June Golden Tote Spoiler *UPDATED*

Aaaargh, Golden Tote released a spoiler today. These Puella slouchy pants are going to be one of the surprise items in both the $49 and $149 totes and I loooove them. I’ve been planning to get a pair like these this summer, so I’m really freaking out right now. I think this is going to be a good tote!


There are still many cute items left for June totes if you want to get a pair of these thrown in with your order. Do it and we will be twins!


More spoilers have been revealed via the Golden Tote Trading Group! One of Golden Totes founders frequents the group and shares updates from time to time.

golden tote spoiler nautical porridge shirt june 2014
golden tote spoiler miss love lace yoke top june 2014golden tote spoiler geometric print jersey dress june 2014golden tote spoiler ikat print dress june 2014

I would be happy with any of these items. The surprise items are so good that I am actually considering a second tote. What is wrong with me?


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