June Golden Tote Review

It’s here, it’s here!!! At long last, my June Golden Tote has arrived! One of my chosen items didn’t make it to the warehouse in time, so my tote took an extra long time to get here.

This month I opted for the $149 tote and I kind of rolled the dice on the sizing.

See, Golden Tote offers S,M,L sizing and according to their size chart, I am at the upper cutoff for size Small. I wear a size 6 pretty consistently across brands (rather than the wild variance I found at a larger size which is due to several factors that I’ll save for another post), and according to their site, Small = size 4 to 6. The chart also includes the exact bust, waist and hips and per those numbers I juuuust make it. That doesn’t leave much room for error, and it also doesn’t take my slightly above average height into account (even when a small fits, it may be too short). I hate having to choose between length and fit, never mind that many Golden Tote items run a bit small. Either way, I usually default to medium, just in case.

So this time I decided to carefully examine how the pieces fit the model. The model is on the low end of the small spectrum, so I ordered the etched top in medium because it looked like the small fit her well and the striped dress in small because it looked like her dress was a little baggy. I also included the following note with my order:

“I’m in between a size S and M, so please send size M for surprise items unless the item has a looser fit. Thank you!”

I was really nervous ordering anything in a small a) because of the fit issues I mentioned above and b) because I wore a size 12-14 last year and still can’t quite imagine fitting into anything labeled small just yet. Medium sounds way more realistic, but sometimes it really is too big and that’s difficult for my brain to accept.

So did my selective size choice strategy pay off, or should I always stick with mediums (which would mean the size charts are a lie, incidentally)?

It was great! Every single thing was the right size, although some of the pieces didn’t work on my body just because of the cut. Here it is:

june 2014 golden tote items

Chosen item- Grey and cream striped summer dress by comme toi ($50? I can’t remember GT’s MSRP).

comme toi striped summer dress golden tote june 2014 comme toi striped summer dress golden tote lace closeup comme toi grey striped summer dress golden tote keyhole back

I got this in a small because it looked a little baggy on the model. I was right, and the small fit great! It was even long enough, which I was really grateful for. It has a cute keyhole back that I had a hard time photographing and POCKETS! Pockets on dresses rule.

Renee C. Ivory etched print top ($40).

renee c etched print v neck top golden tote june 2014 renee c abstract print v neck top golden tote june 14 I’m trying to remember to SMILE in my clothing pictures!
renee c etched top ivory golden tote june 2014(at least some of the time)

Oooo, this is maybe my favorite yet. I love this top and how the cuffed sleeves flare out slightly. It also looks nice under a blazer for work.

And now the surprises! Everything’s a size medium except for the Miss Love top, which is small.

Miss Love textured lace trim tank top ($??? Couldn’t find this anywhere online) and Priddy by Puella slouchy pants (Again, who knows what price).

white crochet lace trim miss love tank june golden tote
priddy by buella black slouchy pants june golden tote  lace trim miss love textured tank top june golden totepriddy by buella black slouchy pants closeup

So I like the tank top, the lace and crinkly fabric both feel high quality and I think it’ll be a great layering option. The pants, however, are just not right for me. They do my hips no favors and shorten my legs. Super comfy, though. They’re jersey and are pleated on top with slash pockets.

Fantastic Fawn emerald green chevron t-shirt dress ($44).

fantastic fawn ikat emerald t shirt dress golden tote june
So into it!
fantastic fawn green tie die ikat print tee shirt dress golden tote june

I LOVE this dress. The elastic waist is flattering, the color is great, it’s comfy, it’s flattering, it’s long enough and it has pockets!!! I like it so much I’m going to try to trade my slouchy pants for another one in a different print.

And finally we have the Navy Porridge scoop neck pleated top in the nautical rope print ($50? That’s about what Porridge goes for, I guess).

porridge scoop neck rope print shirt june golden tote porridge scoop neck nautical navy blue top june golden tote porridge pleated nautical rope top june golden tote porridge drapey nautical rope print shirt june golden tote

I dig the print and the puffy sleeves, but the way this billows out makes me look kind of hunchbacked and a belt only helped so much. Into the trade pile it goes!

