Pink Friday

Nail time! Now, I’ve mentioned before that I prefer less traditional nail polish colors, BUT when a pink polish gets this cartoonishly bright, I feel like it suddenly gets a little edgy. Maybe it’s just me? It isn’t even a hot pink, which is part of what I think is so cool about it, since hot pink is the go-to bad girl pink. I think something can  become so feminine that it’s suddenly draggy, which is kind of how I feel about this polish. Either way, I am loving this aggressive, bubblegum/pepto bismol pink polish and I don’t care who knows. This is a very ballsy pink! Oh, and it’s by Sinful Colors, who I just learned are not only cheap and awesome, but also made in America and 3-free (AKA free from 3 of the yuckiest nail polish chemicals).

sinful colors pink forever nail polish 713 swatch

This is two coats of Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Pink Forever ($1.99). I couldn’t find it in stock online (maybe it’ll show up again HERE), however, I’ve bought these polishes in-store at Target and Walgreens, and there’s usually a good selection of colors. I’d strongly recommend checking out the display the next time you’re in one of those stores. LOVE.

blue glitter pink holo nails

Because I can’t leave well enough alone, I also layered Wet n’ Wild Fast Dry Nail Color in Bling It On! ($1.99) over to create holo-glitter lavender jelly sandwich easter egg rave nails (take it all in). The Wet n’ Wild is a dupe for OPI’s Last Friday Night ($8.99). Last Friday Night was part of a Katy Perry collaboration and I was obsessed with until it eventually dried out and had to go. I’m so happy to have a cheap replacement! The only swatches I have for the original OPI are these two pictures from 2011 (3 coats of polish on these).

opi last friday night katy perry blue glitter nail polish swatch

I can’t find either of these periwinkle blue glitter polishes online other than ebay, but nail polish is always really hard to get online. If you need to have one of these, I’d see what’s available in stores. Nail polish shopping is old school like that.


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