Navy is the New Neutral

This post is from November, but I forgot to click “publish!” Sorry for the delay, here is a post about navy eyeshadow…

Navy eyeshadow is kind of an underdog. It comes back every now and then, but still gets kind of stigmatized for being “blue.” I mean, sure, it *is* blue, but it’s also so much more than that!

I have a tendency to get really fixated on a specific color, and right now that color is navy. On my latest hunt, I was shopping for one of two things: either a dark, true navy like in that Wet ‘n’ Wild trio I passed up, or a shimmering navy-gunmetal hybrid like in this amazing, discontinued Revlon quad in Gems and Jewels that I tearfully threw away in one of my expired makeup purges (It’s still available on Amazon for now, but I’m all about trying new products).

That unasuming Revlon quad is what really turned me on to navy shadow. I bought it on a road trip through Wisconsin in 2008, and was kind of skeptical about using it in place of a dark brown or black, but my options were REALLY limited at the Waukegan Walmart. It just goes to show that you never know how much you’ll love something until you try it (road trip back seat selfie included because I am nostalgic).
300_555361459247_1885_nMemories of good times and lost eyeshadow. *wipes away single tear*

What that picture fails to capture is how transcendentally gorgeous navy can be, since you can barely see my makeup. I’ve mentioned a few times that I like to incorporate color into my neutrals, and one of my favorite ways to do it is by layering some blue under a darker brown or grey shadow. Navy basically does all of that for you without the extra steps, so it’s an interesting way to define eyes as a crease or liner shade. It makes smoky eyes look a little bit special and it even works on the whole lid.

So on my recent obsessive drugstore makeup hunt, I ended up with Almay Intense i-Color Bold Nudes Eyeshadow Palette for Hazel Eyes ($6.99). Almay’s  Intense i-Color Smoky-i Kit for Blue Eyes ($6.99) would have worked equally well, depending on that finish you prefer (this one is satiny and the other has more shimmer).

Almay Intense i-Color Bold Nudes Eyeshadow Palette for Hazel Eyes

The Almay eyeshadow trio basically combines the things I liked most about both of the Wet ‘n’ Wild trios, but all in one place. Even better, the texture on the Almay shadow blew me away! These shades were buttery and smooth, I was really impressed by how creamy they were for this price point. Keep up the good work, Almay! I may have to buy more of your products soon.

navy smoky eye Almay Intense i-Color Bold Nudes Palette for Hazel Eyes smoky blue eyeshadow laura mercier stick gloss peony

Here I used the orangy-peach shade as a base color and extended up into the crease for that color halo effect that I love, then I blended the navy color over 3/4 of the lid, concentrating the color at the outer smoky eye almay intense i color trio

I’m also wearing Laura Mercier Stick Gloss in Peony ($22 individually or $48 for a set of four)

Laura Mercier Luxe Stickgloss peony

By the way- if you couldn’t tell by now, I do not follow those “for your eye color” rules, as evidenced by the “for hazels” eyeshadow I bought. I mean yes, those colors do complement specific eye colors, but any eye color can wear any eye makeup. I focus more on what works with my skintone and you should, too. Many of the “blue eyes” pairings I’ve seen are way too frosty for my paleness and would leave me looking like an ice sculpture.


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