April Golden Tote Review

My Golden Tote is finally here! I have been dying for it to show up and it was taking so long! I noticed that it takes twice as long to get a tote shipped if you buy it the day the boutique opens. It was super quick last month, but by the time I shopped it a lot of items were sold out. This time I was early and the process took two weeks. If you need a quick review of how this service works, check out my original Golden Tote Review.

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So as I mentioned in the preview post, I ordered the playful zebra print shirt in navy ($45) and the variegated print dress in green ($70), so I knew those were on the way:

The Zebra shirt by My Beautifully ($45).

beautifully playful zebra print blouse in navy april golden tote beautifully playful zebra print blouse navy golden tote april 2014 beautifully playful zebra print blouse navy golden tote april beautifully playful zebra print blouse styling card golden tote april 2014
Wow, this is way too big (at least on my shape)! I know, the ’90s are cool again and I love that and all, but billowy shirts were not my favorite part of the ’90s. I was a little worried when I ordered this because the fit notes said it was “relaxed,” but that it was also true to size. I can see that, because the sleeves fit, but the torso is flowier which doesn’t work on my body type. Since I know I’ll never wear this, I’m going to try my luck in the Golden Tote Trading Group on facebook. This shirt is well made and the print is cute, so hopefully it will work for someone else who can pull this style off. I can’t blame Golden Tote too much for this fail since I was the one who picked this item, but I wish they’d been a bit more specific about the real-life fit (it’s not like I can tell from the model).

Variegated dress ($70).

collective concepts tribal ikat print dress april golden totecollective concepts variegated print dress side view golden tote collective concepts variegated print dress placket embroidery detail  collective concepts variegated print dress styling card april golden tote
Golden Tote never lists the brands for any of the boutique items, but I was pleased when I found out that this one is by Collective Concepts. It’s a Stitch Fix brand and I really like their clothes, they make a lot of cute work-to-weekend kind of pieces that are perfect for me right now. This dress didn’t disappoint, and I appreciated that the tribal pattern detail on the chest is actually stitched in rather than being printed.

Now on to the surprises! [UPDATE: I was initially disappointed to find that I only got 3 surprise items with my 2 picks, but I’m updating my review because Golden Tote is fixing the problem. You see, some items in the shop had a disclaimer that if you picked those pieces you would only get 5 items and not the normal 6-7 (like this dress). That seems fair, as long as you know what you’re getting into. I wanted to be sure I got at least 6, so I was careful not to pick those pieces. Even so, I only got 5 total items. I was really disappointed, so I emailed Golden Tote’s customer service and they said they would send me an additional item! I’ve heard nothing but great things about GT’s customer service and now I can personally attest to it. They really seem to care about their customers, so I wanted to be sure to amend my review.]

That said, let’s see what was in the bag.

Souvenir Edition by Woo Lace Raglan ($50?).

souvenir edition woo lace raglan elbow sleeve black and white woo lace raglan 34 sleeve baseball tee black fabric closeup

My face may look grim in the picture (I don’t know what’s wrong with me), but I really liked this one! This was a special edition, but is almost identical to this past piece, which was originally $50. Golden Tote did include a black cami to go under it because it needs a layer, which was thoughtful.

Under Skies Sleeveless Floral Print top ($68?).

under skies floral print button front sleeveless topunder skies floral print button plackard tank golden tote april 2014  under skies floral print top golden tote april 2014 review
Mrrrrgh, I don’t like this print at all. I can do florals and I can do bright colors, but I don’t really like them both at the same time. I guess I like my flowers a little gloomy. The top itself is well made and it fits well enough, but that print reminds me too much of my grandmother’s swimsuits. It’s possible that this is one of those things that seems ugly to me at first but is actually really cool and I don’t realize it. That’s happened to me before, where I think something is the worst and then it grows on me, but somehow this floral print rubs me the wrong way. Too bad, since I like the button detail and would totally wear this in a more subdued print. Time to see if anyone is willing to trade. (Btw, I based the pricing estimate on this similar top in a different print.)

Priddy by Puella Striped Tank Dress with Contrast Lining ($60?).

priddy by puella striped colorblock trim tank dress april 2014 golden tote priddy by puella striped contrast trim tank dress april 2014 golden tote priddy by puella label priddy by puella striped contrast trim tank dress in navy and red
Sorry for all the armpit shots. Anyway, I love this one! The fabric feels nice, it’s really comfortable and the red lining that peeks out at the bottom is great. It has a good weight to it that makes it feel substantial, if that makes sense. I can’t wait to wear it, this is the item that redeemed my tote from being a complete fail. I’m not sure on pricing because Priddy is Golden Tote exclusive, but $60-ish seems to be the general consensus about pricing online, and this dress is definitely worth at least that much.

In case you’re curious about fit, everything in this tote is a size medium, and right now I wear either 6 or 8 depending on where I shop.

So all in all, I got two dresses that I really like, one shirt that I really like, two shirts that I’m trading, plus a no-show that is now on the way. A pretty good bang for my $149 bucks! I wasn’t as excited about my Golden Tote experience as I was last month until I found out how awesome their customer service is. I didn’t think I’d get anything and only really emailed them to give feedback (which I even said in my email), so I really felt like they went above and beyond by offering to send me a 6th item. They could just as easily have told me to deal with it. There’s a principle in business that the problem isn’t what sets your reputation, but how you handle the problem. Golden Tote definitely has a stellar reputation in my eyes right now.


11 thoughts on “April Golden Tote Review

  1. I definitely feel like this tote is missing maybe one/two items. Although the variegated dress + the zebra blouse is an expensive combination it’s not the most expensive you could of picked… I would e-mail them as they seem to have great customer service if a little slow depending on wherein the shipping cycle they are. Check out this girls review: she ordered a more expensive combination than you and got the same surprise items + one extra

    • That was where I was coming from, too. I’ve seen some more expensive combos that got an extra item or two, so while I hate being such a complainer, I did wish I had gotten more. I ended up sending an email to them, just as feedback if nothing else.

  2. I agree. I think you should have received at least one more item. I would email Golden Tote or ask them on Facebook. I chose the Woo Kaftan dress and Variegated dress (neither of which said you would receive one less item). And I’m worried, because it seems like the people that should have received less, didn’t. My tote should be delivered Friday, and I’m hoping for more than 5 pieces.

    Otherwise I think you got a great tote! I love the Priddy by Puella dress you received and the Variegated dress!

    • Thank you! It was definitely a high quality tote overall, but I’m glad I’m not being crazy and overly picky about missing an extra item. This isn’t enough to put me off GT forever, but I hope it’s just this once. I did email their customer service, so who knows? If anything happens I will definitely post an update.

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  5. Hi!

    Love your honest review! I am trying to decide if I want to join or not. I am between a M&L and I am scared that the whole concept of not being able to trade out won’t work for me. I usually wear a M top but worried it is a Jr’s M. Just from your photos I feel like I am more hippy than you. The M’s seem to fit you nicely. I think a L would be too big in the arms for me. I dunno! Any pointers for first time members?

    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! I would say that Golden Tote items tend to run a little small, but it kind of depends on the brand. It also depends on your body type. For me, the mediums still work, but the dresses are all either a little bit tight in the hips, really short, or both. They just barely work on me. So in your case I would probably stick with a large for dresses so you don’t feel constricted. Most of the pieces are cut to be a little looser and drapier on top, so even if it’s not a perfect fit on top it will probably look like it’s supposed to be that way.

      You can also write them a note with your order and request larges for any dresses in the surprise items and mediums for tops. It sounds like they’re pretty good about trying to honor requests like that.

      I hope that helps and good luck!

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