Super Belated Ipsy and Birchbox September Reviews

Ok, so I’m a slacker and I never posted my September Ipsy and Birchbox reviews. I feel bad, because these are some of my favorite posts! My October products just arrived, but I still wanted to share a few thoughts on last month first. Here’s a quick overview of what happened (a little less depth than normal).


september 2013 ispy glam bag review

Freeman Beauty Facial Paper Mask in Rose ($1.99).
This looked and felt extremely weird, but I thought it really worked! I think you’re supposed to peel the plastic off the paper, which I did, but I looked freaky either way. I hid in the bathroom until the time was up because I didn’t want to scare my family.

Freeman Beauty Facial Paper Mask in Rose scary TOLD YOU.Freeman Beauty Facial Paper Mask Rose skin brighteningNot much better.

After I spent 5 minutes looking like Leatherface (sorry, but it’s true), my skin WAS bright and radiant. So this gets a thumbs up from me, even if it’s weird.
Discount: Get 44% off the Feeling Beautiful Sweet 16 Satchel Set + a free gift through 11/30/13 with code ipsy fb.

Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Voluminizing Mascara ($19.99).
This stuff looked awesome, but it smudged ever so slightly on my under eye area. This is a major problem I have with most mascaras in general, so this was actually not a terrible result. If you are a normal person who doesn’t get severe mascara smudges with most products, you would probably do pretty well here. I liked this better than most mascaras (and I usually dread mascara samples).
Discount: 50% off any purchase at through 10/30/13 with code ipsybig.

Cailyn Cosmetics Tinted Lip Balm 08 Big Apple ($19).
I have no idea where they came up with the name “tinted lip balm,” because this is a full coverage matte lipstick. I mean, it’s hard to get much different than that, but whatever. This was actually a great product if you like a retro matte lip. Nice coverage, great pigmentation/opacity and a fun color. It felt a bit dry, but it’s matte lipstick, so that is pretty hard to avoid. The best part was the included lip brush for a precise application any time, any where. I’m into it! The promo code has now expired because I suck and was late posting this. Sorry about that.

cailyn tinted lip balm big apple red lipstick swatch

Starlooks Kohl Eye Pencil in Obsidian ($12).
I was pleasantly surprised by a previous Starlooks lip pencil ipsy sent me a few bags ago, but this eye pencil fell flat. It isn’t AWFUL, but it wasn’t even close to the intensity or creaminess of my UD 24/7 pencil (the standard by which I judge all other eye pencils). Sorry Starlooks, I’m going to pass on this.

Nyx Single Eye Shadow in Charcoal ($4.50).
If you’ve read my blog at all, I don’t need to get into my love for Nyx. As a result, I already have this eyeshadow. That means I need someone to give it to, so this unused shadow is part of the giveaway that I posted yesterday!


Can it be? I think my Sept Birchbox was actually better than my ipsy bag! Changing my profile settings on bb’s site must have paid off.

september 2013 birchbox birch box review

Ruffian Nail Laquer in Hedge Fund ($10)
This did not appeal to me in the bottle, but I just loved it on my fingers. It’s a really interesting mossy green that’s simultaneously bright and subdued. It has pretty golden glass shimmer and I could not stop staring at it. It reminded me a lot of one of my old 90’s nail polishes, Revlon Street Wear in Toad (remember that line? I was obsessed). Ugh, yes.  And this swatch is only ONE COAT with no base or topcoat. That is some good quality polish.

ruffian nail laquer hedge fund dark olive green polish swatch ruffian nail laquer hedge fund dark moss green polish swatch

Yes To™ Blueberries Cleansing Facial Towelettes ($2.99).
Nothing mindblowing here, but I use facial cleaning towelettes every single day, so it’s always nice to get more. Effective with a nice scent.

Coastal Scents® Neutral Mirage Palette ($24 for a full set of 88 colors).
Hell yes. This quad sampler was so pretty and in fall colors that I just love. Coastal Scents is pretty similar to my beloved BH Cosmetics (I’m guessing they have a common supplier since several of their products are identical), so I knew these would be cheap, intense, and awesome. I combined them with my other box/bag products for a bright fall eye look. Pretty good payoff for a quick swipe and no primer. They’re super blendable, too. I will never stop loving these cheapo multi-color palettes.

coastal scents neutral mirage palette gold eyeshadow coastal scents neutral mirage palette gold eyeshadow cailyn big apple red listicl

(You can see how the Starlooks eyeliner kind of sucks.)

VOESH New York Collagen Gloves ($20 for a 3-pack)
I’ll be honest, I didn’t bother to try these out. They’re lotion-filled manicure gloves and it just sounded too messy. Maybe someday when I’m really bored I’ll open the pack.

Yes To™ Grapefruit  Correct & Repair CC Cream SPF 18 ($15.99)
This stuff was SO GOOD. I was really impressed, this is the first decent BB/CC cream I’ve tried in this price range. Now a word of caution- I liked this because I like very light coverage (more of a tinted moisturizer). If you like a little more coverage, then this isn’t for you. For me, it was perfect.

I got samples in two shades, and I tried the too-dark one first because it was night time and I was saving the lighter shade for actually going out in public. Surprisingly, even though it was dark, it blended down well and while it wasn’t a perfect match, it also wasn’t jarringly clashy. Obviously, the lighter shade was a better match when I got around to using it. The texture was great, it blended right into skin and felt very natural. Not quite as much cover as my Dr. Jart, but a nice, natural-looking enhancer like my Too Faced BB (those reviews are here). I will be buying this in a full size whenever all of my other spf face products run out.

yes to grapefruit cc cream medium swatch texture yes to grapefruit cc cream swatch medium yes to grapefruit cc cream review

And that’s it! October BB/Ipsy review coming soon.


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