Stitch Fix Review

So this is different than my usual updates, but fashion and makeup go hand-in-hand, right?

I just signed up for Stitch Fix, which is an online personal styling service that aims to get you out of your styling rut in a convenient, anti-social kind of way. You fill out a very in-depth style profile, then link to your pinterest board and LinkedIn profile (both optional) and a *real person* reviews these things and tries to pick out clothes that fit your sense of style. I get stuck buying the same pieces over and over and was excited at the prospect of trying an outfit I might not have otherwise considered. I especially like that I don’t have to leave my house and the service is free-ish.

Each style “fix” includes 5 pieces. Shipping is free both ways and there’s a prepaid return envelope, but you get 25% off if you keep the whole box and don’t return anything. You’re charged $20 upfront which applies toward any of the pieces you want to keep, but you lose the $20 if you send everything back. I’m way too thrifty to throw $20 away, so I made sure my profile was as thorough as possible in hopes that I’d keep at least one thing. I also set my price points to be as low as possible because I am poor.

stitch fix box reviewExciting!!!

Really (really) sorry about the pictures in this post. I don’t have a full length mirror, so the mirror above my dresser in my messy room had to do. Maybe better luck next time? I’m not properly equipped for clothing reviews and I’m too embarrassed to ask my husband for help with this.

But whatever, there are pictures. So here’s what I got and how much it cost:

A high-neck, studded long sleeve shirt with puffy sheer sleeves by Sweet Rain. The sleeves made my arms look massive, so it was a definite no. I think this could work on a smaller girl, but a curvy girl like me doesn’t need extra weight on my arms. $48. I also feel like you could find something very similar on tobi for less.

stitch fix review

Next was a sheer top by Collective Concepts with a red and black dot pattern. It came with a stretchy white cami for layering. The cami wasn’t part of the original top but was included as a gift with purchase which helped to soften the $78 price point (if only slightly). I was really torn on this one. It was great quality and very versatile, but $78? I really, really liked it and would have kept it if it were one of the $48 pieces, but I could not justify that price. Right now I’m living on student loans, after all. Stitch Fix, start stocking lower priced items, please!

stitch fix review sheer red dot print

Styled differently with the $48 bamboo thread infinity scarf by Sayami. 3 out of 5 things in my box were $48, so I guess that’s as low as they go.

stitchfix review

I really liked the top, putting it in the return bag was painful. I have to keep reminding myself that I already have a top in a similar style that cost me something like $15 on clearance at Old Navy (see below). It eases the pain a little.

old navy sheer dot button up (See what I mean? $15 vs. $78)

The only real WTF item in my box was this dolman-sleeve scarlet and grey knit number for $48. You can’t tell here, but up close this fabric was cheap, cheap, cheap and plasticy and the fit was super frumpy. Where did my torso go? All around no.

chris and carol red and grey dolman sleeve top chris and carol rayon batwing top

Come on, Stitch Fix, what was going on here?

I saved the best for last. The only thing I ended up keeping was the most expensive (go figure). This I.madeline dress was really flattering (these shitty selfies don’t do it justice), very unusual and super versatile. I can justify the $98 price tag because I know I can wear it several ways and it has hidden pockets that don’t make me look fat. It looks a lot like the stuff you see on Modcloth for about the same price, so I guess it’s fair.

i.madeline navy fan back zipper dress

For reals, this doesn’t do it justice at all. It’s surprisingly sexy, and the little fans or fish scales or whatever have a nice texture to them. There’s also a zipper that runs the full length of the back! I’d wear this from a networking event straight into a date night just by changing my jacket and accessories.

My overall thoughts? Great concept, nice items, but a lot of the pieces are overpriced for what they are. Hopefully they add a better selection of lower priced pieces soon. I still like trying new brands and think they did a pretty good job of picking out things that suit my taste, although they maybe aren’t super attuned to diverse body types. I think a couple of my “no’s” would have worked a lot better if I had a different build.  If Stitch Fix is having a hard time flattering a non-plus-size curvy girl, I don’t know what would happen for an even thicker girl. There are proportional differences when you dress bigger sizes, you know? I’m not sure if the Stitch Fix stylist get that yet, but this is still a really new company. Also, they try to learn about your taste based on what you keep and what you send back, since obviously they want you to buy stuff. Other reviewers say that it takes a box or two to get to the really good stuff.

Final verdict: I’d try it again.