November Golden Tote preview!

The new boutique is up with all of the November items for your perusal, although the tote sale doesn’t go live until 9 AM PST this Monday, 11/3. There’s actually a good reason to do a little shopping now, though. This is a semi-secret that I learned from the GT community, but if you buy an accessory or add-on item (aka the remaining stock from past totes that are $35 and under) the weekend before the tote goes on sale, the shipping will be combined into one package, AND your item will ship out earlier than the rest.

I’m doing this because items do not hold in your cart, and I don’t want to risk an item selling out from my cart while I browse the scarves (which happened to me last month) and there are a few add-ons that I really want. Strategy, people!

By the way, I got my October tote last Friday and should have a review up tonight. Golden Tote time is my favorite.


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