Elizabeth Taylor Makeup Inspired by Liz and Dick

Tonight I sat around and drank some boxed wine while watching Lindsay Lohan’s Liz Taylor impersonation on Lifetime.  Yes, I am a classy broad.  My main takeaway from the movie was that I really wanted to wear the entire wardrobe as well as a less smudgy version of the makeup.  I may not have the clothes, but the makeup is clearly within my reach.  So here’s what happened at my house after this 1 AM revelation:

To accomplish this, I applied MAC Eyeshadow in Bitter ($15) over the whole lid, Starlet Intense Eyeliner in Chocolate ($11) just above the crease and NYX Single Eyeshadow in Wild Fire ($5) over the brown eyeliner in the crease and across the lower eyelid.  I lined the entire eye in an exaggerated cat eye with NYX Super Fat Eye Marker ($9.99).

I thickened up my brows with the Milani Brow Fix Kit in Dark ($6.49) and added a coat of Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara ($20).

For the lips, I layered NYX Round Lipstick in Miracle ($4) over Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Adrenaline ($19) and on cheeks I’m wearing the bright pink and dark rose blush shades form the NYX Makeup Artist Kit ($29.99).

liz taylor costume

Add a black wig and a leopard scarf and I think it’s convincingly retro for a 10 minute costume.


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