Monthly box overload! Reviews of my other subscription services.

While I focus on beauty products in this blog, I also really like talking about subscription boxes (if my monthly Ipsy/Birchbox reviews weren’t enough of a tip off). So in case you’re a major monthly box addict like I am, I thought I’d review a few other that I subscribe to:

BarkBox ($19/month for 6 months). I wonder where they got the name idea? This might be the best deal of all my boxes. Each month you get 4-6 toys, treats or other dog-related products customized for your dog’s size. Everything I’ve gotten so far has been really high quality and made in America (so no worries about creepy chemicals!). If you’re a dog lover, check out the box that I got today and tell me that 3 full sized bags of all natural treats and a stuffing-free bouncy fleece toy isn’t worth $19/avoiding a trip to PetSmart.
Get $5 off your first box through this link:

november 2013 barkbox review

Stitch Fix ($20+ per fix). I’ve reviewed this service pretty in-depth in the past. They choose 5 items for you based on a survey you fill out, then you choose whether or not to keep them (although you get charged $20 if you don’t keep anything). It’s a lot of fun and a good way to try new things, although it’s the priciest of all of these services. I haven’t ordered a fix in a while because I’ve lost some weight and am trying not to buy clothes until I know what size I’ll stay.

FabKids ($39.95/month). Cute outfits for kids! Each month you can choose an outfit with three pieces for $39.95. You can skip a month any time you want, but the pieces are high quality and on-trend, so I usually pick one each time. Since $40 isn’t as cheap as my $10 Birchbox, I’m glad that they give you the option of picking the outfit you want. See my November order below (I think it’s very menswear blogger chic).
Get 50% off your first outfit through this link: 

fabkids november 2013 review

Citrus Lane ($12-$49/month depending on how many items). This is a box of kid toys/snacks/supplies catered to your child’s age (and gender if you choose). You get to choose the price point you want (I’m signed up for 5 products a month at $25) and the items are really nice. I always get my money’s worth, even if there’s an occasional dud. Once they even sent a bonus item for me- a $14 Julep nail polish! A great value if you have kids, my son loves getting the surprises each month. I don’t have any pictures because my son always tears into the box before I can take a picture. 🙂
Get $10 off through this link: Citrus Lane


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