Mani Monday: Blue Sinful Colors 80’s Confetti Manicure, Neon Tribal Nails and Orange and Blue Reverse Chevron Nail Art.

Backlog! Seriously, I am way too busy these days. In the midst of my hectic schedule, it seems the only things I ever think about anymore are makeup/nails, reading books and going to the gym. Does that make me a boring person? Maybe, but it also means that I’ve been adjusting the contrast and color balance on a few new nail art pictures instead of revising my paper that’s due tomorrow. Hooray?

I think this one turned out the best. I used Sinful Colors polish in Savage ($1.99) and in Cloud 9 to create a chevron manicure. Pretty straightforward, but I’ve gotta say that I love the polish. It’s super opaque and it’s so cheap! Pretty colors, too. The blue has a matte, rubber-y look to it on its own and gets a little darker when you add a topcoat. Something to keep in mind if you want a polish that can go matte or glossy.
blue and orange reverse chevron nail polish manicure blue and orange triangle manicure
Next up is a crazy 80’s neon confetti nail using the same Savage polish as a base + the orange, purple and yellow colors from the The Rainbow Bright Nail Art Kit by NPW ($11.59)  for the dots. I’m bad at dotting, so the pen niba on these are really neon confetti manicureneon blue orange purple yellow dots nail polish sinful colors savage nail polish crazy neon dot manicure
And finally, a crazy freehanded neon tribal design that was really fun, but kind of messy. I’m still working on getting precise, but I’m sure it’ll come with time. It was still fun practice! For this look, I used every shade from the NPW Rainbow set, plus a fine nib Sharpie.
neon tribal manicure