Holiday Haul Part II: the Indie Brands.

So I’ve already gone through my Sephora and Ulta Black Friday/Cyber Monday hauls, but I’m even more excited about my two independent, female-owned mineral makeup companies. Support small businesses! Support high quality products that are cheaper than name brand competitors! I ordered from Meow Cosmetics and Silk Naturals, but I’m splitting them into two posts since they’re both long and picture-heavy. First, let’s talk about Silk Naturals.

Wow, these guys blew me away! Everything was beautiful and nicely packaged in pretty red tissue paper or little organza bags, and the shipping list even included a personalized note. I know the note doesn’t add a monetary value, but I was surprised and touched to see that extra bit of care and personal acknowledgement. They also send a special edition product with every order over $10, plus a sample, plus a free lip or eye product of your choice for every $35 you spend. I asked them to choose my shadow, and they picked one that I love and had been thinking about adding to my cart! I don’t know if they took the time to peek at the wishlist on my account or if they’re just mind readers, but either way I’m thrilled. I promise you they have not compensated me in any way whatsoever, I’m just fawning over this company because they seem like great people who are making a high quality, well-priced product with impeccable service. I may be breaking my no-buy for them sooner than expected.

silk naturals cosmetics review haul

A few of my purchases were samples sized:

Sample size Translucent Cloud Finishing Powder ($0.99)
Sample size Blur- Tinted Finishing Powder ($1.25)
HD Cream Foundation Samples in Neutral Tones N10, N20 and N30 ($0.99 each).

The Cloud Finishing powder was WONDERFUL, but the tinted one was too dark for me. I think it would have been a good powder if the shade had matched, so it’s still a decent option for medium-toned girls.

silk naturals cosmetics hd cream foundation samples
L-R: N10, N20, N30.

As for the HD foundation, the consistency is good and it gave nice coverage. As you can see in the swatch below, I didn’t get an exact shade match. N20 was the closest of the three that I got, but I did try it all over and it looked nice. I might have better luck with a different undertone, but then I got hooked by the Meow Cosmetics foundation I’m reviewing in my next post. Stay tuned for that.

silk naturals cosmetics hd cream foundation n10 n20 n30 swatches
Swatches L-R: N30, N20, N10.

Finally, I got several full sized eyeshadows. I bought Fire (described as “copper gold morphing highlight”) and Slick– (Marketed as a dupe for BE 1980’s, which I have used before and loved) ($4.50 each). I also got the Blue Eyes Shadow Kit ($9.99) which contained Doubloons and Brown Sugar, plus a mini eye primer. Finally, I got three eyeshadow *FREEBIES*: Full Sized Date Night, Almost full-sized Gobble Tov and a sample of Dark Arts.

silk naturals cosmetics mineral loose eyeshadows
Top Row, L-R: Doubloons, Brown Sugar, Fire, Date Night, Gobble Tov, Slick
Bottom Row: Sample Tinted Blur, Sample Translucent Cloud

silk naturals cosmetics eyeshadow swatches
Top Row, L-R: Doubloons, Brown Sugar, Fire, Date Night, Gobble Tov, Slick

Below is my look from the other night wearing a couple of these shades. I have Fire on the lid (it’s hard to see the orange-red shift, but it is there and I promise it’s amazing), plus Date Night in the outer corner.

silk naturals cosmetics fire date night loose mineral eyeshadowsilk naturals cosmetics fire date night eyeshadow 

Next, I got the Neopolitan HD Cream Blush Palette ($6.99).

silk naturals cosmetics neopolitan hd cream blush trio
silk naturals cosmetics neopolitan hd cream blush trio swatch review

Here’s the full face Silk Naturals look, where I used the Neopolitan trio for highlight and contour.
silk naturals cosmetics review

FINALLY, I got Rollerball Fragrances in Potion and Saucy ($5.99 each).

I love Potion and am on the fence about Saucy. Here are the site’s descriptions: Potion- “sweet tart combination of black currant and pomegranate with backed up with a high-end almost floral citrus bouquet.  It’s juicy, sexy, and romantic.” and Saucy- “blend of black amber, cardomom lightened with a hint of tangerine.  It’s sensual, and deep lightened with a bit of spice and citrus.”

I like Saucy’s base, but there’s a high note that kind of reminds me of fresh tomatoes? It’s unusual and interesting, but I’m not sure if I like. It might also have to do with my skin chemistry that brings out a strange, tangy note, because it smells sweeter and more like a cake in the rollerball. I’m going to try mixing it with other things and see if that helps.

Potion is delicious and sexy, like the fragrance equivalent of lacy lingerie. I am all about covering myself in products that make me feel like a vintage vixen.


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