Yellow Jackson Pollock Manicure

I’m trying to branch out into buying more products from small businesses, so I went a little nuts on Etsy. I have several new polishes in my collection, but the first one I’ve tried is Mod Laquer’s Salida Del Sol polish ($9.50) from the Southwest Spring Collection.

Mod Laquer Salida Del Sol nail polish yellow rainbow glitter

This is a multi-glitter polish (I’ve counted 7 distinct glitters in here and I’m not entirely sure that I picked out all of them) with a sheer yellow base that’s not quite a jelly- more of a glazed finish. However, there’s so much rainbow glitter that it actually makes it look pretty opaque after just two coats. The glitter is really well distributed and applies super evenly. You can see some texture in these pictures due to the massive amount of glitter. A topcoat should help make it look smoother.

Mod Laquer Salida Del Sol nail polish Southwest Spring Collection

The coolest thing about this polish is how the different glitters create kind of a splatter paint effect when they’re all combined together. It reminds me of Jackson Pollock! At the very least, it reminds me of my favorite splatterpaint t-shirt from my 90’s childhood.

You can also buy this in a set of all four full sized Southwest Spring polishes ($28.50) or  a mini version of the same set ($12).


6 thoughts on “Yellow Jackson Pollock Manicure

  1. Yay, so happy you picked this up! These look STUNNING over a same-color creme. So if you did a yellow creme under this shade, the glitters just POP. I think I’m gonna do a Southwest Spring mani today too!

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