Ice Queen Makeup

heavy goth eyeliner gunmetal smoky eye

Because what goes better with a plaid shirt and candy-colored beads than “don’t talk to me” makeup?  I was feeling blah today, so I went to my usual standby to perk me up.  That would be tons of eyeliner, the thicker and darker, the better.

I used the bareMinerals Rocker Eye Kit ($38), foiling the pewter shade on wet, blending the glittery black into outer corners and wetting the matte black liner shade and lining around the entire eye for a cat’s eye shape.  I added a bunch of mascara and a touch of black brow powder to frame the eye.  The weather outside is really gloomy today, so I kind of got into my high-school goth mode and decided to flatten my complexion with a lot of powder (NYX HD Grinding Powder in Nude, $25) and no blush.  I added Bare Escentuals 100% Natural Lipgloss in 7 Layer Cake ($15) to balance out the heavy eye.  The powder is actually not as harsh as it looks in the pictures.  Probably still pretty harsh, though.

dark black kohl rimmed cat eye eyeliner

My dog’s totally into it.

Ice queen makeup


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