OCC Pro’s Picks Lip Tar Set Vol. 3 Swatches!

Woooooo, a new OCC Lip Tar Collection is out! After a really annoying cat and mouse game with UPS, I finally got my Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pro’s Picks Lip Tar Set V3.0 ($49) that I told you guys I’d have last week. Sorry about that, it’s not my fault! Lucky for everyone, it was completely worth the wait. I looove it. Just like last time, this set has 5 full sized lip tars for a little less than the cost of 3 individual Lip Tars. I also snagged the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer Set in Black Dahila ($22.50) because I have been increasingly fixated on dark lips lately and I think the color is so rich and pretty. By the way, the sets represent OCC’s first ever collaboration with campaign models, and they are all drag queens. Yay, equality! OCC is a super ethical company in general, so obviously I enjoy throwing money at them. Interestingly, since the lip tars are 100% vegan, the formulation seems to vary a lot between shades, but they’re all special in their own way.
occ lip tar clear femme electric grandma authentic radiate black dahlia tars nail polish

On to the review. First of all, I was really happy that this kit included the clear gloss/base lip tar. The instructions always told me to start with the clear base, but I didn’t have it until now. It does make a difference. Lip Tars are legendary for their longevity, but without the base they do wear off a bit (especially with the lip balm I often apply over it). I mean, it wears about as well as any other longwear lipstick and it does so a little more comfortably and wears off in a more attractive way, but still. Now that I’ve applied it the way you’re supposed to, the true long-lasting potential comes out. I had a drink a few minutes after applying (YOLO) and did not have any transfer whatsoever. The glass was completely clean, which is not true without the base.

Tl;dr: the clear base lip tar really does make a difference (but lip tar newbies can get away without it, you’ll just compromise on the length of your wear).
occ lip tar pros picks vol 3 summer lip colors tars black dahlia nail polish set packaging

The packaging is also improved. This time, the plastic case includes built in pockets to keep you organized. I’m a little obsessive compulsive myself, so I really liked not having everything all jumbled together (particularly the brush). Oh, and the alternative models they use still make me smile. Drag queens, septum piercings, anything goes with OCC. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but when was the last time you saw an authentically “different” girl modelling makeup for a major brand and not just a normal-looking girl wearing some crazy getup that comes off at the end of the shoot? I appreciate the commitment to diversity beyond just race.

The first shade I tried was Authentic. It’s a metallic bronze-copper shade. I was apprehensive when I saw it online because super metallic lips can look dated in a bad way, but in real life it was really wearable. So happy! The texture was a little thinner than my previous, flat color lip tars. This was good, because it let me build the color. It starts sheer like a lovely peachy stain and built up to a shimmery creamsicle color which works perfectly for this summer’s major orange lip trend. It actually reminded me of a slightly deeper version of Kava Kava. It could be really ultra metallic if I kept adding to it, but I just applied it until I was happy with the opacity and stopped. The almost imperceptible golden micro-glitter is really flattering and much subtler than I had feared. It adds some really nice dimension, in fact. Really happy with this.
occ lip tar authentic swatch pale skin metallic sheer orange lips

Femme. I knew this color was going to clash with my skin before it even arrived. Sadly, the finish wasn’t what I had hoped for, either, as it didn’t cover as evenly as I would have liked. See how it settles into the lines on my lips? Kind of chalky. It’ll be a good mixer color, though, so I’ll get some use out of it. It just isn’t right for me on its own. Pale lips and pale skin are often a poor pairing.

occ lip tar femme swatch baby bubblegum pink lips

Radiate. Eeeee! I LOVE this color. So smooth, so opaque. This is the OCC I know and love. Radiate wasn’t at all what I was expecting, I had no idea it would be so orangey, but it’s the same bright orange-tomato red that’s been all over the red carpets lately, which is awesome. It’s so fun, it makes me want to go on a summer adventure.

occ lip tar radiate orange red coral lipstick swatchocc lip tar radiate orange red coral lips swatch

