October 2014 Barkbox

I try to stick to clothing and makeup reviews on this blog, but I’m making an exception for this month’s Halloween-themed Barkbox. I usually don’t share all of my subscriptions (I have a lot and it’s a prblem), but this is one of my most consistently great boxes, so I thought I’d give them a shoutout.

Barkbox features a selection of great dog toys and treats each month starting at $19/month. It’s customizable based on your dog’s size, and while it’s only set up for one dog, my dogs share what’s inside and it’s always enough. Each box typically has one or two toys, several snacks and sometimes a grooming product or some other pet accessory. The average box has five total items.

This month featured six items:

october 2014 Barkbox

A crazy bouncy toy ($14), a light up LED ball ($10), a bag of pumpkin dog treats ($4), a crunchy dog cookie bar ($2), a rabbit jerky stick ($3), and a beef jerky stick ($3).

My dogs are always pumped about Barkbox time and this month was no exception. This is what they were doing while I took pictures for you guys.

dogs love barkbox

Can you feel their eyes burning a hole through the box?


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