Quick Review- Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick

Hi friends! I’ve been so busy but I have so many things I still want to share with you! Today I’m trying something different, I’m doing an out-of-pocket review from my desk since I’m never at my home computer anymore. The lighting here is so unflattering, but I really wanted to tell you guys about this lipstick regardless of how sallow I may look.

Other than nearly-lethal servings of coffee, my primary work stress reliever is to go makeup shopping during lunch (how surprising) and my biggest vice is collecting drugstore lipsticks. My desk seriously has SO MANY hiding in it right now. This was getting expensive quickly, so I was really pleased to find Jordana’s Modern Matte Lipsticks. These are not fully matte, they have more of a satin finish, but the color is really intense, they’re comfortable to wear and they’re only $2.49. I also love how they look very light-textured, like a stain, instead of thick and heavy on the lips. There’s no real need to layer these, but if you do they stay very thin and comfortable. The color is bold no matter what!

Right now I have Matte Bare, a nice nude shade that works well for pale girls and Style, a fantastic blue-based red for anyone and everyone. Today I’m wearing Style:




This color looks pretty bright in the office lighting but can be a bit darker in lower light. The
shade actually reminds me of the MAC Marilyn Monroe lipstick I tried out a while ago, but the texture is much more comfortable! You can’t beat that. I will definitely be picking up more of these lipsticks.

The next day I wore the bare shade and thought I’d share that, too. It’s a very pretty pink-brown color that I am just loving. The finish is a little more satin-y than Style but is still mate-ish. Very comfortable to wear.



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