Electric Grandma. SO bright, and SO glittery! There’s about 1000x more of the gold micro glitter from Authentic in this formula. It looks kind of gritty, but that’s actually just the way it’s reflecting here. It felt smooth and comfortable. The color is supposed to be coral, but it was more of a pure orange for me. Again, I’m happy about that because orange is HUGE for summer 2013 and I also happen to really, really like orange makeup.

occ lip tar electric grandma glittery orange coral lipstick
But seriously, this is so disco ball glittery. It’s hard to tell in the swatch, which is why I included the blurry picture below, which picks up the sparkle a little better. The insane shimmer is great and I would absolutely wear this to a party, but never to the office.  The downside to all the sparkle is that glitter got all over my face when I tried to take this off (although the glitter that stuck to my lips was actually kind of cute on its own). Even so, I’ve never had to deal with glitter fallout from a lip product before.orange glitter lips occ lip tars summer 2013

Finally we have Black Dahlia which was from the separate nail and lip kit, but which was a wise purchase. This is great. This, like Radiate, also looked different to me in person than it did on the majority of online swatches I’ve seen. I saw a lot of girls where it was redder, but it was decidedly berry toned on me. Even when I applied the lightest, thinnest layer I could to test the buildability, I got a (gorgeous) plum stain that looked like I’d eaten a purple popsicle. After another coat I got to the darker, black cherry color which was surprisingly smooth and non-streaky on lips compared to most superdark lipsticks. This one is prone to feathering outside the lipline, though, so lip liner is a good idea with this one.

occ black dahlia lip tar sheer purple plum berry lip stain
Thin stain. Ughhhhhh, yes.

stained sheer purple plum berry lip stain retro headscarf
(It matches my shirt!)

occ lip tar black dahlia swatch black cherry dark vamp lipstick
And the full shebang.

I can’t decide which way I prefer wearing this. I love both colors so much!

You may have noticed that I’ve made a strange 180 lately where I’m going more minimal with my eyes and bolder with my lips. I guess I just don’t like getting in a beauty rut? It can’t be smoky eyes and nude lips all the time, and bright lips are FUN. These lip tars are great on their own, which is good since I haven’t had time for full makeup very often lately. Weird, considering I have a makeup blog. But I feel like colors like these are enough, yeah? Maybe not for everyone, but I find it really refreshing for myself.


10 thoughts on “OCC Pro’s Picks Lip Tar Set Vol. 3 Swatches!

  1. Lovely review! I purchased this kit today and played around with it as well. I find that the colors mix well together. Electric Grandma and Authentic work beautifully under a neutral eyeshadow on the lids 🙂

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  3. I know you posted this months ago but I just wanted to say I found this review to be extremely helpful! I’ve been wanting to get one of the Lip Tar sets but couldn’t decide which one. I was leaning toward this one a bit because it comes with the Clear. After seeing your swatches, I know this is the one for me! Authentic in particular looks amazing.

    I have not been to your blog before, but I too have noticed that I recently have gone from always playing with eyeshadow and neutral lips to lately doing no shadow and bold lips. It is fun to mix it up sometimes! I think I’m going to be digging the bold lips for winter (if I can keep my lips hydrated enough).

    I’ll definitely be checking out more of your blog!

    • I’m so glad it was helpful! I started doing more of these swatch posts when I realized that I really like seeing things like this on other blogs when I’m deciding what shades to buy. The clear tar is what really sold me on this kit as well. Thanks for reading!

  4. u know some online store is using ur swatch photos for black dhalia, and I was so impressed that i ordered black dhalia.

      • I absolutely do! and the fun part is that I too have pigmented lips n fair complexion as similarly yours! And dhalia according to my guess was perfect for me and now I am looking forward to more lipstick swatches from you! Because now I can have an exact idea that how the color will behave on me! 🙂 thanks a lot for sharing ur bare lips pics! it was so helpful for me!
        lots of love and good luck! ❤

  5. hi and thanks for the actual blog post ive recently been searching regarding this specific advice online for sum hours these days as a result thanks aefaefddedag

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