Bardot-Meets-Rockabilly-Pinup Hair and Makeup

Today I started with my hair and let the rest fall into place. For the last year I’ve been slowly  trying new things with my hair. My hair is thick, wavy and extremely frizzy, so my few attempts to style have historically been frustrating disasters that end up with me giving up and falling back into a ponytail. I’ve decided that this can’t continue and I’ve been experimenting a lot with mixed results. Branching out is good, though, so I’d rather take a few risks than end up stuck in a ponytail rut forever.

Last night I slept with my hair in pincurls and while not perfect, the results were fun and looked good enough for a first try, but it was still frizzy. I decided why fight nature? I piled my hair into a messy, curly, crazy Brigitte Bardot-inspired updo with a fun red ribbon bow headband. I’m still obviously figuring things out, but I really enjoy learning more about hair.brigitte bardot bow headband messy updo

brigitte bardot style messy bouffant updo dark brown black hair pale skin cat eyes neutral lips makeupmessy updo retro red hairbow nautical pinup outfitAs messy as I wanna be.

So enough about hair, here’s the makeup. I mixed OCC Lip Tars in Electric Grandma and Kava Kava ($18 each)  for a peachy-pink neutral lip, then paired it with an 60’s style cut-crease smoky eye and extra big eyeliner. Brigitte tended to line around her entire eye, but that is often unflattering on my close-set eyes, so I made up my own version by smudging a warm brown eyeshadow along the outer lower eyelid in place of harsh liner. The shadow is all from  TheBalm Nude ‘Tude Palette ($36). I used several shadows to create a multi-dimensional look, including Sassy, Stubborn, Sultry, Sophisticated and Sexy. You probably noticed that the cut crease is a little smudgy and imperfect, but that’s more authentic to how makeup used to apply back in the day.

occ lip tar electric grandma kava kava pink orange peach neutral lipstickblack liquid liner cut crease cat eye 60s thick black liquid eyeliner 60s cut crease cat eyes

The liner is  NYX Collection Noir Black Liquid Liner ($5.99) and I added a coat of Diorshow Mascara ($25). I’m also wearing the pink blush from Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed ($30). I think the whole thing has kind of a rockabilly feel when all is said and done. I’m into it.

occ lip tar nyx collection noir black liquid eyeliner dior diorshow mascara urban decay naked flushed blushretro messy curled updo red bow headband 60s cat eye eyeliner dark hair pale skin


One thought on “Bardot-Meets-Rockabilly-Pinup Hair and Makeup

  1. Very cute! Gives off a very laid-back, easygoing vibe, especially with the curls in your bangs bouncing off to the side. Love the saucy wink at the end too.

    I, too, can’t line all around my eyes without it looking overdramatic and kind of immature… It looks especially terrible when I’m wearing glasses. Too much going on in the eye department, I guess, so I also smudge around the lower outer corners if I really must add definition. 🙂

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