So that’s June’s tote! I feel like even though there were a few pieces that were off, I didn’t hate anything and actually got a few pieces that I really love. I got my money’s worth (and some good trading stock!). They also launched a surprise-item-only tote for $99 starting today, so I ordered that as well. Why, why??? They’re in the regular boutique if you’re interested.

June Golden Tote Spoiler *UPDATED*

Aaaargh, Golden Tote released a spoiler today. These Puella slouchy pants are going to be one of the surprise items in both the $49 and $149 totes and I loooove them. I’ve been planning to get a pair like these this summer, so I’m really freaking out right now. I think this is going to be a good tote!


There are still many cute items left for June totes if you want to get a pair of these thrown in with your order. Do it and we will be twins!


More spoilers have been revealed via the Golden Tote Trading Group! One of Golden Totes founders frequents the group and shares updates from time to time.

golden tote spoiler nautical porridge shirt june 2014
golden tote spoiler miss love lace yoke top june 2014golden tote spoiler geometric print jersey dress june 2014golden tote spoiler ikat print dress june 2014

I would be happy with any of these items. The surprise items are so good that I am actually considering a second tote. What is wrong with me?

May 2014 Ipsy and Birchbox Reviews

I know, I’m late. I also don’t have as much to say about this crop. Sorry. :/

So Ipsy is up first:
ipsy may 2014 products

Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask ($12-$40).
This stuff is legit. It made my hair feel so great, but didn’t weigh it down. I’d buy it again.
65% off at http://eva-nyc.com/ with code IPSY through 6/15/14.

Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo ($14 for 4).
Aw man, I wanted to like this. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to like. This shadow duo is oddly matched, the shadow is hard and it isn’t very pigmented at all. Pass.
25% off (can be used on other items) at http://www.pacificaperfume.com with code IPSYBEAUTY through 6/30/14.
pacifica eyeshadow duo natural beauty pacifica eyeshadow swatches

derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub ($32.50).
This stuff was harsh! It didn’t make my skin any smoother than any other scrub I’ve used, either. All pain, moderate gain.
30% off at http://dermae.com/ipsy with code IPSY0514 through 7/31/14.

Olive Natural Beauty The Olive Lip Balm ($5.95).
I did like this. It’s very comfortable and moisturizing with an interesting scent.
20% off + a free gift at http://www.olivenaturalbeauty.com/ with code OLIVEIPSY through 7/15/14.

Hang Ten Classic Sport SPF50 ($12.99).
I love my sunscreen, but this was a little greasy.
25% off at https://hangtensunscreen.com with code IPSY2014 through 6/30/14.


Next up, Birchbox:
birchbox may 2014 products

COOLA Environmental Repair Plus® Radical Recovery™ After-Sun Lotion ($32).
This was timely. I was at the park too long today and ended up with a mild burn on my arms. This really worked to soothe and moisturize the burn! I really loved this product, it would be really great for summer travel.

PIXI Beauty Shea Butter Lip Balm ($8).
This was nice. Cute packaging, nice and moisturizing and a perfect summer coral color. This is a lot like Fresh’s Sugar balms, but without the spf (and for a lot less money).
PIXI Beauty Shea Butter Lip Balm coral crushPIXI Beauty Shea Butter Lip Balm coral crush swatch

Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Overnight Detox Oil ($52).
Oooo, so luxurious! This sample was tiny, but it did feel really good. It melted into my skin and I woke up with a soft, smooth complexion.

SmartyPants All-in-One Gummy Vitamins for Adults ($40.64).
These were really good, but tart like citrus. That’s a plus for me, but maybe not for everyone. I’m all for gummy vitamins so I might end up picking up a full bottle.

Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Foundation Primer ($36).
This is the old standby and it’s as good as it ever was. I can always use a travel tube.


So there you have it! Not a very makeup heavy month, but still some useful stuff, and Birchbox ended up beating ipsy for once.