New Format + Bright to Neutral Tutorial

Posting about what makeup I’ve been wearing every single day was fun, but more work than I could keep up with on a daily basis.  As such, I’m experimenting with more typical makeup tutorial blog posts.

Today I’ve decided to put together a tutorial about using those fun bright colors that we all love but can’t always figure out how to use for everyday wear.  I really like using a fun bright color as a base for a more traditional, neutral look because it always gives you so much more depth than a simple brown eyeshadow and you can really customize your color in a fun way.

finished blue and taupe eyeshadow tutorial

First, we always, always, ALWAYS start with primed lids.  It’s best not to cheap out on your primer, Urban Decay makes the standard primer that everyone uses (UDPP) but many other non-drustore companies make some pretty decent ones.  I have a Smashbox one that I’m pretty happy with.  Sometimes there’s no difference between low-end and high-end products, but this isn’t one of those times.

primed eyelids

Some people apply their primer with a brush, I usually just swipe it on with the applicator, then smooth and blend with my fingertips.  See how the primer evens the skintone and gives a smooth, matte finish instead of blotchy, greasy eyelids?

Next I used an angled brush to pull a very bright blue color from the outer corners inward, concentrating most of the pigment at the corners and fading it across the lid.  I also lightly lined the lower lashline with the same color, stopping about 3/4 of the way in on the top and 1/2 of the way across the bottom

bright blue shadow upper lidbright blue shadow lower lid

Now to neutralize the intense blue color, we use the subtractive method and take a shimmery champagne shadow and pull from the inner corner out.  You’re basically “erasing” part of the blue, but in doing so you create a seamless transition from one shade to the other.  Blend over the blue, leaving just the last 1/4 of the lid with blue color.

champagne shadow over blue eyeshadow

When you’re done, it should look like this:

Now take a shimmery brown shadow and buff into the eye’s natural crease, starting at the outer corner and pulling inward to blend.

Brighten the inner corner with a sparkly gold or any other light, bright color.

The eye is almost done at this point.  Clean and smooth the edges as needed by using a matte, fleshtone shadow and a wide, flat brush along the browbone and under the lower lid.

The shadow is all done!  Now add a thick line of black along the top lashes only.  Keep it as close to the lashline as possible ( I usually smudge the liner INTO the lashes to minimize any gaps between the liner and the lashes).  There should be a seamless transition from the skin to the hairs.  Start the liner as thinly as possible and pull upward and outward as you thicken and extend the line to the outer corner of your eye.

You’ll end up with a shape like this, which is my go-to eyeliner shape because it looks good from every possible angle.  Try it and you’ll see.

Now add your mascara and move on to the brows.  A good, strong brow is almost as important as your liner when framing the eye, so try not to skip this step.  I usually use powdered brow makeup and apply from the middle of the arch and working my way out (this seems to be the best way to get natural looking coverage).  By the way, brow powder is one of the times when it IS ok to go cheap on your products.

I finished off with a rosy blush and gloss and BOOM, I have a perfectly daytime-appropriate use for my crazy bright shadow.

finished look blue to neutral makeup