Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick Review

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon ($28).
This is a classic blue-based red that was very flattering. It goes on well, and you only need a little bit of product (no need to re-dip the wand to get more product, once is enough). It’s super opaque and has no smell. The texture is smooth and slightly dry and it looks painted on. It’s pretty matte, but not TOO matte, and it feels slightly dry, like most other liquid lipsticks. It stayed on very well through a coffee with no transfer, but the top lip started to fade after I ate some almonds. So it’s better longevity than a typical lipstick, but it doesn’t really hold up to food.




I have it in a little mini trial size, but the full sized packaging is similar. I don’t like how the product is separating inside, but I guess it’s still fine.


And for another liquid lipstick option, here’s a little on NYX soft matte lip creams.


3 thoughts on “Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick Review

  1. I bought this lipstick in the rose shade and the color was great but I couldn’t get it to work well on my lips. It never really dried and stayed tacky which eventually led to it clumping up on my lips, it was really just gross. I ended up returning it :-/ It’s weird because everyone raves about this red but I don’t think it was meant for me. I’m wanting to try Lime Crime’s velvetine matte lipstick.

    • I’ve read that in a lot of reviews! That’s such a gross feeling, I hate when a longwear product does that. And it’s not like you can just wipe it off and re-apply like a normal lipstick.

      I’m also interested in the velvetines- they look so nice! They look like they could be drying, though . I guess I’ll have to try it and see.

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