Where it all began: Kevyn Aucoin

I’m so excited to have found this!  When I was in middle school, Kevyn Aucoin played a major transformative role in my life.  I found his book, The Art of Makeup at the library and my minor interest in makeup turned into a full fledged love affair.  I had been a grungy tomboy up to that point, but I’d always loved art and I hadn’t realized the full potential of using your face as a canvas.  After reading this book, I suddenly cared about being a girl and developing my personal style and I wanted to play with as much makeup as possible.  I checked the book out time and time again and by the time Making Faces came out, Kevyn was one of my idols.

I attended his book signing for Making Faces in the Buckhead Barnes and Noble and was the only kid there, among a crowd of makeup artists.  I was nervous and wish I’d gotten to talk to him more, but it still stands out as one of my favorite adolescent memories.  I took my copy of the book home and over time recreated every. single. look.  While The Art of Makeup had gorgeous pictures, this one had actual instructions and tips, so I could mimic the looks properly and figure out the secrets I’d been missing in the past.  That book was the foundation to my understanding of how makeup transforms your features rather than just serving as a flat mask.  Now I’ve stumbled across it again online.  The link below highlights of some of the greatest makeovers from The Art of Makeup that have been lovingly scanned for makeup nerds like me.  I don’t know the person who put this online, but seeing this again has really made my night.

Scans are here:

Rest in peace, Kevyn!  I miss you.


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