Mani Monday – OPI Liquid Sand Mariah Carey Nail Polish Reviews

I tried out a few of the new Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Opi Polishes ($8-$10) over winter break, here are a couple of the shades. I’ll update the post as I try out the other two.

First up was “Get Your Number,” which is a very blue-based lavender  The finish is weird and gritty, but I do like it and it lasted a lot longer than similar textured matte polishes from the late 90’s. It’s rough, but not like sandpaper, more of a plastic velvet(?) I really liked the different glitter sizes in the polish and kept rubbing my fingers over the rough texture which was oddly soothing. Even so, the whole thing is a little gimmicky, so it’s not something I’ll be using all the time – more of a novelty polish. Still worth playing with.
opi liquid sand nail polish get your numberopi purple matte glitter nail polish mariah carey get your number
Next I tried the “pink” shade, “The Impossible,” which was more of a coral color. The glitter is really pretty here, which was a big selling point for me. I didn’t like this color as much as the purple one, though. I think the texture worked better with a shade that wasn’t quite as bright.

opi pink matte glitter nail polish
Here it is under the flash, which is the only time the pink really picks up. The pictures without flash are a better representation of what it normally looks like unless you’re under really bright fluorescent lights.

opi liquid sand nail polish the impossible
Just to see what would happen, I put a top coat over one finger. It took two coats to smooth it out, but the end result looked like a jelly sandwich nail.

opi liquid sand jelly sandwich nail polish
I actually liked this color and the rainbow glitter a lot better with the jelly finish, so I ended up doing the whole hand this way. So Sparkly!

opi pink glitter jelly sandwich nail polish


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