OCC Lip Tar Pro’s Pick Vol. 2 Swatches

I’ve wanted to try OCC Lip Tars for a long time, and the new Pro Pick set had a lot of colors I liked, so I finally bit the bullet. They’re typically $18, but this set had 5 shades for $49. I really liked 3 of the colors out of the 5, and even 3 of these puppies would have been more than $49 if purchased individually, so it was a good value in my book.

I found that these blended really well and they’re nice and opaque. I’ve read you’re only supposed to use a tiny drop of product and I ended up using too little at first and found it drying (as you can see below). When I added a bit more product, the finish became a lot glossier and more comfortable, although it’s nice to know that these can go matte if that’s what I want. The smell/taste is minimal, and the longevity seems good. I didn’t really put these to any stress tests tonight since I just got them and had to try them right away, but I did manage to get through a few hours and one drink without any horrible fade-out issues.

So swatches…

I had a hard time getting the colors right on these pictures, but hopefully you can get the gist of these colors on super pale skin. Since every skintone is different, I still encourage you to try these for yourself, especially since they mix so well and you can adjust as needed to match your skintone.

OCC Lip Tar Hoochie
Hoochie is a bold, blue-based sugarplum shade. I really like it, but it’s not for everyone. It seems like it would clash with a lot of skintones because it’s got such strong blue undertones. It also looks funny because this is when I didn’t use enough product and ended up dry (I didn’t realize the mistake until later).

OCC Lip Tar Hoochie and Pretty Boy
Then I mixed in some Pretty Boy in too make the color a little warmer and more wearable. Look how happy I am about Lip Tar!
OCC Lip Tar Hoochie and Pretty Boy
Same mix again, just close up.

OCC Lip Tar Kava Kava
This is Kava Kava. I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s definitely really light for me, but it’s growing on me in a 60’s nude lip kind of way. You know how I love 60’s makeup, and sometimes they did that kind of creamsicle orange-y nude lip back then. I’m going to have to experiment with this one.

OCC Lip Tar Kava Kava and Lydia
What I do like for sure is blending Kava Kava. This is what it looks like blended with Lydia. LOVE IT.

1 SAM_18191
This is Lydia alone. This picture seems the least accurate of all the swatches, so take it as you will. It’s a pretty mauve shade, I think it might be ashy on some people, but it’s sooo pretty if you can pull it off. You’ll be seeing this again on me in different looks, so the true color will hopefully be more obvious.

OCC Lip Tar
Pretty boy. It’s really bright pink! I have a bunch of bright pink lipsticks, but I can always use another. I think this would look good on any conceivable skin tone.

OCC Lip Tar
Pretty Boy with the metallic Iced mixed in. Iced is the one shade I could do without. I never really have much need for frost since it reminds me too much of the part of the 80’s/90’s that I DON’T love. I only used a little here and it does tone the color down a little, which can be useful I guess. A creamy white might look kind of gloppy and weird, so the frosted one isn’t bad, I just can’t see myself ever using it other than to fix a lip color that’s just slightly off. Definitely don’t use it on its own, either.

So there you have it! I’ll be using Lydia, Pretty boy and Hoochie a lot, experimenting with Kava Kava and shelving Iced. Still not a bad deal all in all. I think this set is definitely a good one to pick up, especially for the paler girls (although I think Pretty Boy, Hoochie and Kava Kava would be amazing on dark skin). So fine, it’s great for anyone.


7 thoughts on “OCC Lip Tar Pro’s Pick Vol. 2 Swatches

  1. I am so excited for my pro’s pack to come in the mail! Thanks for the swatches. Wish you had swatches Hoochie though. But very helpful.

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  3. Thanks for all the swatches; I’m having a hell of a time deciding which one to get (limiting myself to one!) Going to go with either Kava or Zhora, one of the metallics. Your lips are gorgeous, if that doesn’t sound totally perverted coming from an internet stranger 🙂

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