipstick inspire

Now I have to decide if buying a full size jar of this magic qualifies as a replacement purchase during my NO BUY period, or if I have to use up my stupid Bare Minerals before I can buy it.

Anyway, I got a few more things as well. I got samples of their tinted shimmer powders, Crystalline Cat in Quartz, Topaz, Opal and Moonstone ($9.95 10g-$13.95 20g). These are too colorful to use as a finishing powder on my skin, but they make really great blushes. Very sheer and diaphanous.

Then there are my¬†Indelible Gel Eyeliners in blackout and¬†black cherry ($14.25). These are really nice, standard gel liners. They’re creamy and opaque, but they’re very small (the same size jar as a standard mineral eyeshadow), so for the price I think I could do better. I don’t regret getting the black cherry, though. It’s a beautiful black color with ruby microglitter. it changes from brownish-black to dark red depending on the light and I really love it.

meow cosmetics indelible gel eyeliner black cherry

And the last part of this order was a full size ModernEyes eyeshadow in¬†Gone With The Kitty ($7). Based on the swatch, I thought it would have more of a rosy undertone, but it’s actually a pale, golden orange. It’s very pretty, but not quite as interesting as the Silk Naturals shadows (that are also less expensive). I just wasn’t as excited about Meow’s shadow selection for some reason, even though they do have a lot of pretty colors. I think it’s because they focus more on bold, opaque shades, so their softer shimmery shades are all kind of one-note and all appear to have the same gold highlight. Since I like using pressed shadows for my dark colors and loose shadows for sheer washes, they didn’t really have the complicated, nuanced colors I was looking for in a mineral eyeshadow. It’s more of a personal preference. I have more shadow samples from them on the way, so I’ll update later. Quality is great, though!

meow cosmetics gone with the kitty black cherry cat eye gel liner  meow cosmetics indeliable gel eyeliner black cherry swatch cat eye liner

For the full face look, I’m wearing the ModernEyes eyeshadow¬†in¬†Gone With The Kitty ($7),¬†Black Cherry ¬†Indelible Gel Eyeliner¬†($14.25), Crystalline Cat¬†Glow Powder in Quartz ($9.95) as a blush, Meow ¬†Purrrfect Puss Mineral Powder Foundation¬†in Sleek¬†Chartreux ($23.45) and¬†Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick in Inspired ($26)
meow cosmetics review indeliable gel eyeliner black cherry cat eye

And then I placed a second, Cyber Monday order that hasn’t arrived yet. This is the list, to be swatched later:

Full Sized Primp & Preen: Top Cat Finishing Powder ($16.25)
Eyeshadow samples from the Santa Baby collection in Platinum Mine, Duplex and Kisses ($8).
Sample of Untinted Crystalline Cat Glow Powder ($12.95).
Camo-Cats Concealer samples in Green, Yellow, Sleek Chartreux, Inquisitive Chartreux, Yellow Undereye, Lavender Undereye, and Sleek Chartreux Undereye ($10.25-$16.25)

I wish they were here now!