Little Black Bag Review

As I mentioned in my last post, I just got my first order from Little Black Bag! For an overview of how it works, see my intro post here. Basically it’s Golden Tote for accessories, but with trading. It’s insane and addictive and perfect for cheap-o bargain hunters like me.

So my first LBB post featured nine items, but I traded several of them out to best fit my style. Here’s what I got in the end:

A huge box!
big subscription box little black bag shipment


There were three handbags inside:

Deux Lux Gramercy Hand Tote ($180).
(Hand shown for scale.)
Deux Lux Gramercy Hand Tote dark teal
Deux Lux Gramercy Hand Tote interior liningDeux Lux dust bag mint chevron stripe

Nila Anthony Pyramid Stud Crossbody ($66).
Nila Anthony Pyramid Stud Crossbody Nila Anthony Pyramid Stud Crossbody interior lining

Pink Cosmo Top Handle Satchel ($68).
Pink Cosmo Top Handle Satchel Plum Pink Cosmo Top Handle Satchel Plum size

And there was quite a bit of jewelry inside, too.

Mata Traders Honeycomb Necklace ($20).

Mata Traders Honeycomb Necklace

timi Large Horseshoe Necklace ($13).
(This one was really long, which I like.)
timi Large Horseshoe Necklace

Geranium Arrow Necklace ($26).
Geranium Arrow Necklace Little Black Bag Jewelry

punch Geometric Collar Necklace ($30).
punch Geometric Collar Necklace

Flea Market Girl Stone Skull Necklace ($21).
(Another super long one.)
Flea Market Girl Stone Skull Necklace

all the rage Gold Anchor Bracelet ($20).

all the rage Gold Anchor Bracelet

april 2014 little black bag jewelry trading haul

Pretty crazy, right? Everything was well packed, I thought the black on black printed tissue paper was neat and each handbag came with a dustbag. I don’t think the Pink Cosmo bag originally included a dustbag, it seemed like it may have been a generic one Little Black Bag threw in, which was nice of them. The purses all also came with detachable shoulder straps which I didn’t take pictures of.

I also bought a bonus item. You can only buy one bundle at a time, but you can still buy items while in the trading period, (you just don’t get any freebies with the purchase). Then once you finalize and ship the order you’re able to purchase bundles again. My bag add-on was a pair of $135 summer wedges that I got for $7. Seven dollars!!! I can’t wait to wear these to a patio somewhere as soon as this insane weather finally warms up.

bacio61 Betulla Wedge
buff-bacio61-betulla-wedge-1 bacio61 bettula wedge heel nude bacio61 bettula wedge heel back view platform width


So after shipping (it isn’t free, but I can understand), my grand total for this haul was $68.83. I am ob-sess-ed.

You guys seriously need to consider trying this service out. Making offers and trading up your items over and over again is the most fun thing ever. I played this thing like a shopping-themed strategy game.

Speaking of strategy, here are a few tips I used that may help if any of you want to play:

1. Most importantly, you can refresh your shopping bag prior to checkout and get different freebie items! While everything is a secret until checkout, your cart will include the brand and full retail value of most of your secret items. If you know you hate a brand you can refresh and get something different (although you’ll still probably trade it all in the end). Also, the item total at the bottom will tell you how much everything is worth altogether, and you will get different values when you refresh. By refreshing my cart last time I paid the same amount, but was able to up the retail value of my stuff by $30.

2. Pay attention to the retail prices! Most people are going to look at the original price of the item when deciding whether or not to trade with you. I got a lot of offers to trade things like a $20 necklace in exchange for my $70 handbag. Girl, please. This is also why you want to bump up the value of your bonus items in the checkout stage, to give more bargaining power.

3. Make reasonable offers. Even if the dollar values match, people are more likely to trade for something similar to what they have. For example, even if the prices are the same, someone may not want to trade their crossbody bag for two pairs of earrings. Offering a clutch that you’re desperate to get rid of for another clutch is more likely to get accepted. Just because you hate it doesn’t mean it isn’t someone else’s style!

4. Trade strategically. Even if you don’t *love* something a person is offering, if you like it a lot more than an item you’re having a hard time getting rid of, you may want to accept. It’ll be easier to trade out this like-but-not-love item than the one you hate. When someone offers to take your grenade, let them! You can probably still trade up, and if not you can probably get some use out of the new piece, or stash it until a friend’s birthday and give it to them.

5. Don’t forget the discount. Much like with Golden Tote, if you end up with a ton of stuff and you know you aren’t going to be using all of it, remember that you got a lot of it for basically free. I know I’m going to love this service around Christmas time. Accessories make awesome gifts, so as I mentioned in tip #4, load up on $1 necklaces and keep them in a drawer until a holiday or birthday! You can give someone something really cute without going broke if you plan ahead.

6. You have all week. I got really caught up in this thing as soon as I bought my stuff, but don’t remember that you have seven full days to trade things out. Bide your time and see what offers come your way. You aren’t obligated to take them, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Plus, if you’re really dying to trade something out, keep making offers to trade it over a few days. Just because someone didn’t bite on day one doesn’t mean that another person won’t come along on day 3 and take it off your hands. If you’re happy with your cart, then ship away! Just don’t fret if you aren’t in love with everything because there’s no reason you can’t have a better haul by day 7.

7. If you want a lower priced item, hold off and buy it as an add on later. You see, a $40 bag will earn you a lot more free trading stock than the $7 necklace, so buy the bag as your bundle item, and come back to add the necklace to your bag later  once you’ve checked out. As long as you haven’t ended your trading period it will all still ship together.

8. Keep an eye on the day’s promo. It varies from super markdowns, to extra items bonus items being thrown in with your bag, so if you don’t love the promo just wait a day to pull the trigger (unless you want something that’s low stock, in which case get it).

I hope that helps. Some of this might not make sense until you’ve already taken the plunge, but it might come in handy later. Good luck and happy trading!!!


5 thoughts on “Little Black Bag Review

  1. Love your haul, especially the shoes! What a steal. I couldn’t figure out how you got so many items for cheap while my current order is still pretty expensive (only 60-something percent off). I think I made a mistake by falling for the wrong promo (#8 on your strategy list) and not going for #7: I picked a cheap jewelry bundle when Ettika was $5 for a limited time instead of going for the more valuable handbag promo. 😦 I’m realizing how dangerous this can be!

      • “This site is dangerous” needs to be their tagline I swear. There was massive damage on my credit cards from the three bags I’ve just shipped.

      • Dangerous because it’s sneaky as hell, ha. Among the many (psychological) tricks they’re deploying: You can’t cancel a thing once you add it to your bag. You’ve got to trade up or down. Also, from what I can tell, if you “Add to Bag” in your trades section, it’s SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive than if you click on the item’s “view full product details” link and add to bag from there.

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