Jenna Hipp x Costco Nail Polish

Thank you to Maiden Aunt for the heads up about these polishes. Super exciting! They’re already sold out online, but there were a ton at my local Costco last week. Pick one up if you’re a member; it’s a steal at only $15!

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First I tried out Freshmaker and Hashtag. These are very creamy with no shimmer. The formula for these pastel polishes was a little streaky at 2 coats, so I ended up with 3 coats for these pictures.

hashtag freshmaker blue orange pastel jenna hipp nail polish pastel creamy orange mint tiffany blue nail polish jenna hipp costco

Then I tried out the two glitter topcoats. I applied “Hollywood Reporter” holo glitter over the minty, Tiffany blue polish and “Afterparty,” a chunky metallic pink glitter over the orange shade. I had a hard time getting the pink glitter to distribute evenly, which I think was due to the tiny brush and not so much the polish itself. As a result, I ended up with two coats of Afterparty, which was overkill. It looked SO much better with one coat (even if it was a little uneven). Hollywood Reporter was a little easier, I only used one coat for that one.

hashtag freshmaker hollywood reporter after party pink holo glitter topcoat jenna hipp nail polish


Then I went for the green and gold shades. I love “Look Hot Feel Cool.” This is a rich, true green polish with an interesting satin finish and a hint of golden sparkle in the right light. I couldn’t stop staring at it, it’s just such a pretty color. “Awards Season” is on my ring fingers, it’s a lovely gold that is truly metallic. It’s kind of an ashy, cool-toned gold that works well with my paleness. The gold does show brushstrokes for me, though. These polishes both had better workability than the pastels. These pictures show 2 coats of each polish.

forest green gold nail polish manicure


So if you have a Costco membership, get these as soon as you can. And if you don’t have a membership- why not? Costco is the best store ever (and is one of the most ethically run companies in America)!

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