October Golden Tote Review

GOLDEN TOTE TIME! As I mentioned in my last post, Tote time is my favorite time.

I went a little crazy this month, y’all. I stepped it up and bought two large totes, plus an add-on dress and a scarf. So much of my money gone. Or maybe not, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

I mostly like these, and there are a few I’m unsure about mainly because I put on a bit of weight over a really stressful couple of months which I expect to re-lose soon. In 10 pounds some of these should fit differently, which makes it hard to tell what I should keep. Since I have a billion pictures here, I’m keeping my comments to a minimum. Oh, and my regular camera is still missing, so now I have photoshop again, but cell phone pictures. Sorry, I’m doing what I can!

Tote 1:

october 2014 golden tote surprise items

Chosen Item: Thread Supply Vegan Leather Moto Jacket with attached hood. I like this a lot, and will like it even more once I drop a couple pounds.

thread supply vegan leather moto jacket hood

The hood can be zipped away, if desired:

thread supply vegan leather moto jacket hood detail thread supply hooded moto jacket zipped up thread supply vegan leather moto jacket

Chosen Item. Floral print blouse by Porridge. Very much like.

october 2014 golden tote porridge floral blouse

I love this print.

october 2014 golden tote porridge floral blouse print

There’s a button on the collar if you prefer a closed neckline:

october 2014 golden tote porridge floral blouse button

Jewel toned Aztec print open front  cardigan by Cut and Sew for Golden Tote.

october 2014 golden tote cut and sew jewel tone cardigan

Everyone hated this on the Facebook group, but it’s really grown on me. It’s well made and looks better in person. It could stand to be a bit  longer, but I’m surprised by how into it I am.

The print:

october 2014 golden tote cut and sew aztec print open front cardigan


october 2014 golden tote cut and sew aztec kimono cardigan

Surprise. Blue wrap dress, Priddy by Puella. I like the length, but the waist hits me at a slightly awkward place. On the fence about keeping this one.

october 2014 golden tote navy blue geo print priddy wrap dress

The print:

october 2014 golden tote priddy wrap dress navy print

Striped Navy Le Lis tunic with contrast back. I LOVE THIS.

october 2014 golden tote le lis navy striped top october 2014 golden tote le lis navy striped top sweater back


BONUS ITEM. My Moto Jacket was a higher priced item, so those totes only had 3 surprises instead of 4, but they also included a scarf, which was really nice. everyone got something different, and I LOVE this earth-toned infinity scarf my The Look. It is a really, really nice, expensive-feeling scarf.

october 2014 golden tote the look circle scarf


Tote 2:

october 2014 golden tote review

Chosen item. Skies are Blue open front Jetsetter Jacket:

skies are blue jetsetter open front ultrasuede jacket

Too small in the shoulders! I ordered a size down due to the open front and I shouldn’t have. 😦 I’m getting rid of this one.

skies are blue jetsetter draped black jacket

Ultrasuede fabric:

skies are blue jetsetter jacket ultrasuede fabric closeup

Chosen item. Orange Aztec print A Line swing dress by Skies are Blue. I love this so much and have already worn it twice!

oct 14 golden tote skies are blue a line swing dress aztec print


golden tote skies are blue belted swing dressoct 14 golden tote skies are blue belted swing dress aztec print

Surprise. Teal Naked Zebra blouse with button up back. I like this a lot and will definitely be wearing it to work.

teal naked zebra crepe blouse teal naked zebra crepe blouse with button back teal naked zebra crepe blouse fabric detail

Surprise. Cowl neck striped sweater dress by Le Lis. This is quite short on me, but I like it a lot.

october 2014 golden tote le lis striped cowl neck dress

Surprise. Leshop military shirt/jacket thing. It’s very heavy fabric, so I can’t tell if it’s a heavy shirt or a light jacket. Either way I couldn’t close it because it was too small. It won’t be staying.

leshop military shirt jacket leshop military shirt jacket button

Surprise. Le Lis Brown striped sweater tunic. I was so disappointed in this because I love the design and the fabric, but the shape looked like a maternity top on me. No bueno. These pictures don’t even show how enormously billowy it is.

le lis brown striped sweater black backle lis brown striped sweater chiffon back le lis brown striped sweater fabric closeup



october 2014 golden tote add on fox scarf

Black Puella La Boheme Maxi Dress. Urgh, I wanted this to work, but it’s way too tight on me. I’m not sure if I want to keep it and see if I lose weight, or what. I got the same dress in a chevron print last month and adored it. It’s an inch or two shorter than I’d like, but the shirred fabric at the waist actually makes the length a bit adjustable. I’m ok with the length anyway.

black puella bohemian long sleeved maxi dress

So risk keeping? Be safe and get rid of it? This has been a super popular item, so I bet I could trade it in a few months if it never manages to be flattering.

black puella la boheme long sleeved maxi dress

Add-on Fox scarf by The Look. So soft, I really like it (and it works well for my fox obsession):

october 2014 golden totethe look fox scarf


Freebies! This month GT teamed up with The Keep A Breast Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and everyone got one a bracelet. I like it! The totes were tied up in these headbands, too. They’re stretched out, but hopefully they will shrink back down soon.

october 2014 golden tote extras


FINAL VERDICT: I am considering returning a tote for the first time ever. GT will let you pick and choose items to return as a tote as long as you include the right number of pieces (2 chosen and 4 surprise), so I’m considering returning the Puella maxi and Jetsetter jacket, plus the Le Lis brown tunic, Leshop military jacket, Priddy wrap dress and Cut and Sew cardigan. I don’t hate all of those items, but I’m wishy washy enough about them that it may just make more sense to send it all back. Or I might trade the few that REALLY don’t work and keep the others to see if they actually get worn.


5 thoughts on “October Golden Tote Review

  1. Cute items and outfits, especially the teal blouse, sweater dress + outfit, and of course… the fox scarf! I want one, haha. I think the blue wrap dress looks pretty good, but I agree, the more I look at it, it seems the gathering at the waist is just a bit too high. 😦 And good call about sending them back if you’re not loving them or don’t end up wearing them. I remember reading that if it doesn’t fit well, you’re probably not going to wear it anyway (wear what fits and what looks good!), so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to hang onto something that doesn’t mesh with your life. I am still struggling to put that into real practice, but I’m keeping it in mind!

    • Thanks! Each place I move into has smaller and smaller closets, so I’ve been very motivated to keep getting rid of things. It’s harder than it should be, isn’t it?

  2. Hi -I think you look great, BTW, and don’t need to lose weight to look good in clothes that fit oddly. It’s not you, it’s the cut! Anyway – I am wondering about sizing with golden tote. The green shirt was too small – the other items seemed to fit very well. Did you order in a size small? I think you might swim in a medium… do I have that right?

    • Thank you! I’m usually best in a medium (I’m 5’9″, so a medium looks a bit smaller on me than it would on someone who is 5’6″), so I tend to order medium items unless they look like they have an oversized fit. My first few totes were hit or miss, but now I always put a note in with my order about my measurements and body type and my surprises have been so much better! I’d recommend being specific with them about your fit. Good luck with your tote!

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