Golden Tote Review!

Have you guys heard about Golden Tote yet? I just got my first Tote and I’m pretty stoked about it. It’s kind of like what I wanted Stitch Fix to be, where there’s more of a discount for the clothes that you’re sent.

Here’s how it works: You decide if you want to spend $49 and get 2-3 items (supposedly worth up to $250 in value), or spend $149 and get 5-7 items (worth up to $600). At $49, you get to choose one of your items from a small selection and the other item(s) are a surprise. At $149 it works the same way, except that you’re picking 2 items for yourself instead of one. There’s also a style profile that you fill out to shape what your surprise items are, but it isn’t as extensive as Stitch Fix’s quiz.

Once you have your items, you can’t return them. So the big difference between Stitch Fix and Golden Tote is that with Stitch Fix you only pay for what you want from your surprise selection and return the rest, but you’re paying full retail, where with Golden Tote you are stuck with all of it and have to return every single item if you want your money back, but you’re getting a major discount.

Without further ado, here’s what I got in my March Golden Tote!

Since I am nearing the end of this semester’s student loan stipend, I opted for the $49 tote and chose the Renee C. Chic V-Neck Dress ($42). This seems like a fair retail value for the dress. In fact, I wouldn’t bat an eye if I saw this at Anthropologie for $120, so if you consider that I was happy to buy this dress for $42, the next two items only set me back another $7. I’m really into that.

renee c v neck printed dress renee c v neck printed dress side view renee c sleeveless v neck batik printed dress

The dress also came with a styling card, much like Stitch Fix (although the other items don’t come with one).

golden tote chic v neck dress styling card

I really love this. It’s a great transitional piece that I can wear on the weekends or at work, and the rich colors should work right into fall. It’s a crepe fabric with an elastic waist and fully lined skirt (the top is not lined).

Next is a pretty taupe lace bralette. This isn’t the kind of bra I normally wear, but it’s very pretty and should be great to layer under some of my deeper v-necks. These also sell for $19.95 over at Modcloth!

flawless taupe gray lace braletteflawless taupe grey bralette lace closeup

Finally I got this drapey grey boxy top with bright orange fabric on the back with a mallard print. I love this top, but am not crazy about the boxiness. It would work better on me if it were longer, but that’s sort of a common fit issue for me. I’m not sure if I want to try to take it in at the sides, or leave it as is. I think even at its current box-like state it will still pair nicely with some skinny jeans for a slouchy, relaxed look. I was also looking around to find out more about the brand, and it looks like this was for sale at Anthropologie a few months ago. It retailed for $29.95.

porridge duck print orange and grey shirt porridge duck print sweet endings topporridge duck print orange and gray top  porridge sweet endings mixed media top duck print fabric closeup

And of course, there’s the eponymous tote. How cute is that?

golden tote bag march 2014

Not bad! I may get back into Stitch Fix at some point, but Golden Tote is really doing it for me right now. The item quality is similar if not better and the prices are WAY better. This $49 tote was around a $92 value. I may even spring for the $149 tote when my bank accounts starts looking a little healthier.


8 thoughts on “Golden Tote Review!

  1. Sigh! I have to live vicariously through you as I have more clothes and makeup than I have closet/counter space. (After refusing to give up Birchbox and Ipsy, I’ve negotiated other terms with my bfriend, e.g., if a box comes in, equal volume of stuff must go out.) The dress looks great, and that duck print fabric is super cute. To combat the boxiness, maybe a belt would work? Or adding some ties/laces at the side seams (at waist level) to cinch it? I’m visualizing this concept in my head, but a drawing would probably be easier to understand.

    • Ha, I have the same shopping rules! I have been getting rid of old clothes like a fiend lately, so I felt like I deserved a treat. I’m still playing around with the duck shirt. I’m scared that I’ll screw it up if I start modifying it, so I’m definitely going to try either belting it or pairing it with a streamlined maxi skirt for balance.

      But seriously, once you pick some clothes to get rid of, get on that Golden Tote! It’s fun.

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