More Meow Cosmetics Reviews! Eyeshadow and Glow Powder swatches.

After my disappointing shade mismatch with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (review here), I rekindled my love for Meow Cosmetics. I have reviewed them to some extent here and here, but I still had a bunch of samples that never got swatched.

Problem solved! Here are the remaining swatches, in case anyone was interested in seeing more of the product lineup on a person with really fair skin.

First, eyeshadows:

meow cosmetics eyeshadow swatches on pale skin

L-R: Duplex, Platinum Mine, Indecency, Melpomene, Depravity, Kisses, Plague.

Closer views:
meow cosmetics eyeshadow melpomene depravity kisses plague swatched
meow cosmetics eyeshadow review

meow cosmetics silver and gray eyeshadowmeow cosmetics eyeshadow duplex platnum mine indecency melpomene swatch
L-R: Duplex, Platinum Mine, Indecency, Melpomene.

Duplex, Platinum Mine and Kisses are all from the Santa Baby collection, which is only available around Christmas. I know that doesn’t help anyone now, but I figured I’d swatch it for future reference. The rest of the shades are all from the Pandora’s Box collection, which is still available.

Most of these shades are what you would expect, but Plague and Duplex took me by surprise. Plague in person is both green and tarnished gold at the same time, so it would make a really pretty lid color OR definer shade. Duplex looked a little more grey online, but in person it was much warmer with a rosy-plum-grey-taupe base and a golden pink highlight. Very pretty, definitely great if you’re into the rose gold Naked3 look. It’s kind of like a pearlized version of Nooner from UDN3.

These shadows also all feel good and are very pigmented (except for Platinum Mine, but I think that’s intentional). I only used a tiny dot of product on the tip of my pinky finger to make these swatches! Considering how I never use up any of my shadows, these sample baggies contain all the product I need.


Next, let’s talk about the Crystalline Cat Tinted Glow Powders ($9.95-$13.95) I mentioned in the Hourglass post. Here are swatches of a few of the finishing powders:

meow cosmetics crystalline cat tinted glow powders meow cosmetics crystalline cat tinted glow powder swatch topaz opal quartz moonstone
L-R: Topaz, Opal, Quartz, Moonstone, Original Untinted.

You can see that they vary in opacity, and that any of them could work as a highlight or a blush depending on your skin tone. These are just samples obviously, but the full ones are a pretty good size, about the same size as a typical Bare Minerals Mineral Veil jar but for only $9.95 instead of $20. If you’re really into them you can get twice as much glow powder in the large size for only $3 more.

Speaking of Bare Minerals/Escentuals, there’s also a pretty big size/cost difference between Meow’s regular foundation and Bare Minerals foundation. Here’s a comparison of the jars side-by-side (and yes, those are both full sized containers).

meow cosmetics purrrfect puss mineral foundation vs bare escentuals product amount meow cosmetics purrrfect puss mineral foundation vs bare minerals jar size
Be sure to check out where the product has settled in each container to get an even clearer picture of the size difference. I tapped each jar a few times to try to level the products out. These have both been used, but neither of these have been used a ton. As I mentioned earlier, I never manage to use my products up.

Depending on the formula you choose (medium coverage, sensitive skin, or full coverage), the large Meow jars cost $23.45-$28.95 and contain 22-30g net weight of product. The small size costs $12.75-$16.75 depending on which formula you choose and the jar contains 6-8g net weight. The standard size bareMinerals foundation jar contains 8.5 g of product for $27, although I’m not sure if that is net or if that’s just the jar size. Regardless, you can get the “small” size of Meow Cosmetics standard coverage foundation and get almost as much product as in a regular Bare jar for less than half the price. I mean, the pictures above speak for themselves.

And in case you want a refresher on how the products apply, see this post, or check out the picture below, wearing  Purrrfect Puss Mineral Powder Foundation in Frisky Chartreux ($23.45) and untinted Meow Cosmetics Crystalline Cat Glow Powder ($12.95) all over.

meow cosmetics crystalline cat finishing powder

P.S. Meow Cosmetics has never paid me or provided me with free products and none of the Meow links are affiliate links, so don’t think this is a biased sales pitch!


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