Almost Black is the New Black

As any art major worth her salt knows, there’s no better way to add dimension to a composition than to use an interesting dark color in place of standard black.  Seriously, the difference is subtle but it makes a major impact.  That line of thinking got me really excited about the Urban Decay Black Pallette ($36), which looks deceptively like jewel toned shadow but is actually six black shades with sneaky colored shimmer hiding within (or shift, as makeup people say).  It’s a really cool idea, but I couldn’t justify the $36 price tag for something that I’m primarily going to use as an accent color.  If you’re cheap like me, never fear because Nyx cosmetics has your back.  Seriously, I am obsessed with them; they do the best makeup knockoffs in the biz.  Why reinvent the wheel?

So now Nyx has made their own version of three of the shades (Jet, Libertine and Sabbath in the UD palette, if you’re keeping track).  These are the colors I liked the best in the Black Palette, so for $8, this is a big fat win for me.  The dupe shades I’m using are the Nyx Trio Eye Shadow in Lake Moss ($8).

While I normally don’t do my eyeshadow this dark, it was really fun to mix the black shades.  I put the plum shade in the crease and blended down into my lid with the blue shade in the outer corner.  I put a little of the green shade along the bottom lashline, layered over the Retractable Eye Liner in Golden Olive ($4.50) for staying power.  The retractable liner is really great- it’s smooth and pigmented, although this and most other automatic liners tend to look slightly waxier than their sharpenable cousins.

nyx almost black smoky eye eyeshadow trio lake moss

nyx lake moss eyeshadow trio

nyx matte red lipstick in merlot

Sorry for gratuitous image posting, but see how different angles and different lighting activates the subtle shimmer in an otherwise dark, black-ish brown look?  Way more fun than standard black, especially with the holidays coming up.  I love makeup that’s just a little bit more than it appears at first glance.

off black purple shift eye shadow red lips

I finished off with Nyx Matte Lipstick in Merlot ($5.99).  Yes, I just got a fresh shipment of Nyx, so I’m going a little nuts with their products right now.  No, they aren’t compensating me in any way, I just really love them.  A word to the wise about buying their stuff online, though- the eyeshadow swatches are pretty reliable, but the lipstick swatches are all over the place.  Look at the bright red color on my lips.  Does that look like the deep red swatch for this shade that’s on Nyx’s site?  Nope.  Luckily I have love for most lipstick shades and it is only $6, but I never know what I’m buying when I order lipstick off their site.  I usually try to cross reference with swatches on other sites to know what I’m actually getting because the discrepancy is ridiculous.

nyx matte lipstick merlot eyeshadow trio lake moss

I’d also like to point out that dramatic eyes and intense lipstick are typically a big no-no, but I think that the shifty colored black shadow softens the smoky eye enough to where it’s wearable.  Maybe not, but I certainly wore it with pride.


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