November Golden Tote Review

Yaaaay, tote time came early! Since I placed a boutique order a few days before, my order was one of the first to ship, and my tote showed up on Monday, just a week after I ordered (this is lightening speed in GT terms).

This time I asked for darker colors and no short hemlines, since GT dresses are often hilariously inadequate for my frame. I had a new picker this time (MU, instead of KB who has picked my last few totes) and I think he or she did an awesome job! This is my best month ever, since I’m keeping almost everything with only two (maybe three) trades. For two totes to have so few throwbacks is definitely a major win.

november 2014 golden tote review

Let’s start with chosen items:

Lovely Lace Top ($42)
Yassssss. This is so flattering and pretty and fun. I can wear it tucked into a skirt for work, or I can wear it out with my friends. It’s awesomely versatile. The lace sleeves are sheer, and the main body fabric looks like the same lace with a lining, but it’s actually a single piece of thick, heavy fabric. It seems like the lace is fused on top of it somehow. There’s a closeup below where I think you can see. Keeping this top.

Lovely Lace Top sleevesLovely Lace Top fabric

Thankful Dress ($52)
This is not 100% flattering on me, but I still strangely like it. Those fringey tassels are hilarious (in a good way) and the whole thing is very comfortable. It actually makes it past my knees, too, so I don’t have to worry about flashing people! Keeping.

le lis thankful fringed tassel dress
le lis thankful dress Thankful Dress tassel closeup

The drawstring for the waist was damaged, though. I’m not sure if I want to bother exchanging it or not. :/
thankful dress damaged drawstring waist

Apple Picking Cardigan ($38)
I think this is fun and very warm. Keeping! Also pictured is the Layered Beaded Tassel Necklace ($27) from the boutique.

Red Apple Picking Cardigan back Red Apple Picking Cardigan

Coated Skinny Jeans ($42)
These are a size too tight (as I mentioned last time, I’m trying to get back down 10 pounds or so. I think these will look great once I do). The coating is only on the front and gives a leathery look, but it isn’t stiff or uncomfortable. The jeans felt great, even for a too-tight pair. Keeping.

just black coated skinny jeans

Now the surprises!!! This month, I’m going to include the codes for each of my surprises. When your GT order is ready to ship, codes will appear on your account page that correspond with the surprise items. If you feel like peeking, the ladies of the GT Trading Facebook page have compiled a spoiler list of codes. So in case you’re waiting on a tote, I’ve included the corresponding codes for each item. Enjoy!

E2 – Renee C Maroon Tab Sleeve Top
Great everyday top with a flattering curved hem. Keeping.

Renee C Maroon split neck Tabbed Sleeve Top Renee C Maroon Tab Sleeve Top

E5 – Skies Are Blue Navy/ White Grid Sweater
I love this! The pattern is cool, the cut is flattering and I really like the unusual perforated seam that comes forward at an angle instead of straight down on the sides. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but check out the images. I’m actually wearing this today, so obviously I’m keeping it.

golden tote Skies Are Blue Navy and White Grid print SweaterSkies Are Blue Navy and White Grid Sweater

L12 – Mak B Black Surprise Shrug
I like a good cocoon sweater and the high neckline on this is great. Very soft and cozy. It’s a little bulky, but I don’t mind it. I’m keeping this one.

Mak B Black Surprise Shrug Mak B Black knit cocoon Shrug

L14 – Mak B Navy Sweater with Elbow Patches
This is super cool. It’s flattering and really soft, but it snags easily. It actually arrived with a snag already (picture below), but it’s minor and I think I can fix it. This is a keeper.

Mak B Navy crewneck Sweater with Elbow PatchesMak B Navy Sweater with Elbow Patches  Mak B Navy Sweater snag

V8 – Everly Striped Dress.
This is super short. Suuuuuper short. It’s a bit tight, too. The fabric is really nice, though, so I’m going to store it in the back of my closet and see if it ever gets worn. If not, it’ll get traded in a couple of months.

everly striped long sleeve minidress everly striped dress fabric swatch closeup

It looks better with a belt, albeit still too short/tight.

everly striped elbow sleeve mini dress belted

V2 – Fantastic Fawn 3/4 Sleeve Maxi Dress.
I was so excited at first because I love long sleeved dresses and this one is really high quality and soft and lined, but the cut is not for me. Empire waists are my natural enemy and this makes me look about 20 pounds heavier. Trading this one for sure!

Fantastic Fawn long sleeve striped Maxi Dress Fantastic Fawn 3-4 Sleeve Maxi Dress

Z8 – Le Lis Black and Ivory Striped Top
I like everything about this! Golden Tote nailed it with this one. Keeeeep.

Le Lis Black and Ivory Striped Top Le Lis Black and Ivory Striped Top back

F5 – Jealous Tomato Grey Wrap Top
This high-low, twist-front sweater is cool in theory, but the cropped front is just not something I can see myself wearing since it hits at an awkward place on me. Good quality, though, if only it were longer. Trading this guy.

Jealous Tomato Grey Wrap Top Jealous Tomato Grey cropped Wrap sweater


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