Blackhawks Manicure!


Seriously, though, I’ve never been a sports fan. Soccer and hockey were the only sports I could stand, but my hometown is known for its generally lackluster fandom so I never really paid attention to any teams (sorry Atlanta, I love you guys but it’s true). So imagine my surprise when I moved to Chicago and saw not only my friends, but the whole town going CRAZY for their hockey team. I mean, there were banners and signs everywhere early in the playoffs, and now that we’re in the cup you can’t go anywhere without seeing something about the hawks.

I’ve been watching games with some of my classmates for the last month and I’ve gotten really into it! It’s fun to be a part of such a passionate group of people and to represent my city. So in honor of the hawks playing in the Stanley Cup, I painted my nails red with black and gold glitter in honor of the team. Technically it should be red, black and white, but I think the gold works if you look at their home game uniforms. I showed it to a group of boys and they were impressed (the first time I’ve gotten boys to legitimately care about my nails), so I think it passes the test.


As for the polish, I’m wearing Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Laquer in Bloody Mary ($13). This is a brand that I found through Ipsy and I love it. It’s so smooth and opaque- this is only one coat you’re looking at! If I hadn’t slathered it with glitter, I don’t even know if I would have bothered with a second coat.

The glitter is two coats of Sephora by OPI Jewelry Top Coats Come To Paparazzi (on sale for $5!). Pretty, pretty.


3 thoughts on “Blackhawks Manicure!